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  • Three words from the tutorial mission:
  • Building the first radio relay.
    Bradford: Welcome to the fight.
  • A small one but the reunion with the former council spokesman who gives you an attack plan and a way to assemble resistance forces.
    The Informant: You must rebuild the XCOM Project. Expose the Aliens' true agenda. And renew Humanity's will to fight.
    • The Spokesman gets a subtle one - he's been operating from inside ADVENT for twenty years, passing information to the Resistance.
  • The cutscene that plays when you finally reveal to the world what ADVENT has been doing, by replacing the Speaker's intended video with a cleverly-edited one that reveals the truth behind ADVENT's lies and is timed perfectly to make the Speaker's words ring false. Humanity is instantly in an uproar and fighting back together.
    • As an added benefit, The Speaker who has been talking bullshit about pre-Advent government institutions and XCOM as being corrupt finally gets to see first hand his own government's dirty laundry out in the open, as he makes another speech on the so-called gene therapy breakthrough. The look on his face is priceless as he turns back around and sees the lynch mob advancing on him; even though he somehow escapes them and manages to make his voice heard to XCOM throughout the final mission anyway, taking him down a peg like that will forever be Worth It.
  • The start of the final mission: After The Commander takes control of his/her Avatar, they do an Unflinching Walk to the portal connection to the Alien Fortress, with the other members of XCOM saluting as they pass. This isn't a cutscene - it's in-engine, with your soldiers from your campaign. And, after Bradford tells the Commander to "Give 'em hell.", he makes a Rousing Speech to the rest of XCOM.
  • The final mission is one long chain of these. First, your squad rampages through the Ethereal's main base, using top-level tech and the Commander's Avatar. After tearing through the most dangerous enemies in the game, you come up against three Avatar Lightning Bruiser bosses with psionics even stronger than yours. As they blink around the map, disrupting your squad, endless hordes of Andromedons, Vipers, Codexes, Mutons, Gatekeepers, and everything else the aliens can throw at you teleport in. Bringing down all three while struggling not to be overrun by sheer force of numbers is an incredible moment.
    • By the end of the mission, the map will be completely trashed. Any structures left standing will be covered in plasma burns, and alien corpses will be everywhere. It's a hell of a way to end the game.
  • The end of the final mission. The Commander, controlling his/her Avatar, reopens the psi portal that had shut down moments before, allowing the team to evacuate, then psionically holds off at least three disembodied Ethereals, buying time for the squad to get away and the Commander's link to be severed before the Avatar base implodes. Is there a trope for Non-Entity Badass?
    • Let us stress this again: The Commander, in an Avatar, manages to both hold a portal open for the squad to get through, and fight off the combined psionic assault of five disembodied Ethereals. Before the scene cuts away The Commander's Avatar was winning the Beam-O-War to boot! It really puts into perspective just how powerful these Avatars are, and also immediately makes it apparent just why completion of the Avatar Project is an instant lose condition: If a human's mind inhabiting an incomplete Avatar can multitask while fighting off five disembodied Ethereals at a time, then just how powerful would an Ethereal inhabiting a perfected one be?
  • Final cutscene of the game: As open revolts against ADVENT break out all over the globe, an unarmored civilian, armed only with a baseball bat, distracts the guards at an ADVENT checkpoint so that other rebels can sneak up behind them, raise the XCOM flag over the checkpoint and eventually beat down the ADVENT troopers.
  • Even the missions with fixed names have names just as badass if not more than the randomly generated ones:

  • Just your squad in general. As you progress through the game, your soldiers go from hopeless rookies that have difficulty using a gun properly because they probably never held a gun in their life, to battle hardened veterans capable of annihilating an entire squad of Advent through sheer skill alone.
  • Getting a rating of Flawless, even on normal difficulty.
    • Particularly if one of your post-mission stats is "Most Under Fire: ——" That's right, those poor bastards didn't even get a shot off before you wiped them out.
