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Characters who are friends and peers of Lindesfarne Dewclaw. As of 2015, they have largely left Beige University (or elsewhere) and entered the workforce, and begun pairing off and starting families.

Fenton Fuscus (Bat)

Lindesfarne's husband (boyfriend for the first several years of the strip), and head of technical matters at HareLink.

Turvy Fuscus (Bat/Hedgehog)

Lindesfarne and Fenton's daughter. Born in August 2017, a couple weeks early (but healthy) due to an issue at the summer camps.
  • All Genes Are Codominant: Despite Lindesfarne's prior concerns that her kids might end up human, Turvy was born as a bat with hedgehog spines.
  • But We Used a Condom: Her conception was unplanned, and was the result of a condom failure. Beyond the initial shock, her gestation was treated as the right time for her parents.
  • Cheerful Child: She's an adorable little bathog and it shows.
  • Children Are Innocent: Unlike some of the precocious kids in the strip, she's probably the most innocent. For example, when an owl attacked, whereas Coney, Wendell, or Tyler likely would have kicked its ass, Turvy was just terrified, and wanted her mother.
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  • Flower in Her Hair: Recently shown with a daisy always in her front spikes.
  • The Maiden Name Debate: Averted in regards to her birth. Though Lindesfarne kept her name for professional reasons, Turvy was given Fenton's name.

Desdemona Fuscus (Vampire Bat)

Fenton's mother. Occasionally gets grief for her species, which she kept secret until right before Fenton and Lindesfarne's wedding, when Lindesfarne found out. Currently works at Dewclaw's Fine Meats as Kell's executive secretary, a position she's held since Kell was CEO at Herd Thinners.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: She frequently gets grief for being a vampire bat. Like real-life vampire bats, she only takes small amounts of blood at a time when feeding. Early on at Herd Thinners, a vial of blood was an "admission fee" to speak to Kell.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Holbrook started focusing on her a lot more after she was introduced to the strip, at the expense of other characters.


Mr. Fuscus (Bat)

Fenton's father, Desdemona's husband.

Tammy Tussock (Moth)

Introduced originally as a brief lover of Fenton's before Lindesfarne adopted her rightful nocturnal hedgehog heritage. Now married to Ray, and mother to Angstrom.
  • Commuting on a Bus: While she's rarely seen these days, she does still occasionally make appearances, such as at Lindesfarne and Fenton's wedding or when Lindesfarne was pregnant.

Ray Flambeau (Firefly)

Tammy's husband, Angstrom's father. Somewhat dim-witted, Tammy originally used him for his bright light. When she ended up temporarily blinded by him, they bonded much closer and truly fell in love. Currently operates (as) a lighthouse.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: When he temporarily became genius-level smart, he fell for Lindesfarne. Realizing that she was really in love with Fenton, he used the genius ray's reverse setting to become dumb again, knowing he'd fall back in love with Tammy.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Inverted. He actually became a bit smarter after falling in love with Tammy.
  • Too Dumb to Live: He doesn't realize that insectivore mammals eat bugs like him. Only his enormous size has saved him from being eaten thus far.

Angstrom Flambeau (Moth/Firefly)

Tammy and Ray's son. His light is even brighter than his father's.

Rhonda Rabelai (Tigress)

A member of the Caliban Academy hunting team, later Lindesfarne's roommate in college. Now works at Dewclaw's Fine Meats. She was in a relationship with Edgar, but dumped him after he wanted her to hunt for him one too many times. Married to Quinn.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: She's sensitive about her size, but she's had her share of beaus. She was even voted prom queen!
  • Gentle Giant: While she punches Rudy when they first meet, it's because he unintentionally insulted her, and she apologizes to him afterwards. Overall, she's very nice and good-natured.

Quinn Rabelai (Porcupine)

Originally betrothed to Lindesfarne in an arranged marriage. Like Lindesfarne, he was adopted by rabbits. Lindesfarne was saved from it when it was revealed he was in an online relationship with Rhonda. He and Rhonda married to break the betrothal. Rhonda and Quinn rapidly bonded for real, rendering a planned annulment unnecessary.

Rachel Einhorn (Rhinoceros)

Introduced as a potential threat to Bruno and Corrie's relationship. She backed away from Bruno when she found out Bruno was a he. Rachel is a lesbian, and since she had bad eyesight, the scent of Bruno's sheepskin (made from Corrie's wool) made her think he was female, too. Was Lindesfarne's roommate in college after Rhonda got married. Now teaches at the Happy Little Offspring herbivore/carnivore school. Currently married to Joan Hoof, a horse.

Dip Chien (Ram)

Rhonda's diploma, given to her by R.L. at her graduation in an attempt to court her over to Herd Thinners. He was actually a spy planted by Herd Thinners, but very swiftly did a Heel–Face Turn, leading to him being targeted by them. Today works for Dewclaw's Fine Meats as a computer tech. Fell in love with, and eventually married, Caniche Chien. Prior to marrying, he lived with the Fuscus family, boarded by Fenton's parents.

Vin Vulpen (Fox)

Originally the product of an extramarital affair; as a result, is the half-brother of Rudy. Although Lindesfarne's age, he tried to steal Fiona from Rudy on multiple occasions. Originally, damage from steroids scrapped his dreams of a hunting scholarship in college. He also ran afoul of Lindesfarne by stealing her genetic research. He was an intern at Herd Thinners, but was summarily fired. He framed R.L. and Angelique for corporate corruption as revenge, but was overtaken by a cloud of bacteria in an attempt to infect people. He faked his death, made peace with Rudy and Fiona, and escaped to The Wild.

The Dewclaw-Fuscus Tree (Aspen)

A tree that was made self-aware by the Great Bird Conspiracy's intelligence ray, inadvertently when Nigel Aura shot Ray with it. It was bought by Fenton when it was threatened for logging. Fenton and Lindesfarne now live there. It also hosts Hare-Link's server farm. It identifies as female and even has a boyfriend in the tree across the street.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Tree recognizes as female. As a tree, it carries both sexes. And this has occasionally been lampshaded.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: She has trouble always grasping the rules and concepts that make up the animal world, but she does try. Then again, she also takes pleasure in preventing plants under her shadow from growing.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: A rare plant version. She had some rotten branches and roots that were poisoning her thinking. When she gets them purged, she has a My God, What Have I Done? moment, crying sap at how she treated her friends.
  • Fantastic Racism: She absolutely hates flowers and takes every opportunity to destroy them.
  • My Beloved Smother: Due to some rotten branches that poisoned her thinking, she turned into an overbearing mother figure for Fenton.

Colina (Armadillo)

One of Lindesfarne's friends at Caliban Academy, but hadn't been seen since the prom that Lindesfarne met Fenton at. Was finally shown again in 2012.

Cara Pace (Tortoise)

One of Lindesfarne's friends at Caliban Academy, but hadn't been seen since the prom that Lindesfarne met Fenton at. Was socially awkward to the point of always hiding in her shell.

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