Heartwarming / Exiles

  • Exiles Thunderbird meets a version of himself who became the Shaman of Alpha Flight under wolverine. While at first resentful on how this John Proudstar seems so at ease with himself, the two get plenty of time to talk with one another, with Shaman encouraging Thunderbird to not let his past define him.
    • In particular, Shaman says that despite Thunderbird being mostly machine now, T-bird is more what he does than what he's become.
    • Shaman and Thunderbird almost talk the hulk down from fighting. Saying that he's among friends and that he's not a monster.
    • Shaman also talks T-bird down from killing the Hulk.
  • When the team gets their first bit of R&R, the rest of them have Sunfire (Mariko) distract Morph by having him tag along with her for lingerie shopping while they go to a nude beach. However, he reveals to Mariko that he knew they were playing him the whole time (just not the "why" of the situation), and just wanted to hang out with her. The rest of the afternoon/evening is spent with the two of them just spending time together talking, having fun, and bonding as friends, as well as pranking the rest of the team for ditching them.
  • The Flashback Episode: telling of how Nocturne and Thunderbird became a couple (briefly).
  • The team encounters a Mimic who leads the Brotherhood. This Mimic assumes that to be a good guy, he'd have had to have had a more privileged life and attempts to wipe his memory only to see that the two had led the same crappy life with the difference being Exiles!Mimic accepted Xavier's offer while Brotherhood!Mimic spat in his face. Exiles!Mimic then shows his counterpart the rest of his memories, essentially letting him live the life he could have had. This humbles Brotherhood!Mimic and he is seen years later teaching young Brotherhood recruits about the Exiles, having reformed it into a way of carrying on Xavier's dream.
  • After the crazy battle with Hyperion, The timebroker appears to the team again, saying that Morph can return home. However, Morph refuses. Why? Because he now thinks of the exiles as his true family.
    • More importantly, before this battle, Mimic had accidentally killed Sunfire whom Morph was in love with. He was super mad at him, even saying he should've killed himself once he knew there was a brood egg in him. However, with the tensions cooled and the adrenaline over with, Morph finally tells Mimic that he forgives him. And they hug.
    Mimic: You have no idea how much that means Morph. You're like a brother to me.
  • Beak's reunion with his wife and children.