    • "Most Under Fire: Some poor enemy Sap that was mind controlled the first turn" is also quite satisfying.
    • Getting a Flawless rating is difficult, but getting it on Operation Gatecrasher, where you can only use rookies and are unlikely to have the best cover is awesomeness incarnate. Imagine how insulting it must be for ADVENT that, not only did XCOM succeed at making themselves known as formidable force for the first time, but did so without even being touched by the supposedly well trained troops on site.
  • Any time you get a particularly effective chain of Serial or Reaper kills. Even better if your sharpshooter has an autoloader on their weapon - it's entirely possible for one trooper to clear most of the map.
  • Triggering Sharpshooter's Return Fire ability results in them whipping out their pistol and - if you're lucky - offing an enemy with one shot. The pissed off expression on their face just screams, "Back off, asshole."
    • Works also on psychic and melee attacks. Resisting mindspin or dodging a stun baton and then shooting the attacker in the face is as badass as you would think.
  • A Sniper Executing a Sectopod. Yes, one bullet takes out the XCOM equivalent of a Strider.
    • Repeater-inflicted Executions are always guaranteed to satisfy.
      • The Alien Hunters DLC adds 3 new boss aliens that may appear in missions. The first and weakest one has a whopping 50 health and 2 armor. They're still vulnerable to Repeater Executions, though.
      • Taking out a Sectopod the first time you encounter it, on the first turn you encounter it, with a Repeater execution, triggered off a reaction shot.
      • The Final Battle. One Sharpshooter. One Repeater. Three Avatars executed before they had a chance to do anything but pose. Not a single wounded XCOM soldier by the time the credits rolled. "Awesome" doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • Landing the perfect Overwatch Ambush trap is amazingly gratifying. The whole team of operatives sneak up in advantageous position, then with an opening shot, the enemy is alerted to your team just long enough to be promptly shot full of holes by all the Concealment Overwatch shots.note 
    • Several of the Steam achievements are for things you feel rather awesome for, especially if you haven't browsed the achievement list first. Your Colonel medic gets critically wounded, nobody else has a medkit, he's going to die in 2 turns and there's no way you can finish the mission in that time... so you choose one of your other soldiers to pick up his unconscious body and call down an evacuation zone to get him up to the medical supplies on your dropship. Achievement unlocked? Just trying to take care of my soldiers.
    • Speaking of achievements, there is one that requires you to finish the final mission using only conventional gears. This means that except for the Commander's Avatar, you're going up against the best the aliens have to offer (Sectopods, Gatekeepers, the Chosen that are still alive, and of course the Avatars) that completely outnumber you using nothing but basic equipment. Starter weapons that by late game do so little damage, you might as well be throwing stones and starter armors that barely protect your soldiers from being curb stomped by the aliens. Yet you win anyway. Even more awesome if you pull it off on harder difficulties, on Ironman, earning other achievements in the process. "Who Needs Tygan?" indeed.
  • Taking advantage of volatile elements in the landscapes will be guaranteed to satisfy. Sectoid hiding behind the fuel tank for a house's heating? Shoot the tank and detonate it, introducing them to the sun rising in their face! For bonus points, the explosions that ensue can and will obliterate nearby cover, so such property damage will often expose enemies to your team's waiting weapons.
  • Sometimes you'll be forced to leave the AO before you can finish extracting all your operatives. Sometimes you'll get another mission at a later date to rescue them. It is entirely possible for you to get the extraction mission months later, in a different continent, and you will find the operative is not only alive and well, but when you successfully bring them home, they come back with a small cache of Intel or Supplies. Clearly they not only evaded capture, but got busy gathering what they could to help the cause while trying to re-establish contact with XCOM.
  • Finishing a "sabotage alien facilities" mission with ONE Ranger. Thanks to the new concealment system, they can become Solid Snake with the right skills.
  • Winning a "destroy alien facility" mission on the turn the first reinforcements are arriving. The facility sends out a panicked distress call, and reinforcements arrive just in time to see the Skyranger blasting away and the facility being obliterated (and they may even be caught in the blast). That's XCOM, baby.
