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Characters: Exiles
     The Original Team 
Blink - Clarice Fergusson

Leader of the Exiles, hailing from the original Age of Apocalypse. She is the acrobatic teleporter.

Mimic - Calvin Rankin

He is nearly his own reality's Captain America, possessing the powers of five different mutants.

Morph - Kevin Sidney

Shapeshifter and comic relief for the Exiles

Nocturne - T.J. Wagner

The daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch, she is able to fire hex bolts and also "possess" people for short periods of time.

Magnus Lensherr

The son of Magneto and Rogue, he was cursed with a combination of his parents powers. He had his fathers magnetic abilities, but turned whoever he touched into metal. He died at the end of the teams first mission while containing the blast from an atomic bomb.

  • Barrier Warrior: uses electromagnetic barriers in fights
    • He used this to contain the atomic bomb that killed him
  • Skunk Stripe: Has one much like his mother
  • Touch of Death: Anyone who touches his skin turns to metal

Thunderbird - John Proudstar

An alternate reality version of the John Proudstar who was kidnapped by Apocalypse during his time with the X-men and unwillingly transformed into one of his Four Horsemen, War.

     Additional Team Members 

Members were added to the team in the even that an existing member was fatally injured at the end of a mission or killed.

Sunfire - Mariko Yashida

Hailing from an alternate universe in which she became Sunfire instead of Shiro Yoshida. She was a member of her realities X-Men. She died fighting a brood controlled Mimic.

Dr. Heather Hudson

Field leader, chief medical officer, and monstrous brute of the Canadian super team, Alpha Flight.

Sabretooth - Victor Creed

Second leader of the Exiles, sort of an adoptive parent for Blink. Comes from Age of Apocalypse.

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