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     Serena van der Woodsen
Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen
"Gossip Girl is going down!"

The IT girl of the Upper West Side. Cheerful and carefree, fun and spirited. When the show starts she returns to Manhattan after spending time at a boarding school.

  • Absolute Cleavage
  • Always Someone Better: To Blair, often without even trying.
  • All Work vs. All Play: The fun-loving free spirit to Blair's hard-working, scheming, queen.
  • Apologises a Lot
  • Beauty Mark
  • Cool Big Sis: To Eric and also Jenny in the first few seasons, until they liked the same guy.
  • Distressed Damsel: The fact that being in a car crash thanks to wolves roaming New York, being conned by her boyfriend, and her mother having her arrested for stealing a bracelet are not the best examples of why she fits this trope should tell you something.
  • Dumb Blonde
    • Downplayed in the early seasons. She is a nice, free-spirited girl, whose intelligence appears to be lower compared to most of her peers', but seems rather average. After several seasons, however, she grows into this trope.
    • Double subverted in regards to her academic career. Serena made good grades her last two years of high school, and won admission to three Ivy League universities. It's however explicitly said that she was wanted there not because of her academic prowess, but because of her fame in the UES society.
  • Easily Forgiven: Slightly subverted. She took Blair's boyfriend's virginity, then moved to Connecticut without telling Blair she was leaving, then ignored Blair's calls, texts and e-mails for a year even though she knew Blair's parents were getting a divorce (due to Blair's father leaving her mother for another man) and Blair's father was moving away to France. Blair did give her hell and humiliated her in public, but then forgave her after a few episodes. Not for the last time, either.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Though not the only blonde, she's easily the most popular character in-universe, and immediately gets almost every male character on his knees for her.
  • Fallen Princess: The final season teasers implies her to be this. Then again, Never Trust a Trailer.
  • Fanservice: Many fans consider her breasts to be characters in their own right.
  • The Fashionista: Not as elitist as Blair about it, but she's also very fashion-oriented. She has been noted to be the muse of several designers (particularly in the books, though in the show Dorota also says that Marc Jacobs named a purse after her), and in a later season Dan shows that he retained some useful fashion knowledge from his time dating her.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The Sanguine.
  • Gag Boobs
  • Good Bad Girl: Even at her wildest (such as in her time before the pilot), she's still a genuinely nice girl, who just happens to Really Gets Around and never seems particularly ashamed of it. She does try to change some of her "badder" bad girl traits, such as drugs and wild party, but is still enthusiastic about sex as soon as she really fancies someone.
  • Happily Married: Implied in the finale to be her future with Dan.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Especially before the beginning of the series, where this was pretty much all Serena's character was about. She grows out of it during the series, though it's still part of her personality and her wild party persona comes back at times.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Blair.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Serena decides whether a person is good or bad by the following criteria: They like me - they're good. They don't like me - they're bad.
  • In Love with Love: Season three and onward.
  • In-Series Nickname: S.
  • Informed Attractiveness: She is treated as THE ultimate beauty of the circle by most of the characters, despite the cast being full of other very attractive actresses.
  • It's All About Me: At first it seems a bit like an Informed Flaw, as the world is mostly set by revolving around her and if she doesn't react quickly enough, her judgmental boyfriend or insecure best friend will accuse her of being conceited. But as the seasons roll over it becomes increasingly true.
  • Late for School: Basically a trademark in the books. Carries over to the show every once in a while.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: The Light to Blair's Dark.
  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Let's see... Two teachers, her best friend's boyfriend, an ex-con, two con artists, a Harem Seeker, a married man... And Dan. It's even lampshaded early in the series, how an uncharacteristically good guy he is for being one of Serena's choices, but in the end of the series it's no longer necessarily true.
  • Mistaken for Pregnant: After she ends up on Gossip Girl while buying pregnancy tests for Blair in season one.
  • Ms Fan Service: Once in a blue moon Blake Lively appears in something that actually covers her legs and/or her boobs.
  • Nice Girl
  • One Born Every Minute: Gets conned by her boyfriend in late season two.
  • Parental Abandonment
  • Parental Issues
  • Preppy Name
  • Pretty in Mink: Wore a white fur stole for the would-be photo shoot in "Kids Stay In the Picture".
  • Really Gets Around: Before her changing her ways in the beginning of the series it was part of her Hard-Drinking Party Girl side; afterwards (as in, during the actual course of the show), it's a mix of her natural approach to her own sexuality and being In Love with Love. It's less that Serena sleeps around for fun and more that she falls in love often, and soon has sex with almost everyone she falls for. Interestingly, she doesn't get much of the usual Double Standard for it, probably because she's genuinely nice and people just accept it as part of her personality. If anything, it's only mentioned when Blair's Deadpan Snarker tendencies show up:
    Blair: Are you jealous because you didn't sleep with [Chuck] first? There had to be somebody left on the Upper East Side.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Blair.
  • Serial Romeo: From season two and onward.
  • She's Got Legs: Hell to the yes.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Dan in season one.
  • Spoiled Sweet: One of the best examples in the show, especially compaired to Blair.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Even the show itself points this out in "The Magnificent Archibalds":
    Aaron: Serena's life is complicated?
    Dan: Yeah. I don't know about you but the Serena I know has long, flowing blonde hair, towers over both of us?
  • Strong Family Resemblance: All the Rhodes women (except for somewhat color coded for being the Black Sheep Carol) are tall, slender blond beauties.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: With Colin Forrester in season four.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In late season 5, when the world stop revolving around her. She backstabs Blair (unprovoked this time) and her young cousin Lola out of jealousy.
  • Uptown Girl: To Dan.