  • Getting Psi Operatives takes considerably more time and effort to get rolling than in the previous game, but once you start the training going, you'll want at least one on every team. From the ability to make themselves completely immune to every single debilitating effect to having multiple psionic, armor-piercing attacks that deal immense amounts of damage to everywhere in between make them incredibly versatile in combat. Few things are more satisfying than sending a Null Lance through a pack of enemies and absolutely slaughtering the entire pod. Well, maybe permanently mind controlling a Berserker or a Gatekeeper. It's up in the air.
    • Stasis. Yes, it isn't nearly as flashy as other abilities, but it allows you to shut down any enemy in sight with no save allowed, doesn't end your turn and has low cooldown. It is an absolute bane for Sectopods, Gatekeepers and Avatars.
  • The satisfaction of successfully dominating a powerful alien and using it against its former allies. The best example of this might be taking control of a Chryssalid Hive Queen (Long War) and then siccing it on an alien Sectopod.
    • Or Hacking into and taking over a Sectopod and having it open up on a Chryssalid Hive Queen. Heck, take both of them over and smash them at eachother like life-size kaiju action figures.
  • It's very, very rare, but it is completely possible to win a retaliation mission without any civilians dying. This usually involves an alien missing their potshot against a civilian on the first turn, and then you activating all the pods on the map on turn two. Imagine what it feels like for a resistance member to see your squad just tear through the aliens before they can even land a shot on one of their own.
  • While sharpshooters usually pick Kill Zone over Faceoff, there's little doubt that Faceoff can save the day. Such as in this clip where a sharpshooter kills 9 enemies with a six-shooter. If you're being swarmed by smaller enemies (like a Codex that's repeatedly cloned), it can clear an entire field.
  • The local resistance. With no more than some regular weapons and a ragtag bunch of misfits, they managed to survive and fight back. Heck, they can even shoot down UFOs all by themselves.

    War of the Chosen Gameplay 
  • The three Resistance Factions prove XCOM isn't the only real thorns in ADVENT's side: The Reapers, Gasmask-and-nightvision goggle clad cold sniper saboteurs; The Skirmishers, Rogue ADVENT Super-Soldiers wielding Bullpup Autorifles, and with gauntlet mounted Scorpion-style grapples and Predator-like wristblades; and the Templars, mysterious Badass Psionics who carry a machine pistol and dual-wield Psi energy blades.
    • At the end of the story-based mission to ally with them, Elena of The Reapers and Pratal Mox of The Skirmishers have become Fire-Forged Friends, consistently covering each others' backs rather than strictly Enemy Mine territory.
      • Special mention goes to Pratal during his portion of the Escort Mission - upon seeing an army of ADVENT Purifiers, he lines up his shot on the gas tank of one, sending all of them up in an explosion.
    • Skirmishers especially so due to the fact that, as far as we know so far, were ADVENT troopers with the sheer strength of will to rip out their own implants, tough enough to survive that and compassionate enough to defend the species they were created to oppress, not to mention one of their resistance orders actually gives a chance for any ADVENT troop on the field a chance to have a change of heart, meaning their sheer presence alone is enough to make other ADVENT troopers question what they're doing, even WITH control implants.
  • The Chosen are fearsome Elite enemies with powerful weapons and potential immunities in their Strength feats. They are still as vunerable to Repeaters as the next ADVENT mook.
  • Every time you inflict Final Death on one of the Chosen is this by default. You've finally tracked the purple bastards to their base over the course of a few months, only to discover it's heavily guarded by their alien allies. What follows next is a nerve-wracking raid that could easily have been the final mission in another game, all the while knowing that if you fail, you won't get another chance. Eventually, somehow, you reach the inner sanctum of the Chosen owner, who has full access to their power of their Sarcophagus and knows it, sending wave after wave of reinforcements at you every time you force them to retreat to heal. Eventually, you finally break the damn golden monolith, at which point the impressed Chosen comes out for one last strike...and you finally, finally kill them, leading to a final, satisfying cutscene as the Sarcophagus explodes into purple fireworks and your allies rightly congratulate you for the rest of the game.
