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YMMV / Song of Memories

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  • Moral Event Horizon: In Kanon's route, Makoto goes from annoying comic relief to crossing the line when he tries to kill Minato before getting ready to rape and kill Yuno and declaring that he'll do the same to Kanon and Fuuka.
  • Narm: Minato lacks eyes, which makes CGs that show his full face unintentionally far more hilarious than it should be.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The regular transformed Neomen are legitimately scary, but the designs of the transformed heroines are too cartoony compared to their counterparts to appear as threatening- until actually fighting them. Though even then, they're still static images as opposed to the Neomen.
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  • The Un-Twist: Natsume is so obviously a ghost that anyone will be able to figure it out within her first few encounters, and it only continues to become more obvious. Despite this, Minato never catches on. Interestingly, the writer of Akira's route didn't catch on either.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Minato has, quite frankly, as much personality as a piece of furniture. This stands out even more during the POV switches, as the girls (mostly) aren't anywhere near as boring as he is. Considering he's not shown on the box art and the official description doesn't even mention him, it's safe to assume at least some people at PQube thought the same.
  • The Woobie: All of the heroines have their fair share of troubles, but only Natsume was truly alone during her ordeals. After learning her backstory and finding out she was relentlessly bullied by an ever-increasing number of students at the school over the course of several months to the point of attempted suicide qualify her for this.

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