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  • It's not uncommon in Achievement Hunter's Let's Play videos, especially when it involves Team Lads and Team Gents (or the many variations of them) to invoke these, especially if someone gets separated earlier and they come to the rescue. Nine times out of ten, it's usually Gavin.
    • A particularly dramatic example happens in their series PUBG: Git Gud. Michael, who had wandered off and ended up very far away from the others, runs into an entire other team. He manages to kill two of them, but is forced to hole up in the bathroom with only thirteen bullets left in his only weapon. Geoff, Ryan, and Jeremy all hop into a jeep and drive as fast as they can to save him, but the remaining two enemy team members are tearing the house apart to find Michael and it seems like the rest of his team won't make it in time. Just when the enemies start shooting apart the door to the bathroom Michael is hiding in, the rest of the guys roll in and dramatically save Michael. Seen here.
  • Arby 'n' the Chief has had a few of these moments in the series:
    • During the show's fifth season finale, when Trent Donnovich and his staff have the Arbiter (and Chief) and Claire cornered and ready to ban his account after Arbiter and Chief had ruined Trent's Wedding to expose Trent's affair, who of all people arrives to save them but Greg the Spider, who frags them all without the least bit of trouble before exiting, all without saying a word.
    • Just about any time Arbiter and Master Chief go up against any/all the members of Chaos Theosis throughout Season 6.
    • Arbiter and Chief last stand against Eugene and his Troll Clan during the last episodes of Season 7.
  • From Arenas:
    • Sarge appears to save Doom in "Worthy".
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    • In the Season Finale, Doom uses Ranger's rune in order to access the operations area of the Vadrigar. Then, he summons each one of the warriors. When they can't defeat the Vadrigar, Doom goes again to said room and summons Gorre, who takes care of the Vadrigar. Cue the Sequel Hook.
  • Subverted in Atop the Fourth Wall at the end of the Mechakara arc. 90's Kid, Ninja-Style Dancer, and Harvey Finevoice show up to save Linkara from Mechakara...but then run away when they realize that their attacks aren't doing anything to him.
  • Nyx Sparkle is this in Bronyism, who become the first person to successfully retrieve the eponymous page from the bad guys.
  • In Log Entry #26 of Dark Harvest, Alex and Chris have been captured by the Slendy worshipping cult and are going to be executed via Off with His Head!. As the cultists raise their axes, Jeff runs in (they had phoned him and secretly let him know what was going on earlier in the video) and holds the cult at Chekov's Gunpoint until the two are released unharmed.
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  • In Darwin's Soldiers, when terrorists are attacking the control room, Shelton is saved by Cobalt Squad busting through a window.
  • Almost every time a new character is introduced in Dead Fantasy, said character is intervening to aid someone else in a fight. In fact, very few fights have had a clear winner, since every time someone's on the verge of defeat, someone else has come to save them. So far, Rikku, Hitomi, Tifa, Rinoa, Cloud, and Ryu Hayabusa have pulled Big Damn Heroes moments.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged lampshades this upon Goku's entrance into the fight versus Nappa and Vegeta. "Hey guys, what'd I miss? Oh. Are they all..."
  • Dreamscape: Melissa shows up to save Dylan from Ethan in the first episode.
    • In a flashback in "The Mystery of Melinda" the entire population of the Mirror Universe shows up to fight Melinda before she can spread her curses on the world.
    • In "A Curse or a Blessing", when the heroes are struggling in the battle against Ghost Melinda, Keedran (who Ghost Melinda had seemingly taken down) shoots her snake arm out at Ghost Melinda, grabs her by the neck, and seals her in the pocket dimension contained within her body.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Pulled off by LISA of all people near the end of 'Beach Brawl'.
    • Waterfall Girl has a great one in 'The Camping Webisode'.
    • Lizzie and Fire Guy come to the aid of Asia and Autmn in their fight with Michael and Ashley. They even use technology and chemical reactions to defeat them in order to show that science can be used for good!
  • When the head zombie cornered Scrooge, Louie and Dewey in Episode 2 of Ducktalez, Huey showed up and killed the head zombie in one shot with a revolver.
  • In Epithet Erased, Molly gets cornered by Mera Salamin, and all hope seems lost. Then, Molly signals for Giovanni Potage to come in, and he appears out of nowhere and knocks Mera Salamin into the wall.
  • In the second episode of The Fantastic Favio Bros, LeTony tries to convince Tony to take ecstasy as part of his goal of Everybody Must Get Stoned. Right as Tony is about to take it, Favio arrives to punch it out of his hand and provide a motivational speech.
