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Perpetual Expression
Expressions convey what a person feels, so — logically — if a character has an expression permanently glued to their face, they must be feelin' it all the time. A Perpetual Expression, then, is a characterization device used to cue the audience of someone's nature. Very rarely do others remark upon their apparent facial paralysis, even if one's visage is stuck with a rather unsettling look.

As a side effect, when the character's expression does change, it is always important, and marks a big change to the character's normal demeanor.

Most common Perpetual Expressions include:

Note that the accompanied characterization of these tropes should be left in their own article; this is merely an index for the varieties that are frequently ever-present on someone's face. Note however that many Perpetual Expressions mix and match various Smile Tropes and Eye Tropes.

Kind of the binary opposite of Expressive Mask. Not quite Frozen Face, which is an actual face paralysis.

Mostly Animation Trope, but has occasionally been pulled off in Live-Action TV as well. Very common in Video Games, especially in older ones due to their nature.

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