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Characters, both from other 'verses and original characters, appearing in Guest Of Dishonour's Fate Megami Atelier, a Mega Crossover in progress (proper information about them and their roles to come). Note that there's a reason why some people are listed twice, and not just Servants.

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    Original Generation Characters 

Gareth Sandstone

Gareth is the typical JRPG, and by extension Shonen, hero. Spiky blond hair (with hints of black), adventurous, never-say-die attitude, teenaged, wields an oversized sword and has Impossibly Cool Clothes...

Oh, and he's killed at the end of the prologue.

How he's killed varies, if you get/are reading the Fate or Megami scenario, he's killed by a death spell cast by a cult leader, in the Atelier scenario he's ripped to shreds by a demon. However in the first two scenarios it is his death that makes the Cult lose control of the Tome, and in all scenarios his death comes as a severe blow to Elyssa's entire character.

Tropes attached to him:

Elyssa Cyrilmort

Gareth's childhood friend. Sweet, young and old-fashioned, in any other JRPG she'd be the White Magician Girl or The Medic or something.

Then her childhood friend dies.

From there Elyssa's entire character shifts from kind, gentle and concerned to a complete Broken Bird. At first she barely cares about the situation and doesn't really like anyone that come her way, however thanks to the efforts of everyone she meets in the game (who aren't antagonists) she begins to cheer up and regain her old personality, although she'll never be completely over Gareth's death.

Tropes attached to her:

  • Action Girl - She's the party's first pure sword user.
  • Broken Bird - More like Shattered With A Sledgehammer Bird.
  • Heroic BSoD
  • Iron Woobie - Not so much at first, but grows to become one, sooner in some routes than others.
  • Take Up My Sword - She wields the Alberton after Gareth's death.
  • Unfazed Everyman - Her companions, eventually True Companions, are, amongst others, a Devil Summoning Detective from the early 1930s accompanied by a talking (sort of) cat, sevral magi, an alchemist, heroes of ancient legend summoned in spirit form, a vampire or two, a demon slayer and a few dark sorcerers. Herself? Absoluely no special powers or special family history to speak of.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend - Can't get much more unluckier than your not-quite-boyfriend dying on you.
  • The Woobie - Word of God says this is the point.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko - Dresses and looks like one (you wouldn't guess she's an Action Girl based on appearance and personality alone). Probably would have grown up to be one had the events of the story not taken place.

    Fate/Zero Characters 

Kiritsugu Emiya

Saber/ Arturia

Irisviel von Einzbern

Kirei Kotomine

Tokiomi Tohsaka


Lord Kayneth El-Melloi

Lancer/ Diarmuid

Waver Velvet

Rider/ Alexander The Great

Kariya Matou

Berserker/ Lancelot

Ryuunosuke Uryuu

Caster/ Bluebeard

Assassin/ Hassan i-Sabbah

Zouken Matou

    Fate/Stay Night characters 

Rin Tohsaka

Shirou Emiya



Kirei Kotomine

Lancer/ Cu Chullain

Shinji Matou

Sakura Matou

Rider/ Medusa


Berserker/ Hercules

Caster/ Medea

Assassin/ Sasaki Kojiro


Zouken Mato

Shinji's and Sakura's grandfather. He is in fact very startled by the sudden breaking of the dimensional walls, although he tries not to show it. He hires Raidou to find his two missing grandchildren, which Raidou does, however the detective returns to find that Zouken had unwisely tried to steal the Tome away from Hikawa. Not a smart move, as Zouken falls victim to one of Hikawa's demonic instruments which saps away the old man's emotions, turning him into an Empty Shell who no longer cares about immortality or obtaining the Grail.

This isn't quite the end of him though...

Taiga Fujimara/ Lilith

Avenger/ Angra Mainyu

    Tsukihime Characters 

Shiki Tohno/ Nanaya

Arcueid Brunestud



Akiha Tohno



Michael Roa Valdamjong/ SHIKI Tohno

Nrvnqsr Chaos

Originally implemented here as a Bonus Boss a la The Fiends in Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon that could become an Optional Party Member via a complicated Demon Negotiation Dialogue Tree, unless Arcueid was in the active party. Was integrated into the actual story when I made this into a fanfic.

A powerful vampire made up of 666 beasts, Nrvnqsr 'Nero' Chaos only cares about observing the chaos he himself is becoming, caring nothing about the people killed because of him. At first he simply remains unaffected by the rifts severing the barriers between worlds, however in the Fate route when he learns that Hikawa is planning to remove everyone's emotions from all worlds, after seeing his companion Roa being defeated by Hikawa's summoned Legions of Hell, he swiches sides knowing that not only will his own chaos be silenced by The World Of Shijima, but so will the chaos of life itself. He remains an enemy in the Megami route.

Tropes that apply to him in this fanfic:

    Raidou Kuzunoha Characters 

Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th

The main character of Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army and Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon, and protagonist of the Megami route. The fourteenth Devil Summoner to receive the title of Raidou, despite his young age, he works as a detective in order to keep the Capital's neighboring Dark World under control.

