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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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Deadpool comic books

  • In Deadpool #900, Deadpool delivers a Break Them by Talking to a psychiatrist who used his position to abuse his patients... one of them being a 16 year old girl. He then swiftly decapitated the psychiatrist. The awesome part? During the whole time Deadpool was in the room with the guy, his thought bubbles didn't talk to him, meaning the incident with the girl really stuck with him. He was utterly focused on killing the guy.
    • What makes this even better is how it seems at first like a normal comedic psychiatric session. But then when Deadpool talks about how the most evil person he met was the man who took advantage of the 16-year-old and ultimately caused her to kill herself, the psychiatrist, realizing Deadpool is talking about him, tries to immediately end the session. Deadpool proceeds to intimidate the ephiphophile into sitting back down by tossing shurikens at him and when the creep tries to blame the deceased girl for his despicable behavior, Deadpool has none of it and decapitates him.
    Psychiatrist: Please, don't She begged me to be with her! Please don't kill me!
    Deadpool: She begged you, huh? Kinda like how you're begging me now.
    [Deadpool proceeds to decapitate the predatory psychiatrist and leaves knowing that no more girls will ever be harmed by him]
  • He had this exchange with the "Savior."
    Messiah: But... I bring serenity... Absolute contentment...
    Deadpool: Yeah, I know.
    Messiah: Then why?
    Deadpool: Because... I want to do the right thing.
    Messiah: How can you be sure this is the right thing?
    Deadpool: I'm not.
  • He once kicked Captain America right in the stripes and stars to save the world. To be fair to Cap, he was possessed at that time by the same entity that possessed Deadpool earlier in that story. That entity? Shuma-Gorath.
  • One of Deadpool’s standard moves in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the Shoryuken.
    • This clip showcases him pulling off a version of M.Bison/Dictator's Scissor Kick as well.
  • For his Level 3 Hyper Combo, Deadpool hits his opponent with his Lifebar and Hyper Meter.
    Deadpool: Health bar in your face! Feel the love of the Hyper combo! And it's a hooooooome run! This is the Hy~per Com~bo!
  • His first revealed alternate color for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? His X-Men outfit. He also got his Weapon X outfit, too. And, since X-23 is now in the game, you can now have your own Weapon X team!
  • After demonstrating himself to Steve Rogers and his new team, he was put in charge of the mission to stop obscure villain Doctor Bong. He got to spend a whole evening telling Captain America, Black Widow, and Moon Knight what to do. And even commemorated his triumph over his former psychologist with fireworks. Unfortunately for Deadpool he had to have Captain America sit in his lap for there to be room enough for the fireworks in the car.
  • In Deadpool #33, T-Ray confronts him by saying he’ll never be a real hero or find happiness. And he does this while Deadpool is surrounded by everyone he’s ever killed. Then he did this.
  • Bullsye is sent after him one last time (and in Hawkeye's costume, for some bizarre reason). And this happens.
    Bullseye: Okay. Yeah, I admit it. That was #@$%in' awesome.
  • He once beat Taskmaster... by breakdancing.
  • When he took down Black Swan, he used his Power Born of Madness to make the mindreader live in his head for a minute. He couldn't handle it.
  • He once beat Macho Gomez with one (severed) hand tied behind his back! How? They were fighting, and just after he was sure Deadpool was a puddle of wise cracking goo, he tried to kill a guy who was hiding in an escape capsule heading for space. However the guy wasn't inside, Deadpool wasn't dead, and once he was in the air, Deadpool had his gun.
  • Search up the Deadpool story arc 'X Marks the Spot' or just go to a comic book store and buy the graphic novel. Every page is either a Crowning Moment of Awesome or Funny, to the point even Cyclops admits in the end Deadpool is awesome.
  • When he got to be a ghost at his own funeral (he got better), In Deadpool’s head, he knew it had to be the BEST. FUNERAL. EVER. The result was this.
  • He shot Zombie President Theodore Roosevelt in the head.
  • Deadpool Pulp: His brainwashing is eliminated when his three split personalities gang up on it.
  • The script to his now dead movie. The finale in particular is nothing but back-to-bad awesomeness.
  • He Out-Gambitted Black Box and proceeded to beat down Black Tom Cassady, Black Swan and the Trapster along the way. Without his healing factor, no less.
  • His Marvel NOW! series has six issues of him killing Super Zombie Former US Presidents.
  • At the end of his game, He fights Mr. Sinister and wins. If you so decide, he can do this with the swords and pistols he started the game with!
    • And then there's his Super-Awesome Amazing Plan.
  • In Deadpool Volume 3 #26, he saved Nick Fury from a time-traveling Hitler. Yes, it was awesome.
  • In Dracula's Gauntlet, he not only beat the title character, he also stole his lady! Now he’s Happily Married (and going Out with a Bang).
  • No one suggests a PG-13 Deadpool movie and gets away with it! Not even Slater!
  • At the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, M.O.D.O.K. tried to pressure him into telling a joke, even though he clearly wasn't in the mood. He continued to pester Deadpool, so in return, Deadpool retold his origin as a Black Comedy! This might also double as a Take That! to those who see his comics as nothing more than a bunch of gags.
  • In Deadpool: Too Soon, a guy who tried to hit on Deadpool’s wife decided to try and win her back via killing alot of people he posed with for a christmas card. After capturing the guy (With some assistance) Deadpool turns him to a eunuch and threatens to cut his head off unless he brought the people he killed back to life.
  • During an issue of Gwenpool’s comic, she let slip that she's a fourth-wall breaker, making all that weird RPG analogy stuff make sense to Deadpool. He decided to remind her who he was, by telling her everyone probably thought she was Gwen Stacy, and there was no way that he (Who not only a popular comic book character but has the highest rating R-rated movie) would lose to someone who first appeared in a Howard the Duck comic.
  • After what happened with his ex-wife, he decided to head off to space to cool off his head. Granted, he did stupid things even by my standard (Such as trying to trick people into thinking he has the Ultimate Nullifier, the one weapon that even Galactus fears, and that people would kill for that prime reason). But no one can deny that bar fight he won wasn't cool!
  • After the slaughter that was Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, it seemed impossible to top. But they pulled it off with Deadpool Kills Deadpool, in the end every Deadpool Marvel's ever given us, including the one that killed the Marvel Universe (but not that one) had an all out brawl and only one survived, the classic Earth-616 Deadpool, so to summarize A Deadpool is badass enough to kill the Marvel Universe and he’s the toughest Deadpool in the Multiverse, yeah.
  • Deadpool Vs Carnage was another high point in his history. He decided he should fight Carnage, you know that Nigh-Invulnerable sociopath who's so dangerous Spidey had to team up with Venom to take him down? It took about half a day but Deadpool actually broke Carnage. he may be crazy but nothings ever random in the Marvel Universe.
  • Deadpool: The End has him doing all sorts of crazy shenanigans, but here's the starter. The universe is falling to pieces, all the big heroes and villains are trapped and or neutralized (except Spidey, who he brought back the three big lady loves of his life) and he’s gonna kill Death herself. Why? Why would he do all of this? For Ellie. So what if she was dying of old age and lived to 96?! Deadpool felt guilty knowing she had to die while someone like him lives. He wasn't gonna lose Ellie, even if he had to, in his own words, "put the universe in chokehold."
    • Of course, it turns it was all part of his big plan that had him as the King of Hell, Mephisto chained up for good (all because of a deal between him and Deadpool) and Death at his side. Most importantly, Ellie was in Paradise like she deserves.