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Tear Jerker / Cable & Deadpool

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  • Wade and Nate musing over the tragic parts of their backstories at a bar, while not really admitting the truth to each other.
  • "Do not say thank you. Do not say you're proud of me. Do not say goodbye." Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • And then he told Deadpool that his fly was unzipped. And said it all anyway when he was out of earshot. Big jerk...
  • Comcast's backstory. He picks up information broadcast electronically and couldn't turn it off. His parents had to ship him to the middle of nowhere where no signals would reach him and drive hi nuts, and mail him any necessities.
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  • Cable and Deadpool issue 35 is an interesting case. Cable gives Deadpool a conscience in order to get him to run back to him. Fair enough, Deadpool goes about it in his usual wacky way. That is, until the Wham Line "Is it that the number [of people you killed] got so high you just stopped caring... or is it that you never cared to begin with and that's why the number got so high?" Then you realize you've just been laughing at a guy who's going through a serious mental crisis, and yet he still does things to make you laugh. And then the end of the comic: "I lost count because I stopped caring. There, that's the truth. So, what do I do about that, then...? What do I do about that...?" as Cable flies away and then Deadpool's sitting alone, watching TV.
  • All the times they're 'on the outs', but their divorce is a big one. Deadpool's support of the SHRA and Cable's complete opposition to it leads Cable to humiliate Deadpool in a fight, leading Deadpool to angrily sever ties with him. When Cable needs him, Deadpool instead betrays him, nearly killing him and helping Six Pack destroy his hard work, leading Cable to do the above-mentioned conscience trick, hoping that this will make Deadpool grow past his pride and come back to him. Instead, Deadpool nearly kills someone during his mental breakdown and Cable is forced to remove it, resulting in the two leaving, upset and bitter.
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  • Domino's morality crisis after Cable liberates and takes over Rumekistan. She loves Nate, but she knows him enough that she just doesn't have faith he can really bring the change he wants to the country, which he starts to pick up on. Eventually she leaves, after first proving that she could kill him at any time if she needed to, while he can't help but shed Manly Tears, at the fact he couldn't get the other love of his life to trust him. Fortunately this has a Heartwarming conclusion a few issues later when they do reunite.

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