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Nightmare Fuel / Superbook (2011)

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That's one nasty reptile right there.

  • "Miracles of Jesus": While travelling together through the country of the Gadarenes, Jesus and his followers meet upon the man possessed by the legion of devils, as in scripture. In this version, the possessed man's appearance is preceded by an extremely unnerving noise loud enough to carry across the tombs.
    Satan: Beware, oh Son of God...for in this place, the sinful hear my voice.
  • "Revelation": While Satan's demonic form is creepy enough throughout the series, the climax of this episode has him transforming into a gigantic snake (pictured at right) and and getting exceptionally vicious as he makes every effort to kill Chris, Joy and Gizmo, both on his own and with his army of demons. Adding to the nightmare factor is that, in this form, Satan speaks with the Voice of the Legion as he issues his threats to kill both the protagonists and everyone else who serves God. If not for Jesus's Big Damn Heroes moment right then, he would very likely have followed through on his threat to murder the trio.
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  • "Jonah": Imagine getting eaten by this. (