  • In the base game, Retaliation missions were a race to see if you could get enough civilians out of the line of fire before ADVENT troops gunned them all down. Now, there's a new Retaliation mission type called Haven Assault, where the resistance is not only fighting back, but kicking ass with nothing but kevlar and baseline ballistic weapons, fully capable of killing even powerful aliens like Mutons despite their weak weapons through sheer grit. On lower difficulties all XCOM has to do is sit back and watch as the NPC resistance fighters take the aliens to pieces as they focus their fire. It's a mix of heartwarming and badass when a couple of plucky resistance fighters flank some aliens that were giving you trouble and pull your butt out of the fire for a change.

    Community Awesome 
  • The randomly-generated Operation names are back, and can lead to some awesome moments:
    • Repeater on a Plasma Rifle triggered and executed a Sectopod with half its health left. Mission name: Operation Spider Slayer.
    • One VIP mission was completed with the five man team managing to get all the way to the VIP's holding cell with no one noticing. They quickly ambushed the four ADVENT guarding the scientist, and left just as the reinforcements arrived. No one even wounded or even a shot being fired at the team (Most Under Fire: —) for a Flawless mission. The name of the mission? It just happened to be "Silent Stroke".
    • One late-game mission introduced Sectopods to the squad, and the only person in range to take care of it was a Technician with no ammo and one action left. So, they hacked into it, and managed to take control of the Sectopod. This not only allowed them to decimate the alien forces, but it got the 'pod in the open so the rest of the squad could take care of it. The operation's name was "Spider God", which the technician clearly is.
    • "Operation Sinking Knife:" Two Rangers, with their swords, kill two Sectoids and a Viper between them, the Viper having foolishly moved within Bladestorm range. Dodge this, Snaketits.
    • Operation "God's Palace" as a codename for Avenger defense mission. The house of The Great Commandy One shall not fall! Considering the endgame events, that name was oddly prophetic...
    • Operation: Broken Savior. For context, this Blacksite mission was completed directly after the Spokesman/Informer goes down fighting, so combines with Tear-Jerker.
      • It's a "set the X4 charges" one, so it's awesome by default because here ADVENT removed one of XCOM's biggest supporters in an attempt to demoralize the organization, but what happened? XCOM goes and completely demolishes an otherwise secret base, setting back the Avatar project by 2 blocks (the equivalent of 2 MONTHS worth of progress). Basically, ADVENT tried to "headshot" XCOM, but instead they turn right around and blow up one of their biggest facilities, setting back their ultimate plans by a significant margin. Even better, the operative setting the charges had the Repeater on his weapon. He runs in to set the charges, but a SECTOPOD is lying in wait. Enemy turn: Sectopod makes a move, Operative (Specialist with "Ever Vigilant") takes Overwatch shot... EXECUTED!!! ADVENT, you try to take out one of our own, and we return the favor a-hundred-fold, VIGILO CONFIDO!
    • Operations Blood Witch and Blood Strike, a neutralise target and supply raid, respectively, done back to back. Both were flawless, with the VIP in Blood Witch captured without the ADVENT forces getting a single shot off. They also sound like 90's anti-heroes.
    • A destroy relay mission near Birmingham in the UK: Operation Rebel Empire
    • Operation: God Fort, downed UFO mission and first contact with the Archon King, and later Operation: Demon Justice, a Retaliation mission in which said King was killed by a Squadsight Deadeye shot with only a 30 percent chance of hitting.
    • Operation Defiant Grave, where a Rookie held his own against a Muton. He survived and became the leader of the Benchwarmers.
