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Tear Jerker / Deadpool

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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Deadpool comic books

  • Back When Deadpool was still apart of Weapon X, he became acquainted with the rejects of the program and became buddies with them, Worm especially. Everybody got a kick out of Deadpool making fun of their chief tormentor, but the laughter quickly ended.
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  • During Joe Kelly's run, Deadpool was going through a bit of a self-esteem trip and needed to be with someone. So he got together with Siryn, Only to be rejected because of a fight with Warpath. After a few hours during which Deadpool spent drinking heavily, Siryn returned and admitted that she loved him after all. Turns out, however, that it was Typhoid Mary instead, all because she wanted to prove she could.
  • "That's the sort of thing people say when they're going to... die... and that's not you- you hear me! That's not... 'Nessa?"
  • In Uncanny X-Force issue #28, Nightcrawler asks Deadpool why he'd go on such a dangerous mission, especially since he lost his healing factor. His answer (well, second answer) was that he didn't want to let anyone down, because the X-Force is the closest thing he's ever had to a family. Remember, this is coming from the guy who's been mistreated pretty much his entire life, and has only ever had a handful of friends.
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  • Deadpool calling a team meeting to come clean about his misgivings over Fantomex killing Kid Apocalypse, only for an in-denial Wolverine to mock him as a greedy bloodsucking mercenary and insinuate he's weak for feeling upset and guilty over what happened.
    Deadpool: Yeah. But I never killed a kid.
  • Later, when Wolverine and Angel are discussing letting Deadpool go from the team, this gem is revealed.
    Logan: Cut him loose, Warren. Missions are delicate enough. Dirtbag Mercenary can't be trusted.
    Warren: He never cashed my checks, Logan. Working for me for over a year. Never cashed a one.
  • Deadpool, while on a mission with Captain America and Wolverine, finding out that he had a daughter.
    • While we're at it, the possibility that Deadpool would never see her again so that she'd have a shot at a normal life. Damn you Posehn and Dugann, damn you... *sniff* I'M NOT CRYING, I'M NOT!
  • In Wolverine: Origin issue #24, Deadpool snaps at Logan, telling him what a baby he is for being willing to sacrifice all the friends he has, and the chance to move on with his life, just to go out for revenge.
    Deadpool: I’m the one who should be out for revenge...
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  • Vol.5, issue #34, is a happy and joyful ride through the days of Deadpool birth, with artwork designed to look like Rob Liefeld's, Until Deadpool was brainwashed by Butler at the time given a mission to test his obedience. To see how much control Butler had on Deadpool, he ordered him to kill both of his parents, then wiped hid memories ofthe event.
  • Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn's run ending with Deadpool and his friends and family getting killed by the incursion. At least Deadpool got to hold Ellie one last time.
    • Even worse, at the end of Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos, Shiklah gets herself and her resistance group killed by the Thor Corps after ignoring Deadpool's warning about challenging Doom being akin to a suicide mission.
  • When Ghost Rider used his Penance Stare on Deadpool, which is supposed to make a person relive their sins, see the people they've hurt the most, and all their regrets and fears? You know what Deadpool saw? Himself.
  • Had Maria Hill not monkeyed around with the Cosmic Cube, Captain America wouldn't have gotten replaced by his evil clone, who tricked Deadpool into killing both Coulson and Preston, losing Ellie, being forced into doing Stryfe's dirty work, and placing a hit on himself.