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Trivia / Kiddy GiRL-AND

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  • Anime First: There is a manga, Kiddy Gi RL-AND Pure, which was released simultaneously (it actually started serialization in Comp Ace before the anime started) but the story differed wildly. A novel adaptation was released later.
  • Bad Export for You: It is a HD show, but despite there being no sign of a western DVD release, let along Blu-ray, the Crunchyroll streams are limited to 480P.
  • The Danza: Shiraishi, voiced by Minoru Shiraishi. Hell, he even gets to say his famous Wasuremono line up to how he says it.
  • Development Hell: From announcement to release took three years, including two years of complete silence and an unexplained change of animation studio:
    • The "K-G.2" project was announced in October 2006.
    • In January 2007 the studio (asread) and basic details were announced.
    • A Pilot DVD was released in May 2007.
    • ???
    • In February 2009 the official title was finally announced along with news that it was now being animated by Satelight. Clearly there was also more than a little tweaking done to the basic story as well since it bore little resemblance to the Pilot and one of the main characters had a fairly radical redesign, both in appearance and personality.
    • The first episode airs in October 2009.
  • What Could Have Been: Just watch the original pilot.