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This is the very incomplete character list for the Kiddy Grade spinoff, Kiddy GiRL-AND. Some of the characters are recurring from the parent series, so you might like to look at that character page for them.

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    ES Candidate Trainees 


Voiced by: Uchida Aya
"Pumpkin pudding is aaamazing!"

The protagonist for Kiddy GiRL-AND.An ES candidate trainee who normally works as a waitress in the Touch&Go Cafe of the GTO building.A energetic and positive ditz, but her talents in combat assure her status as a potential ES-member. Her partner is the comparatively tempered Q-Feuille.


Voiced by: Kitaoka Chiharu
"That's the fifty second time. Give it up already."

The other protagonist and Ascoeur's partner, both as ES trainees and Touch&Go waitresses.Q-Feuille does not have as much combat talent as Ascoeur, but is proficient with technology and possesses seemingly eidetic memory.

In the original KG2 pilot, it is implied that Q-Feuille would have been Eclaire's successor and thus the main character.


Voiced by: Kouda Yumeha

A mysterious young girl who the lead duo are tasked with "babysitting". Revealed to be an ES member candidate as well.She adopts a Genetech Beast which she names Tama.

  • Catch Phrase: Pulls one a little during her introductory episode - "いっぽい!" ("Ippoi!", probably translates to "Totally!" in the context.)
  • Expressive Accessory: her hairband has some bits at the sides which twitch from time to time like Expressive Ears.
  • Genki Girl: rather energetic and quite bubbly.
  • Magic Kiss: Charges up others' powers to the next level, but whether that is related to nanomachines or something else is unclear.
  • Say My Name: Absolutely insists that you call her by name, and gets annoyed by being referred to things such as "That girl".
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Di-air, or Dia?
  • Token Mini-Moe

    Other GTO Staff 

Director Hiver

Voiced by: Mizuhashi Kaori

The GTO Director and Eclipse's successor.


Voiced by: Takizawa Itsuki

Director Hiver's assistant and resident smooth talker. Also acts as her guard.

  • The Chessmaster: Shows shades of this - likely a valuable skill in his role.
  • Number Two: To the director.
  • Smooth Talker: Quite good at projecting the impression that nothing odd is happening, unlike his boss.
    • Perfectly bluffs his way out when caught making out with his boss. Without even breaking a sweat.
  • Theme Naming: German for Summer, which goes neatly with the director.


Voiced by: Aizawa Mai

A receptionist of the GTO, as well as a tour guide. One of the Touch&Go Cafe's frequent guests, along with her partner Belle.


Voiced by: Horikawa Chika

A receptionist and tour guide partner of Alisa. A calm foil to the somewhat irritable Alisa.

  • Straight Woman: Much more even tempered than Alisa, and not quite taken in with Alisa's fondness for Yaoi.

Mi Nourose

Voiced by Shiraishi Minoru

The head of the Touch&Go Cafe. A womanly woman who looks and sounds quite the opposite.

    ES Members 




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