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Heartwarming / Star-Crossed Myth

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  • In both of the endings of Leon's sequel, he and Eris come to something like an understanding - with Leon expressing regret for his part (however small and unintentional) in the events that led to Eris' fall from grace. In both endings, Eris acknowledges that as she is now, she will never find peace as a human, and asks Leon to grant one wish:
    • In the Blessed ending, she asks Leon to erase her memories of her life as a goddess so she can finally be completely human. Later, the main cast watch through the reflecting pool as she wakes up in her home, with her human mother watching over her.
    • In the Forbidden ending, Eris realises that she's dying and asks for permanent death and to be allowed to remain beautiful until the end. Leon turns her into a rain of falling stars lighting up the sky over Tokyo.
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  • Much of Scorpio's POV story. It goes a long way to establish that he's not nearly as hateful as he believes himself to be. In particular, there's his conversation with Ichthys about the work they do for the Department of Punishments. Others may fear him, but his fellows in the department clearly respect him.
  • The various surprises Ichthys leaves for the protagonist in his room after he uses the rest of his lifeforce to heal her, and is subsequently called back to the heavens. She finds taiyaki, confetti and a message that reads 'Smile!'

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