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Stealth Pun: Web Original

  • A recurring thread on Something Awful is "Real pictures that look like photoshops". And eventually, someone will post this. It's a photo shop.
  • is enamored of headlines with Stealth Puns of its more memorable memes. For example: "Duke upset in NCAA tournament. If only there were some pithy catch phrase to describe their ineptitude."
  • Vista-tan has huge tracts of land.
    • And we all know huge tracts of land are vistas.
      • Plus, we all know Windows Vista was a huge bust.
  • Unforgotten Realms has Professor Strap, who after a memory erasing spell goes by the name of "Jacques". Jacques Strap.
  • Clef and Dimitri Hit the Road: At the very end. "Alas, poor Yoric, I've never seen him before in my life."
  • Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog: Moist went on a double date with Bait and Switch. He thought he was going to end up with Bait, but...
    • Dr. Horrible is full of this: On his blog, the Doctor mentions transporting several gold bars from a safe. He lifts up a bag of brownish "cumin-smelling" liquid and says that the molecules shifted in the transportation Bouillon/gold bullion
    • Also, in the song "Neil's Turn" on the Commentary, Neil Patrick Harris is stuck alone and in the dark in the studio, and sings, "What's with all these weird cords?" just as the music plays a bunch of "weird chords"
  • Fools Gold: There is a mention of a Giant Panda who drives a truck containing stolen ingots of lanthanide metals. His truck is #71 and his name is Lu. 71 is the atomic number of the lanthanide Lutetium. Its symbol in the periodic table is Lu. Lu is also a common Chinese surname.
  • In The Nostalgia Critic review of Ernest Scared Stupid, there's a scene where Ernest reveals a troll he captured. The Critic splices in an image of Fan Dumb Douchey McNitpick who literally showed up to troll him.
  • PZ Myers is a biologist with a love for octopus and similar creatures. When Paul, the psychic sports predicting octopus died, he went back and forth describing his feelings on the matter, using the phrase 'on the other hand' seven times.
  • On a furry Image Board, someone called for "Rule 34 of NIMH." One of the responses was a picture of batteries.
  • This Youtube video. A steam-powered turntable, playing the Sex Pistols. Steampunk.
  • A Brazilian blog/ Tumblr has made a parody "Squads of The World Cup". The resulting Hurricane of Puns sometimes needs context: the Netherlands include a Brazilian rapper famous for pro-cannabis songs, the smuggling-heavy Paraguay has "Sorny, Mike, BleckBarry and Hi-Phone", and Denmark ends with Scooby-Doo (a Great Dane) and two candies sold at the chocolatier Kopenhagen.
  • Bo Burnham, one of the few good musicians and songwriters out there, needs more love. Come on, folks, let's start referencing him. Here's some truly masterful Stealth Puns for ya!
  • This blog post is written by an author who enjoys puns based on the origins of words. "None of the little particles in the universe had gotten the idea that one might turn yet." "Universe" comes from Latin roots uni and vertere—"one" and "turn".
  • In one episode of Sassy Gay Friend, the title character makes his entrance out of a closet.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's fandom has a "Ponies in Socks" meme, so someone was inspired to create this. It's the Python programming language, using the SOCKS protocol.
  • While many an image on this very wiki falls into this (see the section on Visual Pun), the one in Speed Sex is the most blatant. Who came before, the chicken or the egg?
  • During the Yogscast Minecraft Series' Tekkit playthrough, Simon, Lewis and Duncan are the only members of Honeydew, Inc. Simon is the boss, so Lewis and Duncan have to do what Simon Says.
  • Done frequently on Epic Rap Battles of History.
    • Lennon VS O'Reilly: "… ten-thousand-dollar shoes I use to stomp out a beatle."
    • Einstein VS Hawking: "I'll "school" you anywhere—MIT to Oxford"
      • "… when you try to put your little p-brane against this kind of mind …"
    • Mario Bros VS Wright Bros: "Sorry, Wright Brothers, this time you chose wrong."
      • "You might fly like a hawk, but you fight like a kitty."
    • Seuss VS Shakespeare: " Oh, no, we'll smash your globe."
      • "You gettin' upstaged Bill. Yo you just got played" is especially stealthy.
    • Elvis VS Michael Jackson: "I've seen every record you set, man I beat it."
    • Gates VS Jobs: Steve Jobs saying "I got a PC, but it wasn't from you," to Bill Gates. One of the stealthiest ones yet.
      • He also says he'll "bring up some basic shit".
      • Later, HAL 9000 offers "I think different from the engine of the days of old", referencing both the former Apple Macintosh slogan and Charles Babbage's difference engine, the first computer.
      • "You blow, Jobs" (complete with hand motion)
    • Obama VS Romney: "You're all Barack and no bite."
    • Bieber VS Beethoven: "You wanna trade blows? You can't even hit puberty!"
    • Cleopatra VS Marilyn Monroe: "Gettin' 'Lo on Marc Antony."
    • Freddie Mercury VS Frank Sinatra: "You're the least talented rat in your whole pack of rodents!"
    • Doc Brown VS The Doctor: "Now Dalek my balls!"
    • Bruce Lee VS Clint Eastwood: "Kung F-U!"
    • Batman VS Sherlock Holmes: "You're a batshit crazy basket case!"
      • "Dissing these dynamic douchebags…"
    • Martin Luther King VS Gandhi: "Flatten your style like bread, Naan violence!"
      • "You would know about bread, Dr. Birming-ham sandwich."
      • "With protests and women, the same advice goes/ Always stay away from the ho's (hose)."
      • "I fought the caste system, but you still cannot touch this!"
      • "I'm the King of civil rights"
    • Hitler VS Vader rematch: "I strike back hard against a Nazi!"
    • Mozart VS Skrillex: "You died baroque and worthless"
    • Rasputin VS Stalin: "The last man who attacked me lived a half-life!"
  • A good one concerning Rooster Teeth is the company name itself and it involves a vulgar insult used in Red vs. Blue. That insult? "cockbite".
  • Typical viewers of video game streams are affectionately known as stream monsters.'s most popular chat face is called "Kappa," as in a literal stream monster.
  • Noob has a possibly accidental one that can be found via Bilingual Bonus. Gaea has two reccurring (in-series) nicknames: one is "Dame Gaea" in the original French, which translates into "Lady Gaea" in English, the other is "Gaga". When these two come together...
  • Wikipedia celebrated the tenth anniversary of "Today's Featured Article" in February 2014 with Tropical Depression Ten. Then the rest of the week went for a poker Broadway: Jack Marsh; Queen Olga Constantinovna of Russia, The King and I and British flying ace John F. Bolt.
  • Mr Repzion once made a video called "Vampire Rants On Why Twilight Sucks". note 

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