    Blair Waldorf
"I am not a stop along the way. I am a destination."

Serena's BFF (and occasional rival). The preppy queen of Constance Billard, always with a crew of minions around her. Ruthless and elitist yet very much a loving friend and girlfriend. Although if you ask Dan Humphrey she's a 95-pound, doe-eyed, bonmot-tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil.

     Chuck Bass
Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass
"Dude. I’m Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means."

Serena's brother (through adoption) and Blair's main love interest. The richest character on the show and also the most ruthless. Spends most of his time brooding in fancy suits while sipping scotch and plotting somebody's downfall.

     Nate Archibald
Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald
"Affairs with married people, love triangles... Just so happens everyone's problems are within my area of expertise."

The fourth member of the show's core four (aka the Non-Judging Breakfast Club). Chuck's best friend, Blair's former boyfriend and Serena's occasional love interest. Comes with a large dose of family drama, a fair dose of stupidity and dashing manbangs.

     Dan Humphrey 
"We don’t have any servants here so if you see anybody else in the loft besides me, call the police. It’s not the chef."

Dan is the Brooklyn boy who falls in love with IT girl Serena van der Woodsen, only to find he doesn't exactly fit well in her world. By and by he becomes more adjusted, but he still thinks the world of the Upper East Side crowd is highly immoral. Dan is an aspiring writer who in the books writes delightfully awful poetry but in the TV series prefers short stories. He's played by Penn Badgley.

     Jenny Humphrey 
"Don't you read Gossip Girl? Extortion is what I do, all day."

Dan's younger sister who starts off idolizing Serena and wanting Blair's respect. Her innocence vanishes more and more each season and by now she could probably out-bitch Blair if she wanted to. Jenny's got a talent for designing and loves to make her own clothes.

Hardly ever seen in season four, and with Taylor Momsen dropped from the regular cast (and her subsequent announcement she was quitting acting in favour of music) likely to not appear at all in season five.

     Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey 
"If Serena's indiscretions were as PG as Jenny's, I wouldn't have needed the botox."

Biological mother to Serena and Eric, adoptive mother to Chuck, stepmother to Dan and Jenny. Lily was much like her daughter Serena when she was younger, trying to break free from her strict mother's demands. As an adult she has been spending most of her time getting married and getting divorced. She can be very caring and loving when she wants to, but most of the time she's an absent parent.

     Rufus Humphrey 
"I promise to eat caviar without spitting it out in my napkin when we go to dinner at Mayor Bloomberg’s. As long as he knows when he comes to our house he’s eating my chili."

Dan and Jenny's father, and stepfather to Eric, Serena and Chuck. A former rock star (or at least pseudo-star) who had a love affair with Lily in his youth. Years later his son falls in love with Lily's daughter and eventually he and Lily find their way back to one another. Rufus is probably the most attentive parent on the show, although lately it seems he doesn't do much during the day.

     Vanessa Abrams 
"My parents are artists, my sister’s a musician. Just like going to an Ivy is your family’s way, not going to college is mine."

