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  • Awesome Music:
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Jo-Beth Casey and to a lesser extent Venus Starr, to the extent that some don't know that the former is from the Timesplitters series.
  • Breather Level:
    • The Wild West level of Timesplitters 2 is a very simple, straightforward shootout level that comes directly after the Unexpected Gameplay Change Stealth-Based Mission in Neo-Tokyo, often considered the most frustrating level in the game, and is followed by the hair-pulling Timed Mission in Atom Smasher, the annoying puzzle-heavy level in Aztec Temple, and finally the Robot Factory, which is considered the hardest level in the game.
    • Much of the Honorary League in Arcade League is this, especially after the Virus series and the Men in Grey mission, at least until the "Outnumbered But Never Outpunned" series, where it becomes difficult again.
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    • Similarly, in Timesplitters: Future Perfect, the mission "You Take the High Road" takes place after Something to Crow About, which involved tough robots, two bosses (and the one at the end is especially nasty), Rolling Robots, and many high stakes obstacles. The former involves the same Mooks from "Scotland The Brave" plus more, so the threat is much more sedated.
  • Catharsis Factor: Arcade: Amateur League: Nightstick: "Dam Cold Out Here". First, fire your flare gun at a snowman. Then listen to the screaming. Repeat.
  • Contested Sequel: Timesplitters: Future Perfect is often considered inferior to the second game either due to abandoning its Goldeneye roots and/or being very glitchy. However it's usually regarded for more emphasis on the story and some well done humor to make up for it.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • TimeSplitters 2 has the Sentry Robots in "Robot Factory". They're often armed with plasma rifles or rocket launchers, and they take a ton of hits to kill.
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    • The zombies from the original Timesplitters counts as well. They cannot die off until you shoot their heads off, and when coupled with a shotgun and nearly unfair placements, make for some nasty encounters.
  • Ear Worm:
    • A large portion of the soundtrack is this. Considering a lot of it is techno blended with other musical styles, this is inevitable really.
    • The music from the Anaconda minigame in Timesplitters 2
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: With Loads and Loads of Characters, this was inevitable, especially with how diverse and unique they are.
    • There's a good reason Captain Ash and Harry Tipper have appeared in all three games.
    • Judging multiplayer characters, we have strange, funny characters like Duckman Drake, Robofish and the Impersonator.
    • Despite her having a minor role in Future Perfect, Angel Forge has a modest fan-following.
  • Epileptic Trees: Anya looks a lot like Jo-Beth Casey. Could the teenage girl she constantly rolls her eyes at actually be her 15x-great-grandmother?
  • Funny Moments: Future Perfect's singleplayer mode is rife with them! Here are some highlights of the funnier scenes.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In what is seemingly a quirk related to hitscan, using the aim function to zoom in on a flaming zombie's head will trick the game into thinking you've scored a headshot, killing the zombie instantly.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The Space Flies from TS2, with their incessant buzzing that grows to impossibly loud volume as you get closer to them.
    • The 'you are leaving the challenge area, you have three seconds to return' sound from TS2 challenges, which immediately plays the second the player leaves the (often ambiguously vague) challenge area and then repeats for every second the player tries to get back into the challenge area.
    • Timesplitters 2 has a harmless-but-irritating glitch where the Lasergun's or Minigun's "wind up" noise will become really loud and will play endlessly at the spot you were standing when you were unlucky enough to trigger it.
  • Scrappy Weapon: In TimeSplitters 2, the Sci-Fi pistol is often a bigger threat than the basic mook in Robot Factory. The lasers fired from the pistol always bounce off surfaces if it doesn't hit a target, and is fired in three-shot bursts, often resulting in your own lasers hitting you. Future Perfect allowed the reflection mode to be turned off (and it is by default), making this weapon far safer to use.
  • That One Boss: The first battle with Jacob Crow in the tenth level of Future Perfect. The problem mostly comes from getting the three most obvious weapons and then not knowing where the fourth weak point is. They're two side-mounted missile launchers, but they're not immediately visible.
  • That One Level:
    • "Mansion" in TimeSplitters. It constantly spawns zombies behind you, and many of them are armed!
    • "Neo-Tokyo" in TimeSplitters 2, which opens with a lengthy Stalking Mission.