  • Fractured Thrones VRRP In season 1 episode 29.5 The main characters are on the front lines of a war against the empire. Cade Sherbrooke and the other ledford militia have been fighting for 4 hours, after a failed mission and a messy retreat only 8 militia fighters remain,and Godfrey lord of ledford keep is dead. A unit of empire solders numbering 20 are closing in, the situation is grim. As the militia take the wounded and try to run.It looks likes its all over. But then a battle cry sounds and the iron wolves merc company appear as saving everyone from certain death
  • Gaming All Stars: Given how a large portion of the heroes introduce themselves introduce themselves this way (Especially in The Ultimate Crossover and Remastered), it would be unnecessary to list every example the series has to offer. Some of the more notable ones include:
  • Hero House has Thor in Season 2, who comes out of nowhere to save everyone's arse.
  • In Korra Bridged, Amon has Korra at her mercy and is on the verge of killing by internally freezing her blood into spikes and impaling her heart with it! Thankfully, Raava steps in at the last second and shatters the spikes, giving her a chance to take him out.
    Raava: "That's my bread-and butter you're fucking with!"
  • At the end of The Adventures of The League of S.T.E.A.M.'s season 2 finale, "Dead End", the rest of the League come to the rescue when Crackitus, the Baron, Katherine and Thaddeus get outnumbered by zombies.
  • In Entry #52 of Marble Hornets, Masky stops Alex from shooting Jay and Jessica. He just suddenly appears behind Alex, then tackles him. Then, once Jay's gone, you hear a gunshot. Tim seems to be fine, though...
    • Later in the same entry, Jay hears screaming from Jessica's room and opens the door to run right into the Operator. He supposedly tries tackling the Operator with a quasi-muffled shout of "LEAVE US ALONE!" It backfires horribly, and as a result he loses all memory of the events in the seven month span between April and November 2010.
  • Happens occasionally in Marvels RPG, which comes with the Superhero setting. A recent example is Black Knight appearing from out of nowhere and cutting off the Hulk's arm to save Aura.
  • Minilife TV: In "The X-Team Attacks", after the X-Team announce they'll be executing the fighters of the 28th Legondo World Martial Arts Tournament, Chris, Ian, Snowball, and Clair use the time machine at Minilife Studios to teleport to the arena and rescue the fighters.
  • A More Personal Union:
    • When the French are holding the line against the Spanish at Orleans during the Great War, they're finally saved by the sudden arrival of English reinforcements.
    "Men of France! England is here!"
    • The French get a chance to pay back the favor a short time later, when they arrive just in time to save London from a Spanish siege. Complete with a Call-Back:
    "Men of England! France is here!"
  • During PATHCO's Return to Arbelo module the party rescued a ranger and his wolf when the lumber party he was in turned against him. He later shows up, just in the nick of time, to save Apollyon from death at the hands of Darla's barbarian goons during the battle by the river.
  • The end of Paw's Top Nine Modern Video Game Themes. That Chick with the Goggles, Angry Joe, and The Spoony One all come in to save the day against Dark Paw .
    • This trope pretty much makes up the beginning of the Anniversary battle, first by The Nostalgia Chick and then everyone coming in after her.
    • Suburban Knights also uses this trope, first with Team 2 saving the Critic from Jaffers and then Ma-Ti saving everyone when Malachite is about to kill them.
    • In To Boldly Flee, right when everything is lost, when the Critic is facing his final choice, when Terl is blasting the Exit Strategy to hell, and when Luke is fighting the Snob, Linkara comes in with the Comicron-1.
  • In Part 3 of Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure, when Derpy shows up to aid Pinkie and Pinkis in a battle against three mind controlled freaks.
  • Ivan comes to Arthur's rescue in The Quest For Geekdom's Season 1 finale.
  • In Yukari is Free, the RED Pyro gets quite an impressive one when he saves Fuuka from the BLU Spy.
  • Red vs. Blue has a handful of these.
    • At the beginning of Season 8, Sarge and Grif save Simmons and Doc from the Meta and Agent Washington after the latter’s Face–Heel Turn the previous season by crashing the Chupathingy through the wall of Valhalla.
    • Season 10 also features this towards the end. After being abandoned by their friends following Church’s "Reason You Suck" Speech, said friends come to his and Carolina’s rescue when the army of Tex drones stored at the Freelancer Offshore Storage Facility prove to be too much even for the veteran Agent to handle solo.
    • Season 11 has the New Republic soldiers who come to rescue the Reds and Blues when the Feds, led by Locus invade Crash Site Bravo.
    • When Felix shows his true colors midway through season 12 when the heroes are being held at gun point by Locus and the Space Pirates, Carolina pulls this off by revealing herself as being disguised as a member of said Space Pirates, in the perfect position to help her friends.
    • When Sharkface is Caught Monologuing during his and Carolina’s final confrontation in season 13, Kimball and Wash do this by simply shooting him dead.
    • Locus and Grif of all people do this when the Blues and Reds are revealed to have been hunting down and murdering any and all remaining Freelancer agents, including attempting to do so to Wash and Carolina.
