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Stealth Pun: Video Games
  • In Half-Life 2, Dr. Kleiner's pet headcrab is named Lamarr, and later confirms the pun when he can't find it.
    Alyx: We'll get you a new headcrab.
    Dr. Kleiner: There's only one Heddy!
  • Diddy Kong is said to be Donkey Kong's nephew, which makes the latter...a monkey's uncle.
  • In case 2 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, a valuable jewel is called the "Tear of Emanon". If you don't get it, read it backwards.
    • In the third case, the murder victim was a computer programmer working for a company called Blue Screens, Inc. Maya comments that it "sounds like a really stable company".
    • The final case features two characters using false names with the surname "Deauxnim". Considering the series' love of Punny Names, it's quite surprising that neither is called "Sue".
    • The character's name in Japanese is also a Stealth Pun: her pseudonym is "Elise", but her real name is "Maiko" (one translation of which is "dancer").
    • The Ace Attorney series is famous for giving the characters incredibly punny names. Like Shelly de Killer, the assassin who leaves cards with the images of shells at the scene of the crime to draw suspicion from his clients. The killer with the conches.
    • One potentially obscure pun can be found in the name of Max Galactica, the magician Phoenix defends in the third case of Justice For All. Max is particularly fond of milk, and needs it to calm his nerves before a performance. How many players realize that the word "galactic" is defined as pertaining to milk in the first place?
    • In Ace Attorney Investigations, it's eventually revealed that the Yatagarasu's Key has a handle that opens up to reveal a concealed knife blade. They key part has a bit shaped like a butterfly, and the way the handle opens makes it a literal butterfly knife.
    • The second game's third case introduces us to Acro's pet monkey Money, who has a tendency to steal and stockpile shiny objects. While this causes Phoenix some early grief, the other members of the circus seem to be used to it and regard it as a harmless prank... or monkeyshines.
      • Also from that case, there's a clown called Moe who gives you a Death Glare. Yes, it's a Moe Stare.
    • It's strongly hinted that Miles Edgeworth is asexual, making him, well... an ace attorney.
  • No points for guessing which animal is featured on the coat of arms of Aswan in Crusader Kings by Paradox Interactive. A lion.
    • Not a swan?
      • It's a Stealth Pun that's subverted by a deeper Stealth Pun. Whoa.
  • At the beginning of the second episode of Tales of Monkey Island, Morgan tells Guybrush how much she admires him, and says she even learned how to hold her breath for five minutes. Guybrush informs her he can hold it for ten. "You mean that's true? I thought the stories were exaggerated! Impressive!" So in her opinion, reports of his breath...
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, Naminé tells Kairi at one point to "Believe in yourself", whilst trying to convince her to step through a dark portal. If you don't get it, remember that Naminé is Kairi's Nobody.
    • In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, there are two Dream Eaters—Necho Cat (which you can get and encounter as an enemy normally) and Frootz Cat (which you get through an AR card), that are fairly strange in the fact that while all the other animal-like dream eaters have the normal amount of limbs as to what their actual counterparts have, Necho Cat and Frootz Cat have six legs and a long body to match. So, they're actually Caterpillars.
  • Almost certainly unintentional, but a large element of the plot of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is Princess Elise's budding romantic feelings for the anthropomorphic hero. Thus making her a fur Elise.
  • The head of Pokémon's mafia-esque Team Rocket is named Giovanni, making him Don Giovanni.
    • Also, Spoink and Grumpig are pig-like creatures adorned with pearls. Pearls Before Swine?
    • Empoleon is a haughty penguin Pokemon, and rather obviously takes its name from "emperor" and "emperor penguin." More subtly, it takes its name from "Napoleon Bonaparte." How can you tell? Both Napoleon and Empoleon are 5'07".
    • Pokémon Black and White introduces the ability Big Pecks, found on seven Unova birds and four pre-existing Dream World birds, which makes them immune to defense loss. The "pecks" bird reference is immediately apparent, but you may not know that the original Japanese name for the ability translated to "Pigeon Breast". So it really means they have big pecs. Groan.
    • Speaking of Unova, Zekrom, the Legendary Mascot of White, not only has control over electricity and lightning, but also has large thighs. It has thunder thighs, get it?
