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A Man of Steel is no match for a man with a steel will.

  • As you can see from the page image here, it takes titanium guts to not only stand up to Superman, but to actually manufacture a Rules Lawyer reason why Superman can't do anything to him.
  • Doctor Doom once imprisoned the Purple Man, a villain capable of making anybody do anything he ordered, and used his powers to conquer the world. When the Purple Man told Doom he did not deserve to rule because he did not possess any powers, Doom ordered all his servants to leave the room, took down all the barriers holding the Purple Man, removed his mask, and dared him to lend credence to this charge. Note that the Purple Man was in a power amplifier that was boosting his abilities to planetary scale at the time.
    Doom: I am removing my mask, Killgrave. Within it is the circuitry that shields me from your power. I am totally vulnerable.
    Purple Man: Then release me. [Doom doesn't move] I-I said release me! [again, Doom doesn't move] Stand on your head! T-take a flying leap! KILL YOURSELF! [Doom doesn't do any of those] I-impossible! Not this close! No one has a will that strong! No one...
    Doom: Now, Zebediah Killgrave...who deserves to rule?
  • As shown in the main page, the fact that in one dimension he was the only one in the entire universe to resist being consumed by a zombie plague through sheer willpower alone is a perfect example of the iron determination possessed by Doom.
  • Another one would be saving Susan Storm, her daughter, and Johnny Storm when Richards couldn't do anything to help them. And then ensuring he would never forget his debt to him by naming the newborn child after his former beloved, Valeria. Whom Doom guaranteed no one will ever harm.
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  • A "What If..." story in which an In Name Only Fantastic Four (consisting of Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Incredible Hulk and Ghost Rider) is getting beaten by a group of supervillains, only for Doom to drop in and annihilate them. He then told them that Doom-and Doom alone-is worthy of destroying the Fantastic Four, no matter who they are. That incarnation ceased their activities almost immediately thereafter.
  • Norman Osborn once thought it wise to sic the omnipotent Sentry on Doom. Doom anticipated this and sent in his stead a Doombot armed with cybernetic locusts that swarmed Osborn's Avengers Tower. Osborn threatened him with retaliation but Doom had foreseen his lack of resolve and called his bluff. Soon after, his own government arrested him. Doom still stood unopposed.
  • Doom rescued the soul of his mother from Hell. It required the assistance of the Aged Genghis and Doctor Strange — but he did still achieve exactly what he wanted.
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  • And, of course, let us not forget the time that Doom, while being dissected by a god-like entity after being torn limb from limb in the course of a one-man assault on the same, proceeded to kill said entity with Doom's one remaining hand and take his power for Doom's own.
  • Of course, there was the time he fought Red Skull on the moon and let Steve Rogers remember that as a Romani, Doom earned his chance to make that Nazi swine pay.
  • When Doom was in the time of King Arthur with Iron Man, no tricks with their technology were needed to impress Arthur; the Seal of Latveria Doom wears as sovereign was enough for the proper respect.
  • When Reed Richards was out of action and the Fantastic Four (or what remained of them) were facing off against an impressive psychic power called...No, that would be telling. Let the following quote show you why exactly the Fantastic Four came to Doom for aid.
    "Turn your eyes from the Torch, Over-Mind — DOOM approaches!"
  • In a Fantastic Four: The End mini-series, a future Doom is shown to be battered and using special armor which includes a pair of cybernetic limbs. The accursed Richards ends up tricking Doom into entering the Negative Zone for his supposed death. But the final page shows Doom standing atop Annihilus' corpse, the alien's severed head in one hand, the Cosmic Control Rod in another and the assembled hordes of the Negative Zone chanting "DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!" Beware, Richards, for this future Doom has conquered the Negative Zone itself!
  • In that animated series, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, he faced against the combined might of The Avengers and Fantastic Four alone and showed most clearly why he's not to be trifled with by any of them. As well as his delivery of a Badass Boast. (See the Self Demonstrating page quote)
  • In Fatal Frontier, Doctor Doom from the future of an alternate universe tells Iron Man that he plans to take over the multiverse.
    Iron Man: You're insane.
    Doom: I would be if I couldn't do it. As it is, I'm merely ambitious.
