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  • When Black Bolt flew off to the moon to fight off against the Celestials while dying and screamed out for Galactus.
  • Iron Man in a super huge mecha suit fighting against the Celestials alone. It's a mecha that fires Iron Man suits as ammo.
  • The Celestials, walking the Earth, dwarf New York's skyscrapers as they prepare to scour Earth of all life. Then, a tiny silver figure on a surf board flies past them... and they gaze up to Galactus' face looming across the horizon. All of the horizon.
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  • In Universe X, just as it looks like Death and Mephisto have put down Mar-Vell's rebellion in the land of the dead, The Cavalry arrives - in the form of Captain America leading a combined force of dead heroes and villains in a charge over a hill and towards Death's fortress, in a two-page panel of pure awesome.
  • If you're a fan of Magneto, there's something extremely awesome about the Oh, Crap! reaction out of Toad when he realizes they've swapped powers again. Eric is once again the Master of Magnetism.
  • Mummy Moon Knight. Dual Wielding uzis. Can't die.

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