Funny / Exiles

  • Pretty much anything Morph says or does, from imitating numerous movies to morphing into a cricket team poster.
    • Entering a reality where Alpha Flight is chasing the hulk, the exiles come upon Hulk first. Morph's reaction? "It's the HULK!!" Turning into a chicken and fleeing crazed.
    • The team had stopped off at a world where they just had to foil a bank-robbery, and earned a little R&R. Since the rest of the team wanted to go to a nude beach - and Morph wasn't exactly the poster-boy for hormone-suppression at the time - they convinced Sunfire (Mariko Yoshida) to take him lingerie shopping while they had fun. It turns out he knew they were trying to get rid of him the whole time (just not why), and after an afternoon/evening of friendly bonding with Mariko, the two decided to get revenge on their teammates by pelting them with a Morph-catapult of water-balloons. Only...
    Morph: "Water-balloons"? Weren't you paying attention? I filled these with beer.
    Sunfire: Morph, you are bad.
    Morph: I am so bad.
  • The Mojoworld storyline is ripe with these, but best of all has to be how the team finds Longshot's prison. They grab a civilian and drag him into an alleyway, demanding he tell them where the prison is. He points to across the road, where a prison with a bright neon sign saying "Longshot's Prison" happens to be.
    Sasquatch: Wow. Mulder and Scully, we ain't.
  • Earth-616's Nightcrawler's reaction to meeting Nocturne (note at this point he doesn't know who she is):
    Verdamter mists! I knew I should've been more careful!
  • Sabretooth, after getting his ass kicked by Psylocke.
    "I'm either in love or I'm gonna kill her. Prob'ly both." Turned out to be the former after all.
  • When Morph is explaining the situation to a new batch of Exiles, he mentions the idea of killing baby Hitler, complete with morphing a little baby with a Hitler moustache in his arms. This reference flies over Forge's head. Morph switches it to the idea of killing baby Gandhi, which immediately causes Forge to fly in a rage and attempt to punch the fake baby! One has to wonder what evil acts Forge's version of Gandhi has been up to.
  • The first annual has a bit of funny moment with the Gamemaster's "Exiles" while Gamemaster's Morph is kissing Gamemaster's Blink, Gamemaster's Mimic states, "Seeing you swap spit is getting old.".
  • Issue 49 is a complete laugh riot — thanks to the berserk version of Impossible Man.
  • Wolvie's introduction in the 2018 series as the cast gets into the usual antics of the X-Babies. They have to prevent Magneto from... stealing pies. Unfortunately, this world succumbs to the time eaters a few pages later.