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Nightmare Fuel / Daredevil

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When your title as the Man Without Fear, is put to the test
Between all the twisted madmen, murderers and rapists, monsters, and unholy creatures Matt faces, it's a blessing he's known as the Man without Fear
  • Matt himself is pretty scary, especially when his Hair-Trigger Temper flares up. At his worst he looks like a legit demon fresh from Hell, with superhuman senses to know how you feel and make you feel excruicating pain down to the last detail.
  • Bullseye is deranged hitman, who's seen as one of Marvel's version of the Joker for a reason. Between his impeccable aim with any object he wants to use and relentless bloodlust, it's not hard to see why people are afraid of him. Entire prisons shrink in his presence, and he's made a living off going on killing sprees. Not to mention his predatory love for murdering women, especially ones close to Matt.
  • The Purple Man. Especially in his treatment of Jessica Jones and overall rape-tastic abuse of his Mind Control powers. Most horrifically when he ordered thirty-odd innocent bystanders at a Denny's to stop breathing so he could eat his eggs in peace. Even worse is he was still at large afterwards.
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  • Bloody Mary, deranged sadistic assassin who just likes hurting people with a Superpower Lottery to boot. To put this in perspective: she once scared off Deadpool, the one person who, due to his healing factor, could take all the punishment she could dish out and usually jokes off murder attempts. She's just that crazy.
  • The Kingpin is pretty scary in a realistic sense of a dangerously influential crime boss who can have you killed on the most fickle whim whenever he pleases. In person, he's a gigantic brute who can crush skulls with his bare hands and has gone to town on some of the best fighters in Marveldom.
  • Mister Fear is a pretty disturbing individual, literally starting a years long vendetta against Matt for beating him in a mock trial in Law School. To wit, he has experimented with pheromones that make men irresistible to women, and used it to try to convince Betty Brant to kill Spider-Man and commit repetitive rape. He has driven Matt's blind ex-wife to insanity to the point of putting her in an insanitarium for life. To top it off, he has been committed to Riker's prison where he entertains himself by lording over the inmates and raping the female guards, and is content to leave anytime he wants
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  • Coyote, as shown in the page image. He was an expert thief and smuggler before a shadowy organization put him through the same procedure that created the Spot against his will. His primary business is human trafficking. Specifically by removing peoples heads and keeping them separate. He keeps the heads in a shed and tosses scraps of food in to keep them alive. The bodies act as perfect slaves, being unable to resist without their heads. The men's bodies are sold for menial labor to work in mines and fields, while the women's are put to use as varieties of Sex Slave. Worse is the bodies can feel everything that's happening to them!
  • Muse. A veritable Humanoid Abomination and Mad Artist if there ever was one. He's a Lightning Bruiser and a living black hole that can suck in every bit of sensory information around him, making Daredevil's enhanced senses hard to target him. He even appears distorted in photographs and just looks plain wrong to look at.

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