    • "Mansion of Madness" in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. On top of legitimately being pretty creepy, the level's incredibly small weapon selection means you'll be using the slow-loading shotgun for almost everything. The fact that the zombies take a ton of damage on every part of their body except the head means you could end up wasting precious ammo on one of them whose head just won't come off. Then there's the climb up to and out of the attic, where the level really throws the zombies equipped with shotguns at you. Because of the shotgun's slow reloading time and small number of shots between reloads, it's very easy to get pinned down and shot while you're reloading.
    • "The Hooded Man" in Future Perfect. You have to protect your past self from Time Assassins and TimeSplitters until he gets to the base it doesn't get bad until the Splitters show up though.
    • "Something to Crow About". Powerful enemies who can fill you full of plasma in a few seconds, shielded enemies you have to switch quickly to the Electrotool and back to defeat, flying mechs not unlike the "boss" of U-Genius U-Genix, annoying rolling robots, the stage is long, there are two bosses, and the latter of those two bosses is That One Boss.
    • The "Robot Factory" in Timesplitters 2 is one. With dozens of robots often teleporting in on you, stronger robots that take a lot of hits to go down and wield the deadliest weapons in the level, turrets and floating mines waiting around corners, and your default weapon's laser being able to bounce back and hit you, this level is frustrating to beat even on Easy difficulty. Good luck getting the Rad Racer cartridge on Hard.....
    • The "Atom Smasher" in Timesplitters 2 is also considered this. First off, you have a Time Limit. It increases every time a bomb is defused. There are five (four in easy) of them and the the time limit stops if all of them are defused. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! You the player cannot defuse a bomb, so how do you defuse it? Have a nearby scientist NPC do it, and if all the nearby scientists are dead, kiss your win goodbye. One of them is a crane game which doesn't require a scientist at all. In hard mode, there are no scientists near the second bomb. Instead there are two of them are on fire on the other room with checkpoint, and they will die if the fire is not put out fast enough.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • "Burns Department" from Timesplitters 2 is probably one of the hardest arcade league missions in the game, despite being in the Amateur League; the game mode is virus, a variant of tag where you instantly lose if you touch an "infected" player. There are nearly ten AI players ready to catch the plague, and absolutely ''no'' effort to avoid anyone that's "it". There's no radar, which practically renders everyone invisible, and the map is as claustrophobic as can be. The weapons aren't at all powerful, so camping is a failing strategy. Sadly, a gold medal (which requires the player to last at least 2 minutes) is required to unlock a certain character, so you'll have to perfect this mission to get 100% Completion.
    • "Men In Grey". It's an Assault match, so you have to dodge autoguns and Accountants/ Consultants /Lawyers while completing objectives and destroy the fuel barrels and computers. You only have a partner to "help" you (read: distract) the opponents, who are most likely happy to mow both you and your partner down with miniguns while you are busy reaching the first objective. Getting a gold or a platinum medal is hard, but not as much as other matches.
    • "Can't Handle This". To sum it up, it's you versus an army of five Handymen in the Nightclub, so your best option is to grab a pair of Tommy Guns and hide out in the foyer so you can mow down any Handyman unlucky to be in your line of fire. Have fun dying repeatedly when you're trying to grab a gun while trying not to get wasted by a Handyman or two.
    • "Superfly Lady". Similar to "Men In Grey", but in the Hangar instead of Training Ground. Unlike "Men In Grey", where it is possible (but difficult) to dodge autoguns, you have to destroy the autoguns in front of you as your first objective. It gets a bit worse in the second objective, not only because the switch opening the hangar doors is above you, but because there are a couple more autoguns present. Afterwards, where you have to destroy the fuel barrels to complete the match is easy, the autoguns present (and sometimes, the AI opponents) will make it hard for you. In a nutshell, shitfest.
    • "Bags of Fun". It's Capture the Bag at the Ice Station with you and Sgt. Cortez against an army of 'Splitters. Simple enough, right? Not really. Not only are there five of them against two of you, they also have high stamina, and your partner, sadly enough, only serves as distraction. Talk about "useful partners," my ass.
    • "Nice Threads". Assault match, yes, but this time it's on Scrapyard, so prepare to meet a trio of Sentry Bots and a whole bunch of autoguns both outside and inside. Thankfully enough, there's a Lasergun near your spawn, so you can use that to break inside easily without dying.
    • In Future Perfect, earning the gold medal for the Astro Jocks level is an extremely difficult task. The platinum medal is all but impossible.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: The first game isn't regarded well nowadays due to its bare-bones presentation and lacking the features introduced in the sequels.

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