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Cooler than Thou

Casanova is a comic book series written by Matt Fraction with art by (so far) Gabriel Ba and his brother Fabio Moon. Inspired by Jerry Cornelius, Danger: Diabolik, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD and, of course, James Bond, it tells a trippy tale of spies, flying cars, crazy gadgets, bizarre psychic powers and mind-upgrading drugs. Each story arc is named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins. As of June 2012, Luxuria, Gula and Avarita are complete with the most recent arc titled Acedia.

The eponymous lead is a skilled yet thoroughly sybaritic cat-burglar-for-hire whose dad, Cornelius Quinn, happens to run E.M.P.I.R.E., the world's premier international security organization.

Allow us to rephrase.

Casanova Quinn is, among other things, The Most Interesting Man in the World.

  • He steals — and has sex with — at least one smoking hot robot woman.
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  • He wins a psychic duel with what appear to be three Buddhist monks fused into a single wad.
  • He dives out of a flying heli-casino ...
  • ... while shooting at it ...
  • ... and into a parallel reality where he is his own Evil Twin ...
  • ... where he does it all again, only better.
  • He is cooler than you'd ever even want to be.

And that's just the first issue!

These tropes feature in his life:

Psychic combat at dawn ... because The Genre Demands It!


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