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Comic Book / Cassian & K-2SO

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Cassian & K-2SO Special is a Star Wars Expanded Universe one-shot comic issue that is a part of the Rogue One comic adaptation. It is written by Duane Swierczynski and illustrated by Fernando Blanco (DC Comics' Midnighter & Apollo).

Taking place before the events of Rogue One, the comic details how Captain Cassian Andor of Rebel Alliance Intelligence met K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial security droid.

It was released in August 9th, 2017.

Tropes in this comic issue include:

  • Emotionless Girl: Kertas and Rismor. Their species communicates by scent, so they don't have much reason to actually speak unless it's dire, like when one of them tells Cassian to flee with Kaytoo. Cassian is understandably kind of weirded out by them.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The twins appear to do this when they distract the Imperials so Cassian can escape the planet with K-2SO, but are later shown to have successfully evaded the troopers that chased them.
  • How We Got Here: The issue begins from K-2SO's perspective as he comes online after he gets switched off the first time... and then he attempts to kill Cassian.
  • Living MacGuffin: Initially, Cassian and the twins only got mixed up with K-2SO because he kept getting in their way. At the end, however, the twins tell Cassian to take the reprogrammed droid back to their rebel base, as K-2SO contains the Imperial security protocols they were sent to retrieve in the first place.
  • Prequel: To Rogue One.