    • One of the members of the Unova Elite Four is a Ghost-type trainer who also is an aspiring writer. Ergo, she's a ghostwriter.
    • Viola, one of the Gym Leaders from Pokemon Xand Y, is an amateur photographer who favors Bug Pokemon. In other words, she's a "shutterbug".
    • X and Y also introduces us to two fairy-type pokemon that look suspiciously like cotton candy, also known as fairy floss
  • The most powerful axe in most modern Castlevania games is the Golden Axe. In Dawn of Sorrow, Yoko is able to make said weapon even more powerful by combining it with a boss's soul. Specifically, she adds Death.
    • There's also the enemy in Order of Ecclesia known as the "Chosen Une".note 
  • A particularly dark one in Empire: Total War, in which you get different trade resources from different trade ports- sugar from South America, spices from the East Indies, and ivory from Africa. However, that sure is a lot of ivory, considering the profit to be made... and then you realize it's a reference to Black Ivory.
  • In Thief: Deadly Shadows, one mission requires you to break into a clock tower operated by the Hammerites (colloquially, the Hammers) and sabotage the mechanism, causing the clock to stop. In other words, you have to Stop Hammer Time.
  • In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, there is a character named Broque Monsieur who speaks with a heavy French accent and is made out of blocks. If you try saying his name with a fake French accent, it sounds like you're saying "block monster".
    • Or, of course, Mr. Block.
    • That's also a normal Punny Name; it refers to a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. If you add a fried egg to the top, you get a Croque-madame. Hee...
      • Of course there's also a Madame Broque, his ex.
      • Also in that game, the villain Fawful, who is from the Beanbean Kingdom, has a pig henchman named Midbus, making them pork and beans.
      • Midbus also has spikes down his spine so he's also a razorback and when he gets ice powers he can give Bowser a cold. A little coincidence with a recent panic.
      • Midbus...Mid-boss?
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has the useful end-game equipment, the Farmer Boots, which let you get unlimited beans from enemies. Yep, their purpose is, literally and figuratively, Item Farming.
  • In Mass Effect 1, when accessing a computer system in a trashed laboratory, the computer's personality asks you: "It looks like you are trying to restore this facility. Would you like help?" One response option is labeled "Crap. A pop-up"
    • If you buy the Collectors' Edition of Mass Effect 2, you get some extra content: namely a suit of armour and a rifle modelled after those of the Collectors, the chief enemy in the game. Note the apostrophe.
    • Quarians bear the name of their home ship in their names preceded by the preposition 'vas', which can be somewhat embarrassing if the ship name is ridiculous, as is the case with Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib. If you ignore Tali's advice and ask him about the name, he'll mention that he's considered transferring to the Defrahnz or Iktomi.
  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, one of your last tasks is to explore the derelict vessel Valhalla to obtain a "pirate code" that will grant access to one of the enemy's leviathans. But the only reason you need it is so that the leviathan can plot a course for you and the Federation fleet to follow to Phaaze, the living Phazon planet. So when you think about it, the pirate code is really more like a guideline...
  • Guilty Gear XX has two characters with connections to each other named Eddie and Venom. Would you believe that one of them is a black shape-changing symbiote who combined with a human and went on to control his body?
    • That Zato-1 is the name shown on the character selection screen for the first games with Eddie in, and that he appears to be more a batwinged demonic figure and Venom is a pool cue wielding Egyptian assassin with long purple hair over his eyes, kinda obfuscates the pun a bit too and makes it more stealthy.
    • Also, the number "1" in Japan is pronounced "Ichi", thus making him Zato-Ichi
  • Brutal Legend features a demon named Fletus who's obsessed with cars and racing. No-one mentions that this makes him a speed demon.
    • Or that if he ever got more than one, he'd have a fleet of cars.
    • Ditto for Glottis from Grim Fandango.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, the protagonist Hisao is hospitalized after a confession of love provokes his arrythmia and gives him a heart attack. The girl in question eventually breaks ties with Hisao, which is one of the many reasons he's depressed at the start of the game. In other words, Hisao's got a broken heart.
