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    The Otterloop Family 

Alice Otterloop

The Strip's main character, a precious four-year old who goes to Blisshaven Academy Preschool.

Peter "Petey" Otterloop II

Alice's brother. He doesn't like doing anything really and prefers to just sit on his bed and read comics, but is often forced into activities against his will, mostly soccer. Also a master of the shoebox diorama

Madeline Otterloop

Alice and Petey's Mother.

Peter Otterloop

Alice and Petey's Dad

  • Bumbling Dad: Averted, he's a bit goofy but generally competent.
  • Butt-Monkey: Author Richard Thompson tries to prevent this, but it happens quite frequently.

    Blisshaven Academy 

Dill Wedekid

One of Alice's best friends and fellow classmate at Blisshaven. He's a rather odd kid with a tendency to talk about things unrelated to the task at hand and has four brothers who have a habit for mischief and contraptions. He also likes to peek inside peoples mailboxes to check on them.


Alice's other best friend and fellow classmate at Blisshaven. An energetic boy with a love for tools

  • The Big Guy
  • Completely Missing the Point: When his mom said, "A child with a hammer? Why not just give him a nail gun then?" and took his hammer away, he was under the impression he was getting a nail gun.
  • Drop the Hammer: Though he used it to fix things, he did have an actual hammer, until his parents took it away for obvious reasons and gave him a squeaky hammer.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Inverted. His original hammer was an actual hammer while it's replacement is just a toy hammer.
  • Mr. Fixit


One of Alice's classmates at Blisshaven and probably the one with the least amount of screentime.

  • Always Someone Better: A mild case. Mostly because she's four-and-a-half rather than four years old like Alice, she's somewhat more sophisticated than her. For instance, it was Nara that initially took ballet lessons, after which Alice became covetous for the same.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Initially referred to as "Narjeel". Justified in-universe as a slip-up on her registration form for Blisshaven Academy.
  • Women Are Wiser: She is perhaps the most normal of the Blisshaven students.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Running Gag: Her duck shaped potato she always brings for show and tell.


Another classmate of Alice's, he is the prime target of Alice's teasing.


A nervous kid in Alice's class who's mother scrapbooks his every action


A girl in Alice's class who initially joined in the summer class, before coming occasionally in the regular class. Initially on bad terms with Alice due to Alice's tendency to call her "that weird new kid" or "Soapie", the two eventually bonded at a concert and have been best friends ever since.

Miss Bliss

Blisshaven Academy's only teacher.

  • Improbable Hairstyle: Her bun borders on this.
  • A Simple Plan: Most of her efforts to introduce her students to "culture" go this way.
  • Wiki Walk: Her students often take her on the conversational equivalent of these.

Mr. Danders

The Blisshaven academy class pet, who's highly intelligent.


    Petey's Friends 

Ernesto Lacuna

A "Weird Kid" who Petey swears is imaginary. Plans on taking over the world someday.

Viola D'More

A girl with wild hair. Her and Pete have a thing going.

Andre Chang

Petey's best friend who he met at Cartoon Camp in 2010. Andre is just as much of a comics fan as Petey but prefers superheros and lots of action.

Loris Slothrop

A highly energetic girl and friend of Petey's who he met at Cartoon Camp in 2010. She's always a few steps ahead of everyone.


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