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Characters / Eight Cousins

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Characters from the Eight Cousins saga.

Rose Campbell


George and Rose Campbell

Dr. Alexander Mackenzie Campbell aka Uncle Alec


Phebe Moore

Aunt Plenty

Aunt Peace

  • The Heart: In a way. Everybody loves her, and when her funeral is described in the second book, it mentions that in addition to the sprawling Campbell clan, she served as a mentor to a number of young women in the neighborhood, who honored her by acting as pallbearers.
  • Her Heart Will Go On / The Mourning After: Aunt Peace's fiance died just hours before their wedding; she almost died herself from the shock, but managed to survive, although she never got over it.
  • Maiden Aunt

Aunt Jessie and Uncle James aka Jem

Aunt Clara

Uncle Mac

Aunt Jane

Aunt Myra

Archibald "Archie" Campbell

Charlie "The Prince" Campbell

Alexander Mackenzie "Mac" Campbell

Stephen "Steve" Campbell

William and George Campbell (Will and Geordie)

James Campbell, Jr. aka Jamie

Annabel Bliss

  • Accidental Misnaming: Uncle Alec refers to her as "Ariadne Blish" at one point while talking to himself, although it's unclear whether this is Malicious Misnaming or if he actually thinks that is her name. In the first edition, the character’s name actually was Ariadne Blish.
  • Beta Couple: With Fun See.
  • The Ditz
  • Friendly Enemy: She and Rose have this sort of a relationship in the first book, but they improve considerably as they grow older.
  • Lovable Alphabitch: While much more of a ditz than Rose and is somewhat set up as an example of the vapid girl she shouldn't aspire to be, she's not a bad person in herself.
  • She's All Grown Up

Fun See


In the first edition, her name is Debby for the first three chapters, changing to Dolly when she reappears later in the book. In later editions, she is Dolly throughout.

Kitty Van Tassel

  • Beta Couple: With Steve.
  • The Ditz: Though to her merit, she is aware of her ditziness and tries to get better.



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