    • Lilly Satou, who is blind, says "I don't see why it matters" when asked to make a name for her team in the fishing competition. Keep in mind that people often say things such as "I see" around her, only to sheepishly apologize, and she is amused by their apologies.
  • In Team Fortress 2, one of the Demoman's unlockable weapons is the Eyelander, a big Scottish BFS. Since it's a Scottish BFS, that makes it a claymore. However, there's more than one type of weapon called a claymore. The aforementioned type of sword, and a kind of bomb.
    • He's a black Scotsman. Black Angus.
    • Do not forget the line "DON'T RUN! IS JUST HAM!" when eating the Sandvich (a ham and/or baloney sandwich) as the Heavy, a character who is extremely boisterous and over the top.
    • And the Sniper's camper van. A "camper" in FPS terminology is a guy who rarely moves from one particular spot to kill people. Which is something snipers usually do.
      • Not to mention the Sniper's Halloween costume is a vampire slayer known as the "Camper Van Helsing."
    • The bobble head in "Meet the Sniper" that he pretended to headshot was originally of an old man holding a bottle of apricot jelly, a reference to the part of the brain often called "the apricot" by snipers, but they decided against it because it was so obscure.
      • That didn't stop them from giving him apricot air freshener.
    • The Sniper's parents apparently live on "Adelaide St." which is in itself a reasonable name for a street, but Australians joke that the city of Adelaide only has one street anyway.
    • Similarly, the "Meet the Engineer" video has him sitting at a campfire. Guess what one of the main Engineer strategies is.
      • This is actually a double stealth pun. Take a closer look at his 'campfire.' It's the burning corpse of the Sniper. So the camper is using a camper as a campfire.
    • The "Mannconomy" update was announced with a letter from Saxton Hale explaining how he discovered the Internet, in which he also notes that "the perverts at should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES." ("Saxton Hale" is an anagram of "hot anal sex".)
      • So... is that the reason his products are known to spontaneously combust at random, and his top customers happen to be ill-tempered assholes that really like big guns?
    • One groaner of a stealth pun for the Pyro: the Pyro's gender and sexual orientation have never been revealed (and apparently never will be), but more than a few people presumed it was a gay male due to the presence of a flower purse in the Pyro's cabinet. Several other poses, gestures, and accessories used by the Pyro appear to be heavily Camp Gay. It's never openly stated a gay male Pyro might very well be a flaming homosexual.
    • In the Mac Update trailer, the Sniper looks at two objects through his scope. First, a window. Second, an apple.
  • Probably unintentional, but in old Irem arcade game Ninja Spirit you control a ninja named Moonlight. He can create up to three shadow clones which follow his every move. Moonlight Shadow!
  • Nezumi Man has Milky Nezumi, who doesn't attack with dairy products (like Butter Nezumi), but stars. In case you're wondering, he named himself after our resident galaxy.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has two in the gameplay mechanics. The first is Ms. Mowz's standard attack, a slap that ignores enemy defenses, and the second is the fact that machine-type enemies are easy to freeze with ice attacks, (one of the hints old Wonkey tells you).
    • When tattling one of the harder enemies in the X-Naut base, the X-Yux, Goombella informs you that its name is properly pronounced "Cross-Yux". This in itself doesn't reveal a pun, but instead results in two when you combine this logic with the rest of the base's denizens. First, the X-Nauts, who would be properly pronounced "Cross-Nauts". Noughts and Crosses. And second, their computer TEC, which is a shortened form of its proper name TEC-XX. Double Cross.
      • Said computer is found in a base on the moon. Considering what game this is, would make it a paper moon.
  • The text-based game Scapeghost has you as detective Alan Chance killed during an undercover drugs operation and coming back from the dead to take revenge. You are literally the Ghost of A. Chance.
  • Backyard Sports: Duksana Pond.
  • The Touhou game Double Spoiler, is another camera-based Gaiden Game starring the reporter Aya Shameimaru. Given how much fans love Aya, one has to wonder why? Well, it's been joked that Aya is ZUN's girlfriend. And ZUN is apparently aware of this, because he's releasing Double Spoiler on White Day, i.e. the day that boys give gifts back to their girlfriends to thank them for the Valentine's Day chocolate.