    • Operation Silent Night was a mission to recover an item from an heavily guarded Alien outpost, with a Dark Event that reduced the countdown to a measly 3 turns. So the team, composed of a Trooper (Mod class), a Rifleman (again), a Ranger, a Specialist, a Paladin (you guessed it) and a Sniper, snuck up on the aliens, and found the first pod: An Andromedon with 2 Codices. Thankfully, they turn away, allowing the team to sneak a bit closer to the objective, spotting around 6 Advents and 2 Heavy turrets hanging around... And another Andromedon. The Ranger and Rifleman entered the building, finding yet another Codex, but also locating the target. Then the squad was spotted due to misclicks, and it was NOT pleasant. While most Advents were dealt with easily, a few of them got a few good shots in, and a Codex disabbled the Trooper, Sniper and Specialist, while the others struggled to get to the target and get it. After the most of the Advents, the turrets, one of the Andromedons, and all Codices were killed, an Advent was seen retreating, so the Rifleman went after him. Then he met a Sectopod and 3 Advents. While the Trooper and Sniper dealt with the remaning Andromedon, the rest of the team moved in to aid the Rifleman. The Ranger especially stuck out, killing the Lancer and Shieldbearer that escorted the Sectopod before getting hit with a lucky shot from the remaining Advent Mook, making him bleed just in range for the Sectopod's Macross Missile Massacre. Luckily, the Specialist managed to disable the Sectopod in time to stop it, then heal the Ranger, although he was still down and unconscious. However, the squad couldn't kill the Sectopod in time before reaching the Ranger, and the missiles fell down... Making the Ranger bleed out again. From there, the team was able to concentrate fire on the last standing ennemy and finish that mission. The whole team (except the trooper who was already a colonel) earned a promotion, and NO ONE will be able to deny that.
    • Operation “Falling Terror”. One sharpshooter, mission to neutralize an enemy commander. Twenty one hostiles, but a Lost sitrep. Between me and the Lost, 107 enemies wound up dead before finally tracking down the last Lost Brute to end the mission with one pip of health left. Felt pretty awesome after that.
    • Operation God Killer for a successful assault on a Chosen's stronghold.
    • Operation Witch Song, A rescue mission to save Mox (Yes, the same Mox from the "Lost and Abandoned" mission in WOTC). 2 Specialists and a Sharpshooter manged to sneak into the base, find where Mox's cell was, hack into it and free him with no shots fired from XCOM or ADVENT... At all, and the only time the alarm was raised was when the squad had Mox and called for their ride home. Who's the better ninja now Assassin?
  • Trifecta of Awesome, Heartwarming, and Tearjerker, this fanmade trailer.
  • This fan trailer, which splices game trailer footage with the audio of Independence Day: Resurgence. Especially awesome considering how nearly all of the dialogue fits despite being completely recontextualized, and also a Tearjerker considering the hugest difference between XCOM and Independence Day.
  • Counting as a CMOF, too, this video shows an X-COM squad ending an Avenger Defense mission in 2 turns. How? One of the turrets missed a shot and hit the target on the other side of the map.
  • Kingkuma, (yes, the one who wrote The Noordegraaf Files), plays XCOM, and has had multiple moments that could fit here, but four deserve special mention.
    • His squad had taken out all units but one, with no injuries. The one remaining trooper ran inside a building, and shot his sniper who was out in the open, with no cover. The sniper panicked, flanked the trooper, hid behind full cover, fired his pistol, GOT A HIT, KILLED the trooper, and got PROMOTED. The odds of that are at least 1 in 100, just counting the hit and the panic.
    • The second one was when he was assaulting the forge facility, and had a recommendation from Tygan to skulljack a codex, who was on patrol with an archon. The skulljack worked, killing the codex, and his ranger and sniper took out the archon. Then the avatar spawned... and was promptly gunned down by his gunner and medic. He's working on a comic strip of the event.
    • The time where his medic discovered a sectopod after dashing. The sectopod took high stance, and was about to shoot him (which would have been a kill - the medic wasn't on full health - when the medic's overwatch and repeater activated, executing the sectopod, and killing the rest of the pod.