After completing an everyday case concering a restless spirit in an attic Raidou and his feline mentor Gouto are suddenly sucked through a portal to another world, ending up in the cavern with the Tome Of The Gate going haywire. After the two escape the collapsing cave they meet up with Rorona, Rin/ Kariya and Elyssa.

Raidou takes the entire situation seriously yet calmly (Rin/ Kariya notes that most people usually express a bit more emotion after being warped away to another dimension). He gets along well with everyone, although it's obvious he's hiding something about his true feelings.

True to his nature a single line of Raidou's is never writen (or currently will never be written) of his actual dialogue, i.e they're written like this: Raidou said something, instead of Raidou said "Something".


Narumi Shouhei

Tae "Kichou" Asakura





    Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Characters 


The initial Big Bad of the Fate route, Devil Summoner Hikawa, after acquiring the Tome and learning about the Holy Grail War, plans to use both to remove all life in every world of emotions, in correspondence to the ideals of Shijima.

He is completely unaware that he once tried and failed to do the exact same thing before, when he triggered the Conception back in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. When Naoki, as the Demi-fiend, chose to recreate the old world, Hikawa's memories of the Vortex World were destroyed, however the dream of stillness he held before still remained. Ironically, he never relearns of his memories.

He still appears in the Megami route, still as an enemy but less of a threat due to not possessing the Tome. He's entirely absent from the Atelier route.

Naoki Kashima

Naoki is an Ordinary High-School Student living in Present Day Tokyo actually several-hundred-years-in-the-future Tokyo. He used to be relaxed and carefree, albeit not very talkative, but lately he hasn't been acting normally, appearing slightly paranoid and too inquisitive of his own friends' affairs.

All of this is for a very good reason. Naoki's entire world is in fact a recreation of a previous world that was destroyed. Between the death and rebirth it existed as a 'Vortex World', wherein Naoki (now transformed into the Demi-fiend), his friends Chiaki and Isamu, his teacher Yuko and Hikawa (who had destroyed the old world) were the only survivors. Chiaki and Isamu began sinking into madness and despair, eventually trying to create a new world of either cruelty or isolation, not caring about those they killed to achieve their own desires. Naoki was forced to kill both of them along with Hikawa to restore the world back to how it was before, however Naoki was left unable to see his friends in the same light ever again, even if nobody else but Yuko and himself had any memory of the Vortex World.

The Demi- Fiend

Chiaki Hayasaka/ Tachibana

Isamu Nitta

Jyoji Hijiri/ Aleph

Hijiri is an Intrepid Reporter living in modern-day Tokyo and working for an occult magazine. He first meets the mian party when investigating the rumoured headquarters of the Gaea Cult (note: not the same cult as in the prologue, those are the Followers Of Distortion). He joins the group to uncover the truth about the Tome and its powers, however serves solely as Mission Control as he doesn't want to get into any fights. Due to their similar professions, he develops a sort of rivalry with Tae.

Naoki seems to recognise him, although Hijiri insists they've never met. Naoki recognises him from the events in the Vortex World, which only he remembers anything about after, in one timeline, choosing the Freedom ending.

However his memories of the Vortex World isn't the only thing Hijiri has forgotten. In Vortex Hellfire, Hijiri is rescued by Lucifer who transforms him back to Aleph, his original self, reawakening all his memories. From there on he switches to the side of Chaos, coming into direct opposition with Raidou and the rest.

    Persona series Characters 


Mitsuru Kirijo

Akihiko Sanada

Kanji Tatsumi




A mysterious old man who resides in the Velvet Room, a mysterious location outside reality, and is a servant (though not a Servant) of Philemon. Only ever appears in the Have a Nice Death segments In the Style of... Tiger Dojo for the Megami route.

Tatsuya Sudou

Joker/ Jun


Shadows are beings formed from the darkness of people's hearts and the main antagonists in the Persona series (except for Eternal Punishment). That said they initially don't play a role at all here, however in the later parts of the Atelier route Rorona and her companions, having entered the Collective Unconscious, confront a series of Shadows that represent the hidden selves of nearly everyone they've met on their journey.



Nyx Avatar

Nyx Avatar is an incarnation of and link to Nyx, goddess of death and Big Bad of Persona 3. However, Nyx Avatar is here nothing more than a Bonus Boss and plays no role whatsover in the actual story, unless anyone has any suggestions about how to incorporate him.

    Digital Devil Saga characters 



    General Shin Megami Tensei characters 



Archangel Michael

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Raphael

Seraph Metatron

Seraph Sandalphon

Lilith/ Taiga Fujimara


    Atelier Rorona characters 

Rorona Fryxell

Sterkenburg Cranch









    Atelier Iris characters 



Iris Fortner


Klein Kiesling

A young alchemist from the first Atelier Iris game and the sixth mainstream Atelier title. Only ever appears in the Have a Nice Death segments In the Style of... Tiger Dojo for the Atelier route.

Popo/ Dour

A fairy-like wood Mana and constant companion of Klein. Only ever appears in the Have a Nice Death segments In the Style of... Tiger Dojo for the Atelier route.

The Uroborus

    Miscellaneous Characters 

Cloche Pastalie


Leglius Branschesca

Derek Stiles

Azathoth/ The Outer Gods


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