    • ZUN also infamously referred to Kazami Yuuka as "youkai moe". One interpretation of this is that youkai find her Ax-Crazy behavior endearing in the same way that humans find shy, clumsy girls endearing. Another is that moe literally means "to sprout/bud", and Yuuka is a flower youkai...
  • From Viewtiful Joe 2: The Black Film.
  • From Metal Gear Solid:
    Meryl: I'm not green!
    Snake: Oh yes you are.
    • The joke is, this conversation takes place over codec. Meryl is, in fact, green. Just like everyone else.
    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater brings us several stealth puns on the subtitle "Snake Eater". "Operation Snake Eater" is the codename of Snake's mission, and codenames tend, by their natures, to be stealth puns on the mission's objective. In this case, it is either that Snake was going to have to eat the native wildlife to survive or that he was sent to assassinate the leader of the Cobra Unit.
      • Snake was also a Green Beret before joining FOX, and "snake eater" is a military slang term for Green Berets.
      • If Snake eats a snake and then calls Para-Medic, she won't call him a "snake eater" but instead a "cannibal".
      • In a later cutscene, Snake cooks a snake over a fire and then eats it.
      • Then there's the stealthiest use of the pun - Ocelot's favorite animal according to the database is a Markhor, which in Persian means "snake eater".
      • Not to mention the not-so-subtle innuendo derived from the title of the game. (If you believe Kojima and co. to be above this, think they actually named the series' main character Solid Snake.)
  • The main characters of Mega Man ZX start out delivering packages. Consider the pronunciation of the game's name in British English, and think of a famous company name that rhymes with it.
  • While he was reverse-engineering the Wii's architecture, Segher discovered that the Hollywood processor (officially the graphics processor) contains a tiny ARM core in addition to its normal ATI core. note  Since it wasn't documented anywhere (not even in the developer's guide!) it didn't have a name, so he nicknamed it "Starlet." Because it's a little piece of Hollywood.
  • In the seventh Fire Emblem game, three Pegasus Knight sisters share similar names. The first two, Florina and Fiora, are Latin words for "flower," while third sister Farina's name means "flour."
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, one of the main characters, Chrom, has a daughter named Lucina. He also has a sister named Emmeryn (or "Emm", for short). This means that Lucina has an Auntie Em.
  • In Red Dead Redemption, a high-stakes poker game in Mexico results in several people pointing their guns at each other. Someone notes that "There must be a name for this."
  • Banjo-Tooie has one that can spawn two stealth puns: One move Banjo learns, Snooze Pack, has him fall asleep inside his backpack to recover health. Thus literally making his pack a nap sack or a sleeping bag.
  • The general of the Cornerian forces in Star Fox is named Pepper. Which means he could have been a sergeant at some point in the past. (Note, however, that it isn't necessarily true. Armies are traditionally split into two major divisions, officers and enlisted. Most officers join the army as officers via a program such as ROTC rather than being promoted from enlisted. Since a general is an officer, many generals have never been privates, corporals, or sergeants, which are enlisted ranks.)
    • Long before the N64 version, the Nintendo Power comics (which promoted the then-recently released Super NES game) actually incorporated this pun into one chapter.
    • Couldn't he also be a Pepper Cornerian?
    • His name could also be combined with the title of Star Fox Assault.
  • In EV Nova, there is a ship called the Cambrian. Some historically-inclined gamers like to call it the Prince of Wales.
  • In Mega Man Zero, Zero can divide enemies if you deal the final blow with a bladed weapon.
  • The Fable series has monsters called Hobbes. They're nasty, brutish, and short.
  • Very near the end of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, you discover that the London of the future is actually the London underground. Not phrased like that, so...
  • Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank is a mechanic. Ratchet is also the name of a socket wrench. Furthermore, Ratchet's ears are shaped like the head of a standard wrench.
  • The final level of Mario Zone (where the levels are inside a giant mechanical Mario) in Super Mario Land 2 has a lot of (suspiciously Lego-like) bricks. The level apparently takes place in the Mario-bot's head. So the Mario-bot is a blockhead.
    • Another level has a lot of what seem to be rubber balls - and considering this level is set in Mario-bot's crotch...
