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Trivia / Deadpool

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  • Fan Nickname:
  • Name's the Same: So the last Dirty Harry movie was named after me... and was made years before I started showing up in comics. Weird.
  • Saved from Development Hell: My movie took so long to finish, a lot of fans feared that Fox permanently shelved it. The February 2016 release date came almost seven years after Ryan Reynolds first portrayed Wade Wilson.
  • What Could Have Been: I nearly was left out of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because some moron "accidentally" put me on the "no go" list. If it wasn't for the attention of the other people outside of that single moron, I wouldn't be hitting people with my life bar left and right. Now, to go find that idiot...
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  • The Wiki Rule: My very own wiki.

Triva tropes for the video game

  • The Cast Showoff: I got Nolan North's pipes for this game, baby. You know I'm gonna do some singing.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: He was supposed to bring me a pizza, but he never showed up. Where did I find him, you ask? Pottering about in the catacombs of Genosha is where! Worse than that, the asshole tried to kill me before I got the chance to demand my late pizza be given to me for free! You bet I filled the punk with lead. He needed to know his place!
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a good while, thanks to those idiots at Marvel and their expired licensing deal with Activision, you bastards had to go to some crappy-assed Used Game Store to enjoy my awesomeness on the consoles. Don't worry, PC owners - they eventually wised up and put the PC version back up in mid-2015! As a bonus, they put out a better version for the Xbone and PS4!
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: My game came out in June of 2013. Activision lost my license (along with all of my other buds at Marvel) at the start of 2014. So for the longest time, you'd better have hoped you had a console and could buy a used copy, 'cause you couldn't find me on Steam until about a year and a half later! I'd tell you that you have no excuse to pirate my game and call you a slapass, but my game got pulled AGAIN in November of 2017 when Activision lost my license AGAIN. So while you go look for a used boxed copy somewhere, I'm gonna go have words with that frickin' Mouse about getting this crap straightened out permanently.
  • Troubled Production: Those slavedriving assholes at Activision required the scabs working at High Moon to work after hours, and made them intentionally make this meh. Basically, THOSE MEDDLING EXECUTIVES SABOTAGED MY DAMN GAME!


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