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Heartwarming / Daredevil

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  • Matt's and Foggy's reunion after his apparent death has both them and audience in tears.
  • Matt giving the baby he has fought and nearly died for to a loving family and telling them her name is Karen after his girlfriend who sacrificed herself to save him and the child.
  • Matt acting as a chaperone for bus full of blind schoolchildren.
  • Matt's story of how he saved Foggy from being kicked out of law school. (Poor Foggy was framed by a Jerkass law professor.)
  • Foggy giving Matt the gift of temporary sight by hooking him up to an experimental machine and letting him watch the fateful boxing match his father won before his murder.
    Matt: His last fight. His greatest fight. My god. It was amazing.
  • Kingpin's interactions with Marta and her children in the prologue to "Return of the King". Pushes into Tear Jerker since you know that Lady Bullseye is going to show up and massacre them.
  • This exchange between Matt and Foggy in the last issue of Volume 3:
    Foggy: Wow. Matt, that's—
    Matt: It doesn't have to be that, Foggy. I can bide my time instead. I can make the serpents think I'm their puppet while we strategize long-term.
    Foggy: No. I like this. It'll work?
    Matt: I'd bet my life on it.
    Foggy: Then why hesitate?
    Matt: I'm betting yours.
    Foggy: This plan... it's so perfectly Matt. It's audacious. It's gutsy. And it's... right. It's the right thing to do.
    Matt: You'll lose your livelihood. You'll lose your insurance and your care plan. We'll have to start everything from scratch.
    Foggy: That doesn't scare ,—
    Matt: Knock it off.
    Foggy: Okay. It scares me to death. I want to live, Matt.
    Matt: Then I'll come at them from a different direct—
    Foggy: I'm not finished. I want to live. But. You're not perfect. Sometimes, you can be a real jerk. Not on purpose. Just sometimes. But no matter what, you are a man of integrity. That is your defining characteristic. You can't see this, but it comes off you so strong that I have watched Avengers be intimidated by it. Be inspired by it. Your integrity carries a weight you can't imagine. It has meaning.
    Matt: That's very flatteri—
    Foggy: Shut up. All I can think about... When I lie here. When I lie here. All that keeps rolling around in my head is a question. The question. What did my life mean, Matty? Because I'll tell you this. If Matt Murdock ever compromises his integrity thanks to me... then the answer is, "my life meant nothing."
  • In the 50th Anniversary issue, there's Matt being disappointed that his son, Jack, is more invested in books than sports, and is very timid thanks to an incident in his past. However, after Matt loses his radar sense and is about to be hit by a car, his son leaps to shove him out if the way, just like Matt himself did in the past.
    • Also from that issue, Valeria Richards, the daughter of Susan Storm and Reed Richards who has a lot of villainous tendencies, grew up to be the doctor who cured Jack of his radar sense.
  • After Kilgrave's children cause Matt to have an emotional breakdown that drags him back into crippling depression, Matt assures Kirsten, his current girlfriend, that he's OK. He's not. He goes inside, then goes to bed, unable to be motivated to do anything else. After hours of being unable to sleep, he calls Kirsten up, who after teasing him about lying to her, is asked to come over. She reveals, however, that she never left, and has been waiting for him to call her inside for help because she knew he needed her.
    Kirsten: Thank you for letting me in.
    • There's also two issues later, when after Matt finds out that a retired villain/hero who he trusted tried to manipulate him, he starts to think he can't trust anyone. When Kirsten asks if that includes her, he insists of course not, because he loves her-the first time he's told her that. Combined with the above, a lot of fans are begging Marvel not to kill her.
  • After Daredevil's Accidental Murder leaves him acting reckless and putting himself at risk, the Defenders attempt to calm him down by revealing they've all been in that situation and that it's understandable. When that fails to get through to him, Spider-Man approaches him in his apartment. He first reveals that he deliberately didn't read any street signs or look for any landmarks, meaning Matt's identity is safe, then explains that the rest of the superhero community has agreed to put Matt on a temporary retirement until he can get his head on straight. They aren't going to turn him in, they aren't going to challenge him. They just want him to take a break.
  • Hell's Kitchen's residents and cops defending Daredevil in front of Detective North's crusade to arrest him. One old cop outright stops North from taking the vigilante's mask, telling him that as far as he's concerned, DD is a colleague and deserves his dignity intact.
  • Elektra using the money she stole to save Hell's Kitchen from being bought by the Stormwyns.
  • Elektra gives a necklace worth five thousand dollars to a homeless woman.
  • In the first issue of the 2022 series, right before Daredevil leaves New York, he spends his last day busting crime alongside Spider-Man. What's really heartwarming is that before he leaves he decides to reveal (or more accurately have him remember) his Secret Identity as Matt Murdock. The first thing Spidey does after having his memories flush right back into him is to give his old buddy a Man Hug. Right before this Daredevil mentions to himself about how he always hated keeping his identity a secret from Spider-Man, saying that he's one of the few people he trusts with his life.
    • There's also Daredevil's personal monologue about Spider-Man, showcasing just how much he believes in him.
      Daredevil: My friend. The man who will keep this city safe, giving others hope.