  • In Left 4 Dead 2, Whitaker's gun shop from the first campaign is running a 2-for-1 special for 9mm pistols.
    • In the second campaign, you visit a theme park with a nut theme. The character on the hammer-bell game is named Mustachio. The game never mentions what kind of nut he is. He's a pistachio.
  • In Lunar Knights, Perrault is an antagonist who keeps confronting Aaron and Lucian with her mobile ship Schrodinger. It is only later that the player finds out that Perrault is a cat.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, you can recruit the cyberdog belonging to The King, leader of the gang, The Kings. The dog's name is Rex. Rex's personal quest involves replacing his aging brain. One of the candidates for the transplant? A dog named Rey. Rex is Latin for "king". Rey is Spanish for... you guessed it! "King".
    • Rey is replacing Rex.
    • Though possibly unintentional, Fallout: New Vegas is often abbreviated as "NV." Much of the game takes place in Nevada. What's the US Postal Code for Nevada? NV.
    • A nice Stealth Pun gives the town of Novac its name. The town is built up around a prominent hotel (of which we are unaware of the real name) and a large, partly working neon sign outside the hotel entrance tells us the hotel has "No Vacancy"
    • That was done before in Fallout 3 with careful
  • Mobs are actually a generic term for mobile entities for any MMORPG. Sure enough, it's rather easy to get mobbed by mobs in most of them.
  • In Minecraft, Creepers have an irritating habit of hiding behind corners, under ledges, and outside doorways to ambush the player.
    • Creepers have a mottled green texture that, at a distance, can cause one to mistake them for cacti or the tops of trees. The word "creeper" can also refer to various plants.
  • Chibi-Robo features a beautiful princess doll by the name of Princess Pitts. This seems like a curious name for a princess, but consider that this is a Nintendo-published game. What do you find in a Peach but a Pit?
  • Guilty Party has a level set inside of a train. If you play a co-op game in that level, the all-play mini-game involves you catching a bunch of snakes that were released in the luggage compartment. Snakes on a Train, anyone?
  • In Japan Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is known as Street Fighter II Dash, while Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting is known as Street Fighter II Dash Turbo. The word "dash" is not written on the logo of either game, but represented by a prime mark (′) used to indicate derivatives in math, which is sometimes called a "dash". Both games were derivatives of the original Street Fighter II.
  • In Super Street Fighter IV's arcade mode, Guile's win quote against Zangief is "The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" This could be referencing Zangief himself, or the USSR.
  • Super Mario Bros.... Mario grows when he "consumes" mushrooms. In other words, Mario is getting high.
  • A bit in the second half of Portal 2: "You're good at murder. Could you murder this bird for me?" Judging by the sound it makes as it flies away, the bird is a crow. A murder of crows?
    • At the very end of the game. Wheatley is stranded in space with another personality core orbiting him. For it to orbit another object of equal volume means that Wheatley must be incredibly dense.
    • Wheatley is a spherical robot who was built to make GLaDOS dumber. Or, in layman's terms, an Idiot Ball.
    • The most obvious one in the game: Throughout the game you get drops that the turrets sing opera and a cappella. Some easter eggs let you see a very fat turret that stays silent until the ending sequence where it leads an entire symphony of 'singing' turrets in a female Italian's voice. It ain't over 'till the fat lady (turret) sings.
    • Cave Johnson's memetic speech is about taking the lemons that life gives you and using them to burn life's house down. The only way to do this while keeping them something resembling lemons is to make them into incendiary grenades. In other words, a lemon-nade.
  • Tons of them abound in the platform game Bug!. Many of the enemies are based off real-life animals, with the names taken literally.
    • The ants in Reptilia wear soldier hats, drop via parachutes, and fire grenades out of their tails. They're army ants.
    • Splot has flying insects that fire out a stream of electricity from their rear. They're lightning bugs.
    • Quaria has fishes that have the head of a bulldog. They're dogfishes.
    • Also in Quaria, there are swimming beetles which sport scuba equipment. Diving beetles.
    • The Burr-ubs had annoying white fleas that jumped out of the snow and threw (or rolled) snowballs at Bug. Snow fleas.
    • Arachnia had ants with flamethrower packs and fire breath. Fire ants. Then again, the manual calls them that.
