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The Metabarons Universe, also known as the Jodoverse, is a fictional Universe created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, a Chilean comic book writer and filmmaker, shared by four series of graphic novels set in a Space Opera milieu. Each series can be read without knowledge about the others; in fact, one or all may be set in similar parallel universes. The setting of has been adapted into the Metabarons Roleplaying Game.


Series set in Metabarons Universe:

  • The Incal - John DiFool, class-R detective from a dystopian city becomes the owner of the Light Incal, a powerful artifact desired by many factions in the Universe. The series contains the original story in six books, the six-issue prequel Before Incal, and two sequels, After The Incal and Final Incal.
  • The Metabarons - The epic saga of the Metabarons, a family of invincible warriors and the greatest soldiers in the entire Galaxy. Each of the eight books is the story of a different family member, starting with great-great-grandfather Othon and ending with Nameless, the Last Metabaron (and one of the protagonists of the original Incal series). Followed by Castaka, a 3-issue spin-off, the House Of Ancestors one-shot, a new sequel starting with Weapon of Metabaron and another sequel simply titled Metabaron (singular). Each metabaron is required to kill his father to become the next metabaron.
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  • The Technopriests - Albino is sent to the school for Technopriests in order to fulfill his dream and make video games, but his incredible skills leads him on the path that ends with him taking the title of Supreme Technopriest. Eight-issue series.
  • Megalex - Megalex is a planet-city where humans rejected any connection to nature, to the point they don't even reproduce the natural way. This trilogy tells the story of La Résistance struggling in the last green enclave against the rest of the world.


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