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These characters are friends and peers of Coney Dewclaw. They typically go to Happy Little Predator Carnivore Preschool and Happy Little Forager Herbivore Preschool. Following events that led to the closure of Happy Little Forager, the two merged into Happy Little Offspring School, where all the young characters—both Herbivore and Carnivore—now go.


Harcourt Silvertip (Bear)

A "recovering" herbivore, his parents decided to return to being omnivores and returned to Domain to live. He's now in Coney's carnivore preschool.
  • Ship Tease: A lot with Coney. A prominent example was her hugging him to encourage him to be a better hunter. It lasted long enough supposedly so that her scent covered his so he could get the drop on something, but it definitely was motivation in itself.

Wendell Luckyfoot (Rabbit)

Coney's cousin, Kevin and Danielle's nephew (his mother is one of Kevin's other sisters). Frequently challenged Rudy's position as the Easter Bunny. Even more of a loner than Kevin was.
  • Expy: Of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes fame, a strip Bill Holbrook is a huge fan of.
  • Deadpan Snarker: One of his defining traits.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Dorothy blithely reveals she's his grandmother when he wonders why his phone is vibrating after she texts all her children and grandchildren.
  • Oblivious to Love: Never has quite cottoned on to the fact Lin is smitten with him.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Can pass for his cousin Coney with just a wig.


Francis Fennec (Human)

Originally a very indescript furry creature with large ears that liked to climb things like a primate. Eventually shed his fur and became a human like his mother originally was.
  • The Jinx: The kid causes chaos no matter where he goes, often just by being himself.
  • The Speechless: He's only ever been shown talking once, telling his mother "Yes, Mama" in response to her telling him to listen to Coney at summercamp.

Lin Lee (Tiger)

Quickly became best friends with Coney when she started in carnivore preschool.

Jessica "Jess" Jersey (Cow)

A friend Wendell made at Herbivore Summer Camp. Now goes to his herbivore preschool.
  • Rescue Romance: Gains a mutual crush on Harold after he helps rescue her from being stranded in the predator camp.
  • Tomboy: Her farm-style aesthetic led some, including Wendell, to assume Jess was a boy. It was only at school, when she was listed on the class roster as a girl that everyone realized that.
    Wendell: WHAT?
    Jess: What part of "cow" don't you understand?

Harold Hoatzin (Bird)

An unusual herbivorous bird who befriended Wendell—and became very close to Jess—at Herbivore Summer Camp.
  • Gasshole: Has a naturally foul odor since he is one of the few herbivorous bird species.
  • Species Surname: Refers to himself as a "stinkbird", which is the colloquial name for his real-life species, the hoatzin.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Has a crush on Jess who is easily twice his size.

Mary Canid (Sheep/Wolf)

The clone of Corrie; was originally a joke revolving around the real-life first mammalian clone, the sheep Dolly. Eventually, Dolly began to age rapidly, then suddenly reverted to a baby lamb after an incident with Mrs. Aura. When this happened, she was left on the doorstep of Candace Canid, who adopted her. She eventually moved with Candace to New Zealand.
  • Always Identical Twins: Corrie and her look identical, which is justified since most sheep tend to look like one another without clothes in the strip. They test just how identical they are by playing rock-paper-scissors.
  • Fountain of Youth: Accidentally messed with a time machine that turned her into an infant.
  • Joke Character: Dolly was originally this. Until one day she started aging rapidly.
  • Put on a Bus: When she moved to New Zealand with her adoptive parents.

Tyler Meadowvole (Mouse)

Mark Meadowvole's nephew. He was orphaned when his father, Mark's brother, was eaten by an owl.
  • Fantastic Racism: Had to deal with some at summer camp as rodents are supposedly all thieves that will steal grain from anyone.
  • Longing for Fictionland: His coping mechanism is a preference for pop culture over reality.

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