  • The name of Mortal Kombat 2's secret boss Smoke is a pun on Dan Forden's catchphrase 'Toasty' which you have to hear to find him - implying he's the physical manifestation of smoke. This seems to have gone over the heads of most people when Smoke was changed into a robot for the next game.
    • In Mortal Kombat 9, Mileena's second Fatality is called "Rip Off". She tosses her sais at the victim's feet then rips their torso off. More dedicated Mortal Kombat fans will recognize it as a rip-off, in the imitation sense, of one of Kira's Fatalities in Mortal Kombat Deception.
  • Elite Beat Agents has the "September" level, where the target uses fans, planes, and an animal-controlled bonfire to make the sun shine. In other words, she's using Earth, Wind and Fire.
  • Shin Megami Tensei's Mara isn't exactly subtle, being a giant penis demon and all, but Persona 3 has a couple of subtle jokes in his stats: All of his physical attacks are pierce-type (including Primal Force, the strongest single-target pierce attack in the game,) and he's weak against ice.
    • Also from Persona 3, would you consider Akihiko's style of combat to be shadow boxing?
  • Persona 4 has Teddie, who has been making un-bear-able puns throughout the entire game. So what Persona do you get when finishing his social link? Helel, the Light-bear-er
  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves has a chapter set in Blood Bath Bay, inhabited by "throwbacks" who live as pirates. Since the Sly universe is populated by funny animals, all the Mooks in the entire chapter are canines. Meaning the pirates who inhabit this town are... sea dogs.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you have a pistol from the start of the game. Early on, you're introduced to Borgia messengers, who you can tackle to steal all of their money. However, if you kill one, you instantly become notorious, and the guards will attack you on sight. The game is basically telling you "don't shoot the messenger".
  • Assassin's Creed III has Connor begin his search for Benjamin Church in an abandoned... church.
  • In Alice: Madness Returns, one enemy you encounter is called an Eyepot. The reference to a certain portable audio player is right out in the open, but what you might not realize at first is that, as an Eyepot, it must contain Eye Tea.
    • Also, you defeat them by first stunning them with blasts of pepper... making them pepperpots, perhaps?
    • In one area, you pass through a castle made of playing cards. Well, a man's home is his castle, so this one is a house of cardsnote .
    • In addition, it's a Castle in the Sky or Air.
    • This castle has crenellations, obviously having been made by cutting the cards.
    • The Queen is supposed to be Alice's big sister, Lizzie. But what's "Lizzie" short for...?
  • Angry Birds is all about flipping birds at evil pigs.
    • The white egg-shaped birds drop egg bombs at their targets, making them 'egg-layers' (a slang term for bomber planes).
    • Angry Birds in Space featured a Super Mario Bros.-themed bonus level. Just think about it.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby can fling his bird buddy Pitch about by swinging a parasol like a golf club. The parasol is a pitching wedge.
  • In the Super Mario Bros. series, all of the background scenery have eyes.
  • In Where's My Water?, if all of the water were to flow offscreen, then the alligator you're supposed to have the water go into his bathtub will start crying.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl removed several characters from Melee that were (moveset-wise) clones: Dr. Mario, Roy, Pichu, and Young Link (though the last one was replaced with Wind Waker's Toon Link, essentially changing nothing). It also removed Mewtwo...a heavily modified clone of another pokémon.
    • Unlike Melee and Brawl, the cross-platform fourth installment lacks a subtitle. Instead, it is simply named Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.
  • The final boss theme of Contra: Hard Corps is called "Last Springsteen." Bruce Springsteen's nickname is "The Boss."
  • In the original Mega Man 1, Cut Man is weak against Guts Man's Super Arm, which allows you to pick up and throw boulders. That is to say, rock beats scissors.
    • In addition, Cut Man takes more damage from Mega Man's Mega Buster than any of the other original six Robot Masters - or, in fact, any other Robot Master in the entire franchise when played on default difficulty. Again, Rock beats scissors (Rockman being the Japanese title of the Mega Man series).
    • Sheep Man from Mega Man 10. He's an electric-themed robot master.
      • Some fans, not content with this explanation of Sheep Man's name, have noticed that his stage is set inside a computer, and computers of course have RAM.
