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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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Fridge Brilliance
  • Deadpool's popularity spike and continued popularity can seem inexplicable, but compare him to the state of the Marvel Universe in the Modern Age, and it becomes painfully clear. In a Crapsack World where you can barely tell the heroes from the villains and don't know who to cheer for, where Spider-Man made a deal with the Devil and many important stories are indistinguishable from bad fanfic, Deadpool is different. He lampshades the absurdity, he's just as confused about good and evil as the readers, and most importantly— he's actually funny. When damn near everyone else is painfully serious about wearing spandex and beating up other weirdos wearing spandex, he's at least trying to crack funny jokes. Deadpool has been a shining ray of light in the darkness of the Marvel U, as goofy and fun as the Silver Age without the preachy morality, and reminds us why we're reading these damn things in the first place.
  • Deadpool is funny, but Spider-Man is funny, too. What makes them different? Deadpool is funny in a raunchy way and he uses guns. He's what would happen if someone made Spider-Man in the modern age.
  • Why do the heroes keep giving Deadpool a chance after all the people he's killed? Because he keeps trying. He can be an Ax-Crazy murdering sociopath, but he's also a guy who honestly wants to do the right thing but keeps getting the Heel–Face Door-Slam. He's just bloody enough to be badass, just annoying enough to be hilarious, and just messed up enough to be sympathetic. Even though he fails a lot at being heroic, and sometimes gives up for awhile, he keeps trying.
  • Death clearly seems to return our beloved Merc's affections more than she does Thanos's. Well, think about it: Thanos wants to destroy the universe, meaning no life. Death only exists because there is life. It's symbiotic. Deadpool runs around killing people, but it isn't large-scale stuff that threatens her existence like what Thanos keeps trying.

Fridge Horror

  • Deadpool's healing factor keeps his cancer in check by constantly regenerating cells killed by the cancer, to the point that if his cancer were cured, his healing factor would cause him to grow new cells until it killed him (look at those Skrulls that tried to duplicate his power). One little thing: that's what cancer IS! Deadpool's body is essentially two warring cancers locked in a permanent stalemate with each other. No wonder he's insane...