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  • The entire arc after Cable was lobotomized and Deadpool's trying to fix him. First he leaves Cable "somewhere safe" but forgets where. Then he goes to get a baby techno-organic alien from MODOK. Then he goes to a guy called the Fixer (and admires the naked Avengers painted on said guy's swimming pool) so the guy can use the alien to rebuild Cable's techno-organic parts. Then they go to Weasel to try and help find where Wade left Cable. Then Agent X shows up and he and Deadpool have a massive fight and insult war (Deadpool wins and steals X's pancreas). Then Wade finally remembers where to go and saves Cable and the Six Pack. Meanwhile, the Six Pack were sucked inside Cable's broken mind as a telepathy fail-safe and had to count on Deadpool to save them.
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  • Nate exploding 'Pool's head in response to him saying "Well, blow my mind!": funny. Nate doing it again in the following issue: hilarious.
  • Deadpool donning a classic Marvel Girl outfit when he teams up with the X-Men to attack Cable, even though he ends up not going through with it.
  • Deadpool gets caught by Black Mamba and forced to reveal his deepest darkest desire. A violent sociopath like him must have some really messed up fantasies, right? ...Cue him rubbing suntan lotion on Cable's back at the beach. And asking if he can use WD-40 on his techno-organic arm.
  • When Deadpool plays detective in "A Murder In Paradise": "My name's Wade Wilson. I'm a dick. A private dick. A detective!"
  • "No! Not even for a bigger badge could I betray my Uncle Sam!"
  • Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichangachimichangachimichangachimichanga. BURRITO!
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  • Miniature Deadpool. Somehow, he wreaks even more havoc than usual while about four inches high.


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