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  • Cable got two consecutive issues which strung one CMOA after the next: first he contained an exploding fusion reactor on Providence, then within a day beamed out to Rumekistan's capital, Barjnov, which had been blacked out by the Six-Pack... only to be shot in the back of the head by the Six-Pack's sixth member: Deadpool. After being left unconscious in a street, he proceeds to repair the electrical grid with his gravimetric field while unconscious, fly out, and hand the Six-Pack's asses to them on a platter.
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  • Weasel gets one when he sends an entire base of unwitting HYDRA agents to prison with teleportation technology that he had convinced them he developed for their use. His plan was to do this to all of HYDRA, but Wolverine threw a wrench into the plan by showing up and trying to kill him, forcing Weasel to take drastic measures. Arguably another Crowning Moment for Deadpool as well, as he figured out Weasel's true intentions when even Wolverine didn't.
  • Alex Hayden, leader of Agency X, gets one as well. After being made morbidly obese by HYDRA, he spends most of the series half-heartedly working out and feeling sorry for himself. Finally, he works up the courage to put down his chicken, puts on a sumo loincloth, and enters the battle.
  • Even Bob, Agent of Hydra gets a CMOA, as while running away he accidentally knocks out a symbiote possessed dinosaur, which gets filmed by the local news. His hen-pecking and argumentative wife Allison sees this and sends him a text saying how hot it was... and asking him for a booty call.
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  • Cable's sheer existence proves to be a CMOA when he is seen as so powerful, the being the world turns to stop him is the Silver Surfer. The same Silver Surfer who can give Galactus pause for thought. Admittedly, once Surfer does show up things go rather badly for Cable but it's still one heck of a fight and not a curb-stomp like it would be against almost anyone else.

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