Dan's bohemian BFF and on-and-off crush. Vanessa is a documentary film maker and aspiring script writer who frowns on everything regarding the Upper East Side.

     Eric van der Woodsen 
"Jenny, your sweet potatoes are bland."

Serena's little brother, who is often the sole voice of reason. Gone from the show in season five.

  • Ascended Extra
  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: Averted.
  • Back for the Finale
  • Coming-Out Story: A season one episode reveals that he is gay.
  • Driven to Suicide: The reason why Serena returns in the pilot is because Eric tried to kill himself.
  • Huge Girl Tiny Guy: With Jenny.
  • Like Brother and Sister: With Jenny, even before they become actual step-siblings.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: When Serena left for boarding school.
  • Morality Pet: In earlier seasons. It's downplayed since he never actually stops them for doing any evil, but villains do seem to have a fondness for him. His "The Reason You Suck" Speech, in which he confesses his suicide attempt, is what triggers Blair to make peace with Serena right in the beginning of the series, Chuck of all people considers him something akin to a little brother, and Jenny (who can be a real jerk when she wants to) is his best friend. Even Georgina seems rather apologetic when she outs him to his family; granted, Serena doesn't believe it and Georgina outright says she might have done it on purporse, but that's the closest Georgina ever gets to have apologized for anything.
  • Nice Guy
  • Only Sane Man: Most of the time. Recently, less so. Definitely in the context of his own family, however.
  • Parental Abandonment/Parental Neglect: His father is the former, his mother the latter.
    • Calling the Old Man Out: Unlike Serena, he doesn't feel inclined to betray his decent stepfather, drop everything and run to biological daddy, who's abandoned them years ago.
  • Parental Issues
  • Teens Are Short: The straightest (pun unintended) example in the show.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In seasons one, two and three he was the only through-and-through decent character. In season four he plots to take Chuck and Blair down and hates on Chuck in favor of Jenny, even though Chuck has always treated Eric well and Jenny has thrown Eric under the bus countless times.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Jenny.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? : As far as season 5 goes, he completly disappeared from the radar without any explanation.
    • There was a throw away line about him starting college in one of the episode at the beginning of the season.

     Gossip Girl 
"And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell."

The girl (guy?) who runs the blog the whole series is built around.

     Dorota Kishlovski 
"KGB can't get me to talk. Chuck Bass has no chance."

Blair's nanny/maid/sidekick. Dorota is actually a Polish duchess but she moved to America to escape an unhappy marriage and began to work for the Waldorfs. In many ways the real mother figure in Blair's life and the person who does most of Blair's legwork for her.

  • Ascended Extra: Started out as a background character but evolved into Blair's eternal sidekick. Dorota got a backstory in the webisodes "Chasing Dorota" and had an entire episode revolve around her wedding day.
  • Beta Couple: She and Vanya (Chuck's doorman). Chuck actually helped Vanya win Dorota's heart, and he threw their wedding.
  • Funny Foreigner: You will have some bizarre ideas about Poland if you view Dorota as a typical specimen or treat seriously her stories.
  • Happiness in Slavery: Pretty much a modern example.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Her estranged husband shows up in Chasing Dorota.
  • Mama Bear: Towards Blair.
  • Older Sidekick: Blair's a teenager and while we haven't been given Dorota's exact age her actress is in her thirties. And Cyrus has confirmed that she practically raised Blair, meaning she ought to be at least ten years Blair's senior.
  • Parental Substitute: As noted above she practically raised Blair.
  • Servile Snarker: Though mostly the facial expressions she makes when Blair says or does something she deems snark-worthy. Dubbed Dorota's WTF face by the fans.
  • Shipper on Deck: She always wants what is best for Blair, and seems pretty convinced that Chuck is the person Blair is meant to be with (although during the Dair arc she rooted for Dan).
  • Smart People Play Chess
  • Straight Man: If Blair, her mother, or any other high society member in the house starts losing their marbles, Dorota's facial expressions will illustrate it.
  • Undying Loyalty: She is always on Blair's side, no matter what.

     Georgina Sparks 
"You can tell "Jesus", the bitch is back"

A former friend of Serena van der Woodsen and sworn enemy of Blair Waldorf, she is the series' most recurring antagonist.As it turns out during season 5 (major spoiler), she usurped Gossip Girl's identity.