      • In the same vein, Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos are Electric-type sheep Pokémon.
    • One from the fangame Mega Man Unlimited: According to the character info, Nail Man was promoted over his rival Hammer Man because he was the more intelligent of the two. That's right... he's sharper.
  • In Grand Theft Auto III, the DJ of Head Radio is named Michael Hunt, who also goes by Mike. Given the nature of jokes in GTA, this is obviously a play on the classic gag name Mike Hunt (say it out loud), but what makes it a stealth pun as opposed to a normal pun is the actual phrase "Mike Hunt" never appears in the game. (Although said DJ does say at one point "This is DJ Michael Hunt. You can call me Mike.")
  • In Sonic Adventure, Speed Highway has a large bell. Guess what comes out when you hit it. The answer? Rings.note 
  • Hyrule Historia finally explains why Link is asleep at the beginning of almost every Zelda game: it's "the hero's awakening."
  • In addition to the ever-present Bullet Bills, Super Mario World features their underwater counterparts, Torpedo Teds. Making it one of the few Mario adventures with a Bill and Ted.
  • In Tales of the Abyss, particles called fonons represent different elements. The Seventh Fonon is the element of Sound. Abyss's plot depends heavily on the Seventh Fonon so there are a lot of references to sound and music - the world's Bible-slash-prophecy is called Score, there are people with names like "Largo," "Sync," and "Din," and there are the giant tuning forks that attack you in Sephiroth dungeons. Then there's the Key of Lorelei, which controls Seventh Fonons. So does the Key of Lorelei control sounds in the Key of Lorelei? Also, when Luke uses the Key of Lorelei in the final scene, he sticks it in the ground and turns it. So is it an unlocking-key or a musical key? Both!
  • In Tales of Symphonia, the light seal and altar of the summon spirits of light are housed in the Tower of Mana, an old library. Why are the seal and altar of light in a library? Because books are enlightening.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, Karol wields hammers. One of the hammers has a "stop right there!" hand printed on it. Stop! Hammer Time!
  • One character in Choro Q HG 4 hangs out in front of the school and brags about his intelligence. What kind of car is he? A Smart (as in the brand).
  • In DC Universe Online, while The Joker is being played in Legends PVP you can hear him occasionally say "No one's ever called me the Space Cowboy! Or the Gangster of Love for that matter!" which is a reference to the song "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band.
  • In BioShock Infinite, a late-game twist reveals that Booker DeWitt is Elizabeth's father. Furthermore, Booker is listed on a Wanted poster as being over six feet tall, which makes him a big Daddy.
    • Also, the BioShock franchise as a whole is notorious for centering around chronic madness brought on by oppressive extremist ideologies. It's a series of Irrational Games.
  • Several bosses in The Binding of Isaac are modeled after the Seven Deadly Sins. With one exception, they have unique character models. The exception is Sloth, who is a reskinned Globin (and his Super Sloth form is a reskinned Glazing Globin). He has a lazy character design.
  • Dawn Of The Dragons has the Guru Bear. It is rumored to be smarter than the average bear.
  • The people of Figaro live in a fortified city in the middle of the desert. It can be sunk underground by means of a special mechanism. It would not be too much of a stretch to call it a sand castle.
  • In Saints Row IV, the simulation in which the Boss is trapped is patrolled by spy-bots called Control Interface Devices. If your notoriety gets high enough, a golden one will spawn, and you can chase it down and destroy it in order to reset your notoriety to zero. In other words, you have to catch the golden 'snitch'.
  • In ''Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Dante acquires the Nevan weapon, a guitar that can (among other things) fire blasts of electricity. In other words, it's an electric guitar.
    • Also, the room in which you fight Cerberus is covered in ice. Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld in Greek mythology, so in other words, hell has frozen over.
  • Perhaps an obvious example, but starting with the second game, Sonic the Hedgehog's fox friend's name is Miles Prower. Even though the pun is obvious when it's spoken aloud, it's stealthy because when it's mentioned at all, it usually incorporates his nickname, thus, "Miles 'Tails' Prower", disrupting the pun. Also, when the later games added voice acting, they always use the nickname, so it never is spoken aloud.
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