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  • On Eltcreed's path, Ulrik thoughtlessly describes Elt to Cyrus as a "lady-killer," forgetting that being from the Heights she has no concept of anything to do with romance. Hilarity ensues as Cyrus takes this to mean Eltcreed is an actual murderer of women, and Ulrik's efforts to clear up the misunderstanding only confuse her further.
  • On Ulrik's path, Eltcreed sends Ulrik and Cyrus out on a date... which has some trouble getting off the ground because, despite Ulrik's blustering that he's been on lots of dates and will show Cyrus the best date ever, neither of them actually has the first clue what couples do on a date. Ulrik initially tries suggesting a number of shops he assumes a girl might like, only to be stymied as he learns she's already visited all of them with Eltcreed.
    Ulrik: Right. Man, did Elt really piss on all of these places already?

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