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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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  • How does Deadpool see past the Fourth Wall.
    • He's just that cool.
    • Don't listen to him; he's just crazy. I'm sure there's a perfectly good and logical reason for it.
    • Maybe because Real Life is actually a delusion in his mind, and the Marvel Universe is real.
    • Or maybe he's just insane, and the fourth wall breaking thing just happens to be right.
    • What if he's actually a mutant with the power of super-clairvoyance? His X-factor only came into effect when he got that horrible cancer.

  • When are they ever going to give Deadpool the Crossover made in Geek heaven: Deadpool vs. The Joker?
    • Probably because Deadpool would wipe the floor with the Joker ten times over. I mean, Deadpool hates clowns, the Joker sucks against non-serious heroes, Deadpool has a healing factor, fighting skills to rival Batman, and uses guns, whereas the Joker's just a normal dude who has white skin.

  • How come, in Daniel Way's run, in the X-Men story arc, Deadpool swims over to San Francisco and acts like he's never been there before and perpetuate an offensive stereotype when, in Joe Kelly's run, San Francisco is where he lived?
    • Maybe he forgot he lived there? Deadpool's mind is kind of like one of those weird thingies with the walls that keep changing around where David Bowie's prancing around in tights that make him swell with admiration and envy...

  • How is Deadpool an X-Man if he's not a mutant?
    • Well, Juggernaut's no mutant either, and he's been in both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. He just uses a Chaos Emerald thingy.
    • Cancer is technically a mutation...
      • the first non-founding member of the X-men was Mimic, a fellow mutate, and he was created by Stan Lee. Which shows that even In the beginning the X-men weren't to picky about their members species.
      • Which makes sense when you think about it: the entire point of the X-Men is to end human (or, mutate) vs mutant racism. Just like why Iron Man liked when Magneto's kids wanted to join The Avengers.

  • Where did the sudden "split personality between his outside voice, a yellow text box and a white text box" thing come from? Did Daniel Way even know about Deadpool before he started writing him?
    • Deadpool's yellow text boxes are a staple of the character. The white text boxes originated during his appearance in Wolverine: Origins. In the beginning of the story, Deadpool was thinking about what to write in his diary. The thoughts of his diary became the second inner voice (white boxes) alongside the original (yellow boxes). But that was then. Now, who knows what the white boxes are.
      • But the yellow boxes were Deadpool's internal narration, not a separate personality.

  • Why is Cable & Deadpool so out of continuity? After the series ended, Cable lost all of his cool powers, Deadpool dropped his quest for good, Agency X is almost nowhere to be found, and Deadpool doesn't even have an apartment anymore... what happened?

  • How come, in the miniseries Wade Wilson's War, Flashback Deadpool was shown in Spider-Man undies, when Spider-Man did not exist yet?

  • Why does Deadpool still have a deathwish? I mean, there are multiple ways to kill him, despite his regenerative abilities. Exacerbated in the "Dead" storyline which featured Daken, a character dying in his series, despite his healing factor! Not to mention the Muramasa owned by Wolverine, which he used to kill Sabretooth! If Deadpool really wanted to die, he would've done it by now.
    • He can't die. Thanos cursed him to never die because he was in love with Death, and Thanos was jealous.
      • But 1) Thanos is dead and/or trapped in another dimension and 2) Evil Deadpool (think of a clone, but more disgusting) was killed. One would assume the curse would've also worked on him because he technically was Deadpool.
      • It's possible the No Ontological Inertia law doesn't work on Thanos, so even if he's dead, the curse remains.

  • Have the readers ever been subjected to how nasty Deadpool's face really is?
    • Frequently. It just changed from artist to artist...we should know this already.

  • At the end of the Agent X series Alex Hayden, AKA Agent X got cured of his irrational hatred for Deadpool, as well as getting rid of that X-shaped scar on his face. Then, in Cable & Deadpool the guy is back, with the scar and trying to kill Deadpool again. What's up with that?
    • Maybe he copped the same 'undo' curse that seems to follow everybody around. Remember how Cable kinda fixed Deadpool's brain?
      • Don't answer that.
      • Oh, and the number of times Deadpool's healing factor has been screwed around with? I'll bet good money that tub o' guts will show up skinny again with no explanation.

  • Why doesn't Deadpool get Elixer or any other character with healing abilities to cure his cancer?
    • Because that would make sense, and what fun is there in making sense?
    • That and the whole "his healing factor is supercharged and kills anyone without cancer" i.e. what happened to those Skrulls that copied him?

  • Could Deadpool use his fourth wall-breaking powers to go back and forwards and time? He could visit previous or future panels in the comic, and have Crazy Is Cool fun with his past/future selves
    • He did that in the 3rd volume of Deadpool Team-Up to save Hellcow.

  • Shouldn't Deadpool's fourth-wall breaking abilities mean he know everyone's greatest secrets? Hell, doesn't it technically make him like a low-level telepath, since he can see everyone's thought bubbles?
    • I think it confuses him too much. Sure, he think he know who Spider-Man is, it's that dreamy Tobey Mc Guire...

  • Was Deadpool always this crazy, or is that from the Weapon X experiments?
    • Getting your brain screwed by cancer and then unscrewed by a healing factor tends to leave a guy a little screwy in the head. What that doesn't explain though is how guys like Wolverine can get their heads blown off and regenerated without any sanity loss...
    • As with many things comic book related, it varies. There have been arcs that have his cancer cured and losing his healing ability, and he's sane. Others show he was unstable even as a child. Yet others say he's been made insane by the pain and memories of all the times he's 'died'

  • Why does nobody like Deadpool for using lethal force when everyone always forgives Jean "genocidal periods" Grey? Seriously.
    • Because they all want to do her. All of them.

  • If Cable is just SO concerned about this dire future crap, why doesn't he just get someone else to do it? Like Spidey or something?
    • 1) Cable's Deadpool's buddy 2) It's his freakin' game.

  • Why is Deadpool's daughter, Eleanor, only a little girl? She was conceived in the 70s!

  • Since Deadpool's so ugly, how do he manage to attract so many ladies?
    • Same reason as Roger Rabbit-he's funny.

  • Deadpool is unkillable and immortal, right? What would happen if you fly him into cold space and leave him there? Let's assume your head explode without a space suit. Would he forever be a headless dude floating in space for all eternity?

  • Does Deadpool know he's a comic book character, or does he just believe it?
    • Well last time you figured it out you killed the Marvel Universe.

  • Given that Madcap was the voice in Deadpool's head (The white textbox) Why would Madcap was acting out Deadpool's non-insane part?
    • If you think about it, not all the voices in your head have to be insane voices.