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Shoot anything with teeth bigger than its face!
Random soldier

"Ah, yes. I can only assume you refer to your Dahr-ling Kitten Celeste. I'm afraid she's a little... tied-up at the moment, but I have a feeling we'll be running... into-her... shortly..."
Archie G. Khallos, refering to Harry Tipper's lover, who is tied to a railway track

"...I'll take the next one."
Amy Chen, after hearing the above quote

"They made you do WHAT?!... LIKE A MONKEY?! Those BOUNDERS!"
Captain Ash, listening to his lady-friend's account of being imprisoned.

"It's empty, Weird... just like the Mary Celeste..."
"Mary who?"
"Beats me, The only Mary I know is in Maintenance, repairing the boilers."
"Oh yeah, Mary... she's a bit of an old boiler herself. Say Bogbal, weren't you dating her?"
Conversation between three guards when Cortez hijacks a submarine, and hides.

"I'm telling you, I heard gunfire!"
"Don't be stupid. We're at the bottom of the ocean, nobody can get down here."
"I know what I heard!"
"Ah, you've been eating that pipe fungus again. I told you to stop it, it makes you paranoid!"
Two guards, while Cortez is spying on them


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