Awesome / Exiles

  • T-Bird hulking out on The Hulk, and beating him. Sure, it's a Hulk who's been weakened by the absence of Banner, but still the Incredible freaking Hulk.
  • In one world, the Skrulls took over the planet decades ago and now host gladiatorial matches with Earth's metahumans for entertainment. Mimic, who has the power of five different heroes, has won all his bouts and is now put against this universe's version of Captain America - a Skrull-created lapdog. According to his narration, it's the championship bout that the Skrulls have waited for for ages and one of the most anticipated fights ever. However, Mimic has kept ONE of his abilities secret. As Cap charges at him, ready to take on anything he's got, Mimic fires Cyclops' optic blast in his face and ends the fight in a second and then flips off the Skrull audience before he's restrained.
    • In the same storyline, there's Terrax's arrival on Earth. His mere approach is enough to make the Skrulls run away, leaving behind an army's worth of super-humans, all trained to fight and kill, and not exactly willing to give up their new freedom. But the kicker is the persons who finally put him down - Ben Grimm, and the Incredible Freaking Hulk.
  • During the ViLocks storyline, Morph has a big one: finally realising most of the visited alternate Earths never seem to have met Thor. So he gets Rachel Gray to contact them. It works, and Asgardian blood turns out to be capable of curing the infection. Not bad for the team prankster.