  • Doom's fight against the Mad Celestials. Sure, Doom did not win that fight, as such, but he survived dying, something all the versions of Richards that had previously fought those creatures failed to do. And as Doom's reward? Not one, but two Infinity Gauntlets. The following is his main page's quote for a reason:
    Doom: I am Doom... Destroyer of worlds... What Gods dare stand against me?
  • The time Doom was cast into Hell (or at the least, a Hell-like dimension). The creatures that dwelled there tried to destroy Doom. They learned the folly of their lesson, and Doom escaped with ease. Granted, he had the assistance of Mjölnir itself, but still.
  • Secret Wars (2015)
    • It was not Reed Richards who salvaged the Multi-Verse and saved Susan and Valeria from destruction, but it was truly none other than Doom!
    • Doom also challenged The Beyonders to a battle. One might think that this was suicidal, but HE WON!
    • Oh yes, and Doom is now THE GOD-EMPEROR OF BATTLEWORLD! Now, Troper, BOW TO THE MIGHT OF DOOM!
    • When Doom offered Thanos the position of Baron of the Wastelands, Thanos gave Doom a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. When he suggested that, even absent an Infinity Gauntlet, his mere self should be sufficient for Doom to submit to him on bended knee, Doom casually deprived him of his spine.
    • At the end, Richards and Doom had a final confrontation. And it was awesome, for many reasons. Not the least of which was Doom conceding at long last that which Doom always feared to speak aloud, that Reed Richards is a better man than him.
      Doom: It's the same thing it's always been between you and I... YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN I AM.
      Reed: No, Victor. You're wrong. I've always believed you could be better than what you are.
      Doom: No. I mean NOW. This moment. If you had this power, you think you could have solved it all—solved everything... You think you could have done SO... MUCH... BETTER... DON'T YOU? DON'T YOU?!
      Reed: Yes. And we both know it, don't we?
      Doom: Yes, damn you... NOW DIE!
  • Though the significance would not be understood by the readers for a few months, Doom survived the reshaping of the multi-verse, and Doom's face has been restored. He even greeted Iron Man without his usual armor. And now the readers know that it was Richards who restored his face, rather than hold onto the enemity between them. Some might speculate that it was this act of seeming generosity that has sparked Doom's current, perceived, change of character.
  • When Tony Stark fired a volley of his repulsor blasts at him, Doom calmly waited behind the mystical barrier he had established, unflinching. After he failed to penetrate the barrier with his Hulkbuster armor, he then calmly explained how he would be better off working with him, instead of against him.
  • A combination of magic and technology made Doom undetectable to his new armor while Doom waited for him at a children's hospital.
  • After an... "incident" involving Luke Cage, Doom's castle came under attack from Latverians who turned against their ruler. When last seen, Doom was facing off against them... rest assured, Doom triumphed effortlessly.
  • Doom gets one in a flashback issue of All-New, All-Different Avengers during the Civil War 2 tie-ins. In the past he sought to annex a bordering country, which the Avengers opposed him in battle for after getting word from a future vision that they'd win the battle. He was prepared though, as he had left a contingency in his super weapons that if destroyed they'd wipe out a rare mineral from the nation he was invading, the sole resource of the nation. With it gone, the nation's economy was ruined and they had no choice but willingly join Latveria. Doom lost the battle true, but he won the war.
  • Also a Heartwarming Moment. In Loki: Agent of Asgard, when Latveria's people devolve into fighting each other under the Red Skull's Hate Plague, Doom's attempts to restore order quickly devolve into more violence as he starts succumbing to the same. Until a homicidal thought against Valeria crosses his mind, at which point he quickly realizes that he is under telepathic attack. He immediately shields himself successfully, divines the attack's source and turns his thoughts to finding a solution for all Latverians.
    • Within the same sequence Doom delivers perhaps the only fully justified use of A God Am I a mortal can make: Having soundly defeated a god, he has achieved symbolic godhood, which aids his magic.
  • The issue depicting Doom's return from Hell (or a Hell like dimension, take your pick) shows Doom's return to Latveria. In the time Doom had been gone, a provisional government had been set up, briefly run by the very corrupt Lucia Von Bardas. After her deposure, the new Prime Minister starts thinking about what to do with all those Doombots, and the mindset that went into making them.
    Latverian Prime Minister: Any other man...
    Doom: (appearing from absolutely nowhere, grabs the man by the neck) Any other man... would not be Victor Von Doom. (breaks the man's neck)


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