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YMMV / Superbook (2011)

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  • Broken Base: Some people who grew up watching the original series have expressed wariness about the graphics of the CGI reboot, as they felt it lacked the charm the hand-made anime had in the original. Other viewers have praised this series for being an accessible Bible-themed animated show for the modern era.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Satan himself is the cruel, manipulative devil who rules over Hell and wants to taint all of God's creation. After leading a failed coup in Heaven where he murdered many angels, Satan corrupts Adam and Eve, unleashing his influence onto the Earth and allowing him to spread death and chaos. Satan causes natural disasters for fun, orders his demons to drive people insane, and personally ruins the life of Job, killing many of his servants and sons in the process just to try to prove a point. Satan's final plan is to destroy most of humanity and enslave the rest, a plan which he personally tries to start by murdering two children while mocking them.
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    • Haman is the despicable advisor to King Xerxes who, after feeling personally insulted when the Jew Mordecai won't bow to him, decides to exterminate every Jew in Xerxes's kingdom. Haman tricks Xerxes into believing the Jews are a violent and treacherous people and sends out the order to kill every Jew young and old in the kingdom, personally constructing a gallows in his own home so he can watch with glee at Mordecai's death by hanging.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: A lot of the original series' fans dislike the changes in the CGI reboot.

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