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By Victor von Doom

Victor von Doom: "Actually, I am the gentlest, the most unambitious of monarchs! My only desire is to make my people happy — and to further the cause of peace, and of brotherly love! I have been informed that my devoted subjects actually dance in the streets, at the merest mention of my name!"
Fantastic Four #57, written by Stan Lee.

Long live Doom!
Doom 2099 Issue One, written by John Francis Moore.

"Once, happiness seemed so much easily within my grasp! For a darkly handsome gypsy youth...a genius...a dabbler in sorcery, it seemed all roads led to fulfillment...even love! Then came the accident which ruined my face and my life in one single, searing instant! The paths are less clear now, for a man whose chief pleasure—is shattering mirrors! Perhaps, when the world is mine, I shall have all mirrors destroyed!"
— Soliloquy in Superman and Spider-Man (1981), written by Jim Shooter.

Klaw: "You narrate your life as you go along, don't you? Are you being taped?"
Dr. Doom: "Why, yes! Every utterance of Doom must be recorded for posterity!"
'Secret Wars (1984), Issue #9, written by Jim Shooter.

Doctor Doom: "Philosophically we are much alike! You and I are the mightiest beings on this planet! I choose to exert my power to impose my will upon the world—you choose not to! And yet, even that choice does, indeed, affect the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth—condemning them, in fact, to poverty, disease, famine... and to the hideous suffering they inflict upon one another! You cannot escape it, Superman! You dictate the fate of mankind... one way or the other!"
Superman: "I know! But... what can I do? Seize power and try to remake the world into a utopia? That would put me in a class with men like Hitler... and you!"
Doctor Doom: "You misjudge me, Superman! I am no raging Fuehrer, wringing hatred from misfit followers! My Kingdom is a place of peace and contentment!"

Doom: Consider this. If 'magical thinking' is the assumption of a higher narrative in the flow of events... then true magic...
Loki: What are you talking about, you mad old—
Doom: It's. My. Move. As I was saying. True magic is the imposition of a narrative upon reality. It is telling a story to the world... and making the world believe it. The dark work of police and politicians. Of rulers. And tricksters. And if magic is narrative... then to be a creature of magic... to be a god... is to be a creature of story. Yes? Your move.
Loki: Um... Sorry, I wasn't listening. Why do your robots all look like you again?
Doom: Not the move I would have made. Still— it's a fair question. Why do they look like me? Doesn't it create the possibility that I am one? That Doom may, at any moment, be a machine? That I am not myself? Of course it does. That is how I wish it. I once let Arcade strike a match on me, just to maintain that confusion. Think, boy. If I am ever defeated or dishonored— If I ever act in ways unworthy of myself... If I ever die... The word goes out: "It must have been a Doombot." And the reverse is true. My robots often confuse my foes—I may be a robot now, speaking these words. How would you know? How would I? What is Doom? The flesh and blood I can swap out at my convenience? The mind that can be copied into a thousand machines? No. Doom cannot fit in such small containers. I am not my body. Not my mind. I am... I am the old trunk, filled with ancient mysteries. I am the explosion in the college laboratory. I am the mask that burns with the fires of vengeance. I am the legend that unites this nation. I am the story of Doom. And if Doom is a creature of story...
Loki: Stop. Just... stop. This is madness, Doom. You're not a story. You're not a god. One day, you'll die—
Doom: Oh? The story of Doom can end, you say?
Loki: Yes!
Doom: Then I'm a better story than you.
—Issue #6, Loki: Agent of Asgard, written by Al Ewing.

Ms. Van Dyne, I am not some common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling. You are nothing to Doom. And your pathetic attempts to elicit an enraged, childish reaction as you do with your other, lesser foes, is as equally unimpressive. So please, stop embarrassing yourself.

Imagine. I now possess the power to end hunger. To abolish disease. To eliminate crime. To establish a perfectly content, perfectly ordered world - all under the benevolence of MY IRON WILL!
Fantastic Four (90s cartoon)

By other characters

"For all your boasting and raving, you're just a delusional sociopath with a mother complex, Victor. You realize how pathetic that is, right? All that knowledge, tech and magic together, and yet you're still a demented, psychotic egotist hellbent on making Reed's life miserable out of some imagined grudge. God help me, I've been quiet and allowed you into our lives from time to time out of necessity or respect for your relationship with Val. But don't for a damn minute think I've forgiven you."
Invisible Woman, Fantastic Four Annual #1 (2014), written by James Robinson.

About Doom

Dr. Victor Von Doom is exactly the sort of average-Joe-turned-badass who transcended a life of petty crime and went straight to large-scale, world-domination-scheming global villainy. Created by comics legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, Von Doom has spent nearly fifty years beating the shit out of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Silver Surfer, the Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, the X-Men, Punisher, Blade, Superman, and every other roided-up do-gooder asshole in comics, and even though writers always seem to fuck him up in movies and TV shows, you still love him anyways – mostly because he wears a suit of nuclear-powered titanium armor, wears a bitchin’ green cloak, carries a Lil Jon-style pimp chalice, commands near-limitless power from a horde of ultra-obedient minions, and because his last name is "Doom" and/or "Von Doom".

"I had a hand in creating Doctor Doom...Doom is a very tragic figure...I like Doom. Doom has got a lot of class, he's got a lot of cool. But Doom has one fallacy: he thinks he's ugly. He's afraid to take that mask off. Doom is an extremist; he's a paranoid. He thinks in extremes...if Doom had an enemy, he'd have to wipe him out. And if Doom thought that anybody was smarter than himself, he'd kill 'em, because Doom would have to be the smartest man in the world."
Jack Kirby, Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said!: The complex genesis of the Marvel Universe, in its creators’ own words, by John Morrow.

"Everybody has Doctor Doom misunderstood. Everybody thinks he’s a criminal, but all he wants is to rule the world. Now, if you really think about it objectively, you could walk up to a policeman, and you could say, 'Excuse me, officer, I want to tell you something: I want to rule the world.' He can’t arrest you; it’s not a crime to want to rule the world."

"The truism that Victor von Doom is, despite his villainy, a noble person is absolute crap. A man whose entire motivating force is jealousy is ridiculously petty, not grandly noble. Yes, Doom is regal and yes, whenever possible, Doom likes to act as though he possesses great moral character because to him that's what great men have... [but Doom] would tear the head off a newborn baby and eat it like an apple while his mother watched if it would somehow prove he was smarter than Reed."

"Doom, at heart, is a revolutionary, and there's no such thing as a revolutionary who's all bad. Even Robespierre had a couple of good ideas. He was a barking lunatic whose hobby was lopping people's heads off, but he had a few good ideas. Doom's very first detailed act in the Marvel Universe was when he took control of Latveria from a bunch of calcified aristocratic types...Doom may do monstrous things, but he is not a monster."
Warren Ellis, 2099 Special: The World of Doom

Doom was born a [Romani]...Put differently, he was one of us. His aspect was scarred from his attempts to transcend himself, and so he donned a mask...Comics are so often seen as the province of white geeky nerds. But, more broadly, comics are the literature of outcasts, of pariahs, of Jews, of gays, of blacks. It's really no mistake that we saw ourselves in Doom, Magneto or Rogue.


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