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  • Executive Meddling: Electronic Arts wanted Future Perfect to feel like a more typical FPS, which is why that game is slower-paced and much lighter on its Goldeneye 1997 inspiration. On the other side of the coin, EA also mandated that the game place a stronger focus on its story. The resulting story and its humor has been praised as one of the game's biggest strengths.
  • Sequel First: Japan received TimeSplitters 2 as the first game in the series, renamed TimeSplitter: Invaders of History.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • TimeSplitters 2:
      • The Uzi was going to return in this game, and can be seen in an early trailer. However, it was replaced with the SBP90 later in development.
      • A version of "Siberia" configured for Custom Arcade matches is Dummied Out within the game files. In the final game it is used for a few Challenges and Arcade League missions, but it cannot be played in multiplayer.
    • TimeSplitters 4:
      • Before it was taken down, Free Radical's web site showed concept art of an older Jo-Beth Casey dressed as a nun, wielding a chainsaw against the oncoming zombie horde. Not to mention a monkey in a man sized knight-mech named Sir Chimpalot.

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