    • Another time was when a hacked MEC was on one health, dodged shots from a sectopod, an officer and a shieldbearer... and used micro missiles (a very weak AOE attack) to kill the sectopod. He later said the MEC deserved an award.
  • Pyrion Flax's hacker gets the final shot on the chosen hunter with a repeater - overwatch combo. Not much else needs to be said.
  • ChristopherOdd kills the Berserker Queen on the same mission he first encounters her through liberal use of Damage Over Time effects. Without a single casualty or even injury!
    • Killing the Berserker Queen in the first mission it was encountered, only this time it came down to hitting her with enough powerful attacks to force her to open an escape portal... only to get stunned by a melee strike, and subsequently killed by a Repeater shot.
    • Zemalf killed the Berserker Queen about 2 seconds after it appeared with a shot from a Sniper's Repeater Rifle. Said soldier also executed the Viper King in the first mission it's fought right when it was about to escape with his last remaining action. He later missed a Repeater shot and hit the Archon NEXT to the Archon King (another solider killed the Archon King).
  • Those tropers who have read the XCOM: Enemy Unknown page may be familiar with Zemalf, the legendary Finnish Commander who beat XCOM: Enemy Within on Impossible difficulty and Ironman setting without losing a single soldier or having any countries withdraw. He also beat XCOM 2 with both DLCs on Legend with Ironman AGAIN without losing a single soldier. His campaign featured many awesome moments within it:
    • As mentioned above, there was the sniper "Vorhees" who executed both the Viper King and the Berserker Queen. He then missed the Archon King and executed the Archon next to it.
    • On the subject of Executions, during a late game Avatar facility assault, he played it safe and teased out alien pods one by one, until a Sectopod literally busted down the front door to ruin his plans. Immediately his Psi Operative, "Cissy" hit an overwatch shot...and executed the walking tank on the spot.
    • The Advanced Warfare Center was also a lucky break, he managed to obtain two Rangers with the hidden ability "Serial". Serial is usually a Colonel level Sniper ability for Sharpshooters. It allowed the Rangers to go nuts and kill multiple enemies with shotgun blasts in one turn. He added on to this ability by outfitting the Rangers with shotguns with auto-loaders and laser sights, which allowed free reloads (which then let them keep freely killing aliens in the same turn even after their weapons were dry) and boosted crit chance to absurd heights. Add on the "Shadowstrike" ability and his Rangers would regularly be hitting shots with a 120% chance of getting a critical.
      • This ability elevated one of the Rangers to legendary status. Adam Kristensen clocked in the 58 mission campaign with a total close to 200 kills, meaning he averaged 1.5 kills on missions he didn't even go on. The first time Zemalf discovered this ability was during an unlucky early game Avenger defense mission. Adam was wounded but thrown out into combat anyway. It didn't look good near the end, the soldiers were pinned down by multiple enemy pods when suddenly Adam killed 5 enemies in a single turn and single-handedly turned the tide of the entire battle. He proceeded to do this for several missions after, until the final mission when he (now practically a demigod among men) was very nearly killed by an Andromedon but still powered through and delivered the final two shots of the war right into the last Avatar's face.
  • Beaglerush gets two in episode 48 of Live and Legendary. First there is him cheesing a Base Defence mission with twin Blaster launchers, allowing him to destroy the beacon and evacuate in one turn... Then he decides to stay behind in order to teach ADVENT the meaning of fear. By the end of the level two hours later at a whooping 50 turns, the graphical performance is suffering significant degradation due to the sheer amount of alien corpses and MEC wrecks needing to be rendered (so much that Beaglerush at one point expressed concern over the game actually crashing), the average kills per mission has been raised to 14.6, Killroy had more kills in this single mission than in the B-team's entire run.
    Beaglerush "Sally forth, men. Today, every man and woman who sheds their blood on the field of the base defense shall be my brother and sister. And together, the aliens will ask themselves in one voice "Why? Why did they not flee from our guns and our endless forces when they could? Why did they stand and fight?" And they shall know the answer. For we, are the men and women of XCOM, and there is no other reason necessary than total destruction of the alien will to fight! Now let them come! And let them die!"
    • A Youtube comment sells the moment and its repercussions perfectly:
    Youtube Commenter: Footage of the battle was streamed live throughout the world, despite Advent cybersecurity efforts.

    In a way, nothing had changed. The next day, Advent still controlled nearly all of Earth. The city centers remained efficiently sterilized of all human culture. The raids and disappearances continued. Certainly the Avatar Project was not disrupted by these events.

    Yet something fundamental had been altered. For twenty years, the greatest opposition to Advent were random acts of insurgency easily stomped out and those who hid far away from the Elder's authority. Now, the shadowy rumors of X-Com were beginning to come to light. Advent's forces brought all they had to bear against these "terrorists".

    And they had been found wanting.
  • Even with the advent of the Character Pool feature, some of the names potentially generated by the RNG can be utterly hilarious and awesome. Coming from a huge Fire Emblem Fates fan, guess what was one of the soldiers I generated? A Japanese Soldier named Takumi "Hawkeye" Matsumoto. His class? Sharpshooter. And in that run, he was indisputably my best soldier, killing 144 aliens and killing two of the three Chosen. Even more hilarious than that, on Operation Leviathan, he was mind controlled and had to be broken free by a sword-wielding Ranger with white hair.
  • Sethorven is not content to have just his editing talents speak for him in the final episode of his playthrough, and delivers a big "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Elders after having slain their avatars, perfectly summarizing the entirety of XCOM, and humanity, as a whole.
    Ethereals: "Your victory here means the end for all others. It will follow you, as it followed us. You Are Not Ready!"
    Sethorven: "Not... Ready..? As if you chumps can talk at all! From where I stand, we've taken on everything you've thrown at us! We've adapted, we've evolved, and we've held on no matter how many of your cloned cronies you sent our way. We humans are not nearly as weak as you think we are. We may bicker, and we may kill each other for stupid reasons - but when the chips are down, and when our backs are to the wall we will stand, shoulder to shoulder, to protect the world that we love. That is humanity's strength; our unity can destroy anything - even this thing you're so afraid of! If it comes our way we'll just do to it what we've done to you, and whatever else comes next! So if I haven't made myself clear, fuckwits, I'm only going to say this one more time: GET. OFF! OUR! PLANET!!
    • Another, smaller moment of awesome for Sethorven's Gordon Freeman: Near the end of the battle, the final enemy Avatar attempted to mind control Freeman. It doesn't work. This means that no instance of mind control ever worked against Freeman. As one commenter describes it:
    Youtube Commenter: Looks like the Avatar struggled to get into Freeman's mind.
    To iterate, after Gordon gets critically damaged by an ADVENT Trooper, Sethorven's Author Avatar soldier goes beserk, kills the offending Trooper with a single hit from his axe, turns around and, from a single Shard Gun round, critical hitting a nearby Codex, killing it in one hit! That this is immediately followed by what appears to be a simple case of momentary Artificial Stupidity note  was interpreted by some (including Sethorven himself) as the AI having been scared shitless by the aforementioned awesomeness.
  • Meta example: The fact that Long War was so highly regarded that Fireaxis asked the team at Pavonis Interactive to develop a second Long War for XCOM 2, and adds just as much new depth as the the previous incarnation.
  • The ever popular MEC trooper from Enemy Within? Now returns to the roster in 2 in Mod form. You're welcome.
  • Although it requires truly absurd amounts of luck, it is actually possible to put the Chosen six feet under permanently without any of them getting a single shot or attack off. Not a single one in any engagement they had with XCOM. "Awesome" doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • Running a three-man rescue operation for a captured operative can certainly make you feel awesome. After all, it's a No Man Left Behind scenario in which you uphold that value. What's even better is when you run that op without firing a shot, and the only evidence that you were ever there is the gaping hole in the side of the prison cell, and the prisoner within it missing.


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