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These are members of Kell Dewclaw's family, her friends, and employees of both Herd Thinners and Dewclaw's Fine Meats.

Franklin Dewclaw (Wolf)

Kell's father. Died early in the strip's history after a bout with dementia. Stuck around a while in spirit.
  • Identity Amnesia: Due to his dementia, he forgot everyone around him and his own identity. The silver lining was forgetting Ralph, who had been an embarrassment to him for many years.

Elanor Dewclaw (Wolf)

Kell's mother. She lives with Kevin and Kell after she misinvested Franklin's retirement.
  • Better as Friends: While she enjoys the long-distance romance with Bentley while he's incarcerated, liking the dramatic fiction of having a Lovable Rogue for a romantic companion, she gently lets him down when he gets out of prison. She explains both that she's still grieving her husband, and that the romance would fade if she came to know him in real life.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Apparently, she was very beautiful when she was young, as seen here, to the point where Ralph found it hard to realize that she was the "hot babe" in the old photo he'd found.
  • Meet Cute: Smashed headlong-first into Franklin when they both tried to catch Bentley, who escaped into a convenient rabbit hole at the right moment.
  • Odd Friendship: Forms one with both Kevin's father Bentley when he's in prison and later on with Dorothy, Kevin's mother.
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  • The One That Got Away: A non-romantic example. Bentley is one of the few that she was never able to catch and kill.
  • To Absent Friends: Eleanor is saddened when Franklin's spirit decides to leave for the Great Beyond after Kell becomes CEO of Herd Thinners. Kell interprets it as wishing he were there to see it.

Randy Foxglove (Fox)

Kell's first husband, Rudy's father. Died in a hunting accident when he was trampled by a moose. Later revealed to have cheated on Kell, resulting in Vin Vulpen.
  • Broken Pedestal: Rudy was shocked, hurt, and betrayed to find out his dad cheated on his mother.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: His spirit hung around a while. He finally departed for the Great Beyond when Kell forgave him for cheating on her.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Had at least one affair while married to Kell. She suspected, but never confronted him about it. It wasn't confirmed until Lindesfarne discovered Vin was also his son via genetic testing.


Ralph Dewclaw (Wolf)

Kell's younger brother, Kevin's brother-in-law, Corrie's father. Early on in Kevin and Kell's marriage, he tried to hunt Kevin. Usually resulted in Hilarity Ensues due to his ineptitude. He eventually gave up and became a tech, eventually working for Kevin at Hare-Link and rising to Vice President of Marketing.

His ineptitude was eventually revealed to be the result of the death of Corrie's mother. Currently married to Martha Fennec, making him Fiona's stepfather as well.

  • Formerly Fit: For a number of years, he was thin and resembled just about every other wolf character in the comic. However, after working with Kevin for a while, as well as his mother overfeeding him to help prevent Kevin getting eaten, he gains a terrific amount of weight. He doesn't seem to mind, though.
  • Freudian Excuse: As part of his added backstory, Ralph tried to hunt Kevin because he didn't want Kell to feel the pain he felt losing Corrie's mother. Ironically, he stopped hunting after her death, and was so out-of-practice by the time Kell began dating Kevin that he was completely inept.
  • Jerk-to-Nice-Guy Plot: He started out trying to eat Kevin literally every few strips. When he eventually gives up and is forced to accept Kevin as the Pack Leader, his loyalty kicks in. Ralph gets some additional sad backstory (he's an inept hunter because he fell in love with a prey species, who died giving birth to their child, and hasn't been able to hunt since.)
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Well, not really, but once he becomes fat, he has a truly epic set of chins, mainly one big one that's about the size of his head, and it's shaped similarly to a traditional Lantern Jaw of Justice.
  • Parental Sexuality Squick: His brain imploded when he found out that an old photograph of a beautiful woman was actually his mother.
  • Vague Age: He was in his teens when he had Corrie, since he was already an inept hunter in a strip confirmed to be set twenty years from the present. This doesn't really give a good indication of whether he's supposed to be in his thirties or forties.

L.D. (Wolf)

The original CEO of Herd Thinners. Drowned in his own saliva and died when he met Coney shortly after her birth.

R.L. (Wolf)

The current Owner, Chairman and CEO of Herd Thinners. Bloodthirsty and malevolent. Was on the sidelines for three years after Kell won the CEO position at Herd Thinners, but eventually ousted her in a corporate hostile takeover.
  • Bad Boss: Does everything from eating his employees to making his hunters give up even more food just so he can have a bonus.
  • Career-Ending Injury: It was eventually shown that the R.L. whose been appearing in public for the past couple of years was an imposter. R.L. never fully recovered from his fight with Frank Mangle and instead disappeared into the Wild, since he was so weakened any prison sentence would inevitably end in his death.
  • The Big Guy: As shown when he wrestled Kevin, he's huge for a wolf, standing well over six feet tall, with a muscular build. He's as big as some of the bears and lions shown in the strip!

Martha Dewclaw; nee Fennec, nee Redfox (Fox)

Originally married to George Fennec, they divorced when they mutually cheated on each other with members of their own species. Eventually she fell in love with and married Ralph Dewclaw, adopting Corrie. Fiona lives with her and Ralph.
  • Arranged Marriage: The reason she and George got married was that their families were too inbred. Love never really factored into it.
  • Humanity Ensues: She got temporarily turned human after going through a portal to the human world. It was thought to be irreversible until she got boomeranged back through the same portal.
  • Irony: Broke off her relationship with Ralph after she found out he had a fourteen year old daughter and claiming it made everything different...while having a fourteen year old daughter herself.
  • Species Surname: According to the first attempt at a family tree in 2002, Martha's original maiden name was "Redfox".
  • Your Cheating Heart: She cheated on George because their marriage had no sparks left.

Sheila (Wolf)

Kell's cousin. Sometimes acts as a doppelganger for Kell due to Uncanny Family Resemblance. Currently dating Frank Mangle.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Envies the fact that Kell has managed to have it all as a career woman and mother while she's been roaming the world without ties. Elanor points out to Kell that what a wolf covets most is territory.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She attempts to make one for Kell when she's due to have her first fight as CEO. Even knowing she wouldn't stand a chance, she offers to take Kell's place so she'll be there to raise Coney. But Kell won't allow her to.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: Frank makes sure all the pictures in his office of the two of them also include Kell. The ones of just the two of them lead to some awkward questions.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She and Kell perfectly resemble one another when she doesn't wear her make-up.
  • Thrill Seeker: Loves to do things like take Frank on a motocross journey for a date.

Aby Eyeshine (Cat)

Expert auto mechanic. Owner and head mechanic at Aby's Auto Repair. Originally a Silicon Valley tech, she moved to auto mechanics with the dot-com bust. Her business got so good, she hired Elanor Dewclaw and Dorothy Kindle both to manage the business so she could continue repairing cars. She lives in the Ursals' former cave across the street from Kevin and Kell, and is married to a mouse racecar driver named Mark Meadowvole.

Frank Mangle (Lion)

One of Kell's closest co-workers at Herd Thinners; frequently The Rival, though a friendly one. A single parent of daughter Leona; was forced to begin hunting for himself when his wife died after a long illness. Became good enough to hunt professionally.

Mei-Li Lee (Cat Tiger)

Lin's mother. Is an attorney by profession, and acts as counsel for Dewclaw's Fine Meats. Actually a cat, but decided she preferred to be a tiger instead, and willed herself into becoming one. She is married; her husband, though he's appeared numerous times, has never been named in the strip.
  • Education Mama: Oversees Lin's upbringing with an iron fist.
  • Give a Man a Fish...: Mei-Li invoked this once when a wolf got indignant about a rabbit (in this case, Kevin) being her client.
    Mei-Li: Give a lawyer a meal and she eats for five minutes. Give her a client and she bills hourly for years.
  • Visual Pun: A true "Tiger Mom".

Madelaine (Cheetah)

One of the rank-and-file predators at Dewclaw's Fine Meats. A young mother, which is why she abandoned the feline conspiracy to oust Kell at Herd Thinners in 2011.

Caniche Chien (Dog)

Head of Security at Dewclaw's Fine Meats. Originally from France. Girlfriend and eventual wife of Dip. Specific breed is Standard Poodle. Her former employer keeps trying to kill her after she testifies against him in court.
  • Altar the Speed: She and Dip have a fairly quick wedding, planning it in only a few weeks, partially because they wanted to make sure she'd be legally able to stay.
  • Important Haircut: She had to cut her hair to hide out in the Rabbit Warren while evading the authorities when they mistakenly thought she was an illegal immigrant. She was not happy about it.
  • Shown Their Work: True to her breed, Caniche is adept in the water. Once, a bus she and Dip were being driven in was drove off a pier, and she rescued him from the wreck and beat up the alligator that drove the bus.
  • They Do: Marries Dip after she was almost deported because they both agree they never want to be without each other again.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Probably the closest Western equivalent in the strip. Caniche is a young, beautiful French poodle who is able to handle herself in a fight, is skilled enough to prepare meals for the Dewclaw family, and always is composed with grace and dignity.

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