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This page has been split because of its length. This index page will cover monsters without a specific type. For 0-Hit Die Races that can be built using standard character creation rules, see the Playable Races page. See the respective sub-pages for:

See also Starfinder Monsters for the monsters in Pathfinder's companion game Starfinder, which also reuses a large number of Pathfinder monsters.

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    Boreal Creature 
Challenge Rating Adjustment: +1

In the land of Irrisen, where winter reigns year round, most creatures died off due to the constant freezing temperatures. Some instead adapted to the permeating winter magic by taking it into their own bodies and allowing it to strengthen them. This template can be applied to any Huge or smaller corporeal creature that does not have the fire subtype.

Their stats can be found in Irrisen: Land of Eternal Winter or online here.

    Dread/Cursed Lord 
Challenge Rating Adjustment: +1 (dread lord), +2 (cursed lord)
Alignment: Any Evil

Dread lords are intrinsically tied to the territories they inhabit, either through ancestry, by claiming them in costly battle, or through some other means. Cursed lords gain dominion over their lands through evil deeds that result in powerful curses that trap them within their realms. These templates can be applied to any creature with at least 6 Intelligence and Charisma.

Both of these templates can be found in Horror Adventures, or online here for dread lords and here for cursed lords.

  • Charm Person: Lords that take the Unquestioned Ruler special ability gain a number of charm spells they can cast at will, as well as a few limited use command spells if they're of a higher CR.
  • Green Thumb: A lord that takes the Plant Affinity ability gets this.
  • Home Field Advantage: A dread lord loses all the benefits of their template if not in their designated domain, heavily incentivizing them to fight enemies while on their home turf. Cursed lords technically don't have that problem, but only because of the Sealed Evil in a Can below.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Only for cursed lords. Under normal circumstances, killing them will just cause them to respawn within their domain 24 hours later. The only way to put them down for good is to accomplish a goal specific to that cursed lord, such as disinterring the corpse of the lord’s slain lover and reburying it outside the domain, stealing vast treasures from the lord’s castle and returning them to the poor people they were stolen from, or destroying a dam to set free a river the cursed lord has prevented from flowing through its lands.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Cursed lords are trapped in their domains and cannot leave by any means, including the usual trump card wish.

    Implacable Stalker 
Challenge Rating Adjustment: +2
Alignment: Any Evil

Implacable stalkers embody murderous predation. They not only revel in hunting down and killing their victims in gory, brutal fashion, but they draw supernatural strength and power from their victims’ fear and terror. This template can be applied to any creature with at elast 3 Intelligence.

This template can be found in Horror Adventures or online here.

     Simple Templates 

Advanced Creature

Challenge Rating Adjustment: +1

Fiercer and more powerful creatures than their ordinary bretheren. This template can be found in Bestiary 1 or online here.

  • Boring, but Practical: The advanced template doesn't come with any cool new abilities or resistances, but it does give a +4 in all stats and a +2 to armor class. Definitely not flashy, but very useful.

Calcified Creature

Challenge Rating Adjustment: +1

Creatures infected with the sting of an incutilis lord, with their body preserved by the toxins of the barb and their minds brought under its sway. This template can be applied to any living corporeal creature and does not change their creature type. This template can be found in Plunder & Peril or online here.

  • No Ontological Inertia: If the incutilis lord controlling a calcified creature dies, all the calcified creatures it controls are freed from its control, though they may be dead by that point.

Crystal Creature

Challenge Rating Adjustment: +1

Creatures infected with living crystal. This template can be found in Lost Cities of Golarion.

  • Achilles' Heel: They have a vulnerability to sonic damage.
  • Attack Reflector: Not directly, but being struck by light-based spells temporarily increases the DC of their dazzling aura.
  • Light 'em Up: Their bodies amplify and refract light, creating an aura that dazzles those within it.
  • No-Sell: They're immune to light-based spells.
  • Taken for Granite: They're the end result of a disease that inflicts this on its victims. Depending on the strain, either all victims become crystal creatures after the infection progresses enough or only creatures that already have the earth subtype do, with those who don't becoming inanimate statues. Crystal creatures themselves further spread this infection trough their attacks.

Terror Creature

Challenge Rating Adjustment: +0
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Creatures warped by prolonged exposure to the Negative Energy Plane. This template can be found in City of Golden Death or online here.

  • Fearless Undead: Not actually undead, but close enough to gain immunity to fear effects.
  • Innate Night Vision: If a creature didn't already have darkvision, they gain it from the terror creature template.
  • Sliding Scale of Undead Regeneration: Sort of type IV. Terror creatures don't become undead (though they may have been undead already) but they gain the ability to heal from Negative Energy to a lesser degree, much like undead.
  • Supernatural Fear Inducer: Terror creatures gain a fear aura.

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