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Nightmare Fuel / Deadpool

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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Deadpool comic books

  • The Box. In Deadpool's first ongoing series, the Box was ominously hinted at for over a year with Blind Al worrying about the time Deadpool spends in there, then Deadpool threw Weasel and Blind Al into it. At first, Weasel wasn't sure how seriously to take all the blades, glass, and torture implements everywhere, until Al described at length the depths of Deadpool's horrifying work to psychologically imprison her in addition to physical confinement. He didn't need to lock the door any more because her fear kept her from fleeing again after she made it cross-country only to have Deadpool show up and kill the people who helped her. Weasel is so shaken by Al's words and experiencing the Box that he flees the country.
  • The Puppet Master makes a guy eat his own hand.
  • In "Wade Wilson's War", the Thing shows off Deadpool's face under his mask.