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Tear Jerker / Song of Memories

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  • While the first events of the game are upbeat, there's still Minato's flashback to his and Fuuka's reactions of learning about the deaths of their parents.
  • The second opening, showcasing the Mood Whiplash between how everything was perfectly normal one day, only for things to go to hell with the outbreak of the pandemic.
  • Kanon's Route:
    • Minato going temporarily insane and lashing out at Kanon after he's forced to kill Fuuka. The poor girl looks utterly terrified and ends up running away, partially because she knows he's not entirely wrong.
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    • Kanon breaking down further in the next scene when she repeatedly tries slitting her wrists and realizing I Cannot Self-Terminate.
    • Minato being completely and utterly broken in a very cruel subversion of Friend or Idol Decision should he decide to save Kanon in the final decision on that route. Having made his choice, he destroys the Dream Unit, allows Kanon to kill him, sees a vision of the future where the X-Virus covers the earth with infected, and is happy because it is now "Kanon's world" in his final moments.
  • Fuuka's Route:
    • The circle of friends drifting and falling apart due to the paranoia they begin experiencing as the events progress.
    • Minato having to give the route's heroine a Mercy Kill is of course the worst for him in this route as he's not only killing the woman he fell in love with, but also the last remaining member of his family.
  • Akira's Route:
    • The first kind stranger that Minato meets while out searching for food ending up dead from a Neoman attack mere moments later. Even worse is that he was retrieving supplies for his wife. Fridge Horror sets in upon thinking about all of the other people who sought out food and supplies, only to never return home.
    • Minato's breakdown as Akira is dying in his arms in her Normal Ending pretty much sums up what he has to go through in every route's Normal End:
      Minato: I lost my friend! And my best friend since childhood! And the woman I love! Why do I have to watch them all die???
  • Yuno's Route:
    • Yuno's first night after finding out she's infected is absolute hell: All of her supposed-fans suddenly want her dead, her father wants to turn her over to Rotom to protect his own career more than for her sake, she spends most of the night out in the cold trying to contact Minato twenty-eight times before Satsuki is able to shelter her at the Academy.
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    • As in other Normal Endings, Minato is unable to save Yuno after she transforms. Her situation especially hits hard as the narrative strongly implies she was able to maintain her humanity the most after transforming, so she was fully aware of Minato having to Mercy Kill her.
  • Satsuki's Route:
    • Satsuki running away from home, believing she's no longer welcome there after revealing she's infected. She then tries to find shelter with Minato's family, only for a misunderstanding on his part (combined with the shock of learning Fuuka was also infected) to nearly drive her over the Despair Event Horizon.
    • Satsuki realizing her adoptive parents have always loved her while they're in the middle of a Heroic Sacrifice.
      Satsuki's Dad: We'll act as a decoy! Run while we draw their attention!
      Satsuki: Why?! Why are you doing this for me?!
      Satsuki's Mom: Because, you're our baby!
    • Minato's breakdown as a result of having to kill all of Yuno, Fuuka, Kanon, and Satsuki. Even in the True End, where Satsuki survives and is cured, he falls into a Heroic RRoD until Satsuki can snap him out of it.
    • Satsuki's ending theme, "The Reality of 96.8 Degrees," is far more melancholic than the others and definitely captures the spirit of how even her True Ending is a Bittersweet Ending, especially the part where her tears fall onto a picture of her and Minato.
  • Natsume's Route:
    • The triple whammy that comprises The Reveal: Natsume is Dead All Along, she was bullied by the gymnastics team other than Yuno over a petty grudge because people were looking at her instead of them, and the bullying snowballed to the point where Natsume was using the sewers to secretly make her way home to get away from the bullies and eventually Driven to Suicide. Give this girl a hug!

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