  • RWBY:
    • In her first fight at Beacon Academy, Ruby's cape gets caught when a Giant Nevermore pins it with a barrage of feathers. Yang tries to reach her before a giant Deathstalker kills her but is stopped by another bombardment of feathers. The Deathstalker is just about to kill Ruby when Weiss streaks into view; having used her Glyphs to race to Ruby's rescue at super-speed, she is able to freeze the Deathstalker just inches from Ruby's face.
    • When the team attempt to stop Roman from breaching the city's walls with a runaway train, Yang fights Neo but is easily defeated by her and knocked unconscious. As Neo unsheathes her blade to stab Yang to death, a portal unexpectedly opens in the ceiling and a masked woman with a huge sword drops out of it to the floor. Clearly recognising the woman, Neo backs off in obvious terror and flees. The woman then departs without a word to the now semi-conscious Yang. It's later confirmed that the masked woman is Yang's Missing Mom, Raven.
    • During the Battle of Beacon, Cardin finds himself surrounded by some Atlesian robot soldiers that have been hacked by the villains. Just as he's about to be killed, the soldiers' heads are blown off... by their general. Ironwood, who has just survived the hacked soldiers crashing the airship he was on, walks into view, gun first. Cardin stares in open-mouthed awe as Ironwood single-handedly destroys every single soldier present. His clothes are in rags from the plane crash, revealing that the entire right side of his body has been replaced by cybernetic body parts.
  • Chief of Police James Colby does this near the end of Sacreya's Legacy.
  • Andrew Hazel, who saves Alec from Boris's firing squad in Sapphire Episode III.
  • Bailey and Mari perform a textbook one in Statless and Tactless.
  • There are a few instances of this in Survival of the Fittest. A notable example is that of Seth Mattlock rescuing Bryan Calvert and Tory Johnson from a player — pulling it off in the true spirit of the trope: just in the nick of time. Amusingly, this is because he waited before pulling off the save, although he was, admittedly, trying to get the best possible shot on the bad guy. It also turns into an unintentional Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Also in v4, counter-terrorist group STAR show up, take Danya's HQ hostage, and rescue a large number of the students from the island.
  • When the main characters are cornered in There Will Be Brawl, Captain Falcon comes out of the alley, gives a speech about only he gets to bruise Pit's face, and Falcon Punches Saki and Issac to dust.
  • In These days, it's partially subverted when Ayase goes to save Lilly from Nao. Played straight a bit later when her older sister steps in for her.
  • In To Boldly Flee, during the climactic battle, the U.S.S. Exit Strategy is in a pitched firefight with the Co-Dragons of the film, who have a more powerful ship. Just as the Exit Strategy is about to be destroyed, cue Linkara arriving in Comicron-1. He proceeds to put Comicron-1 in front of the heavily damaged ship and draws the enemy fire long enough for the Exit Strategy to finish building a torpedo that can damage the enemy ship.
  • In The Livestream Incident from TribeTwelve, The Observer has come to abduct/kill Noah. At the fateful moment, Firebrand steps in and prevents this, in the process revealing that Firebrand is a future incarnation of Noah and that he is now free from the Collective's control.
  • In Vaguely Recalling JoJo, Caesar returns as a ghost and helps Joseph Joestar defeat Empress.
  • In Void Domain, Eva pulls one of these off to save an antagonist of hers. Sister Cross was not pleased.
  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers, examples include:
    • Jane and her horde of Legendaries in the third arc.
    • Wolf and his Swoobat in the eleventh.
    • Tagg and a bunch of the other trainers teleporting down to Kanto to help Tracer and his Pokemon fight off a massive murder of Murkrow and their Honchkrow bosses.
    • Unite the Braviary and Reshiram when they go first help with the evacuation of Goldenrod City, then stop an army at Rt. 32.
    • DS, the Lake Trio and Palkia during the final battle of the AU arc.
  • We're Alive like to do this on occasion:
  • Whateley Universe: all over the place in "Ayla and the Birthday Brawl". When Chaka and Dyna-man have been pounded into the pavement by The Lamplighter, Riptide comes to the rescue. When she finally loses, a team of Knights of Purity save Chaka. When Skyhawk ruins the Felonious Four's hostage crisis, Bladedancer and Generator and Shroud leap in to the rescue. When the Felonious Four are about to blow Generator's brains out, she's saved by a hostage kid attending the birthday party. When the supervillains have freed the criminals from the superjail, the four powerhouses of Team Kimba fly in to save the day. When the mercenaries are ready to blow up the restaurant with Phase's friends, a team of power armor guys hired previously by Phase steps in at the right moment.
  • In Season 1 of Where the Bears Are, the bears rescue Nelson when the real killer is about to kill him too. In Season 2, Nelson and Reggie get into trouble trying to investigate a person of interest. Todd swoops to their rescue, beating up two much bigger men. Happens again when Todd's ex Ivan breaks into the house, and attacks Nelson, who ends up saving Todd when Ivan gets the upper hand on him.
  • In Worm, Skitter does this for a group of her people in Interlude 14 when she arrives just in time to stop a trio of traitorous minions from hurting them.


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