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  • A brief one in Kanon's route when Minato knocks down a Neoman attacking Kanon with a headbutt before D4U can sing.
  • Fuuka in her route managing to hold back the transformation through sheer willpower and prevent Kanon from killing Minato.
    Fuuka: Keep your hands... off... my brother...!
  • Akira and Minato becoming a Battle Couple and teaming up to fight the Neomen together during their assault on the Mall during the climax of her route.
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  • During Yuno's route, Satsuki accidentally triggers a trap left behind by Ratom in case Yuno returned to the infirmary. She manages to barricade herself in a hiding place and keep them occupied by thinking Yuno is with her with nothing more than bluffing. She makes it through the entire night before being captured.
  • Yuno going on to not only keep her promise to Kanon to become a National champion in her True End route, but she also ends up winning the World cup!
    • One for Minato in that same segment: His first reaction upon seeing Yuno's dad even after spending weeks in a coma is to punch him in the face for abandoning Yuno, and that earns his approval!
  • Satsuki's parents pulling a Heroic Sacrifice for her sake in her route, proving they really did love her all along. Even better: They survive.
  • Natsume becoming corporeal long enough to tackle Satsuki out of the way of a Neoman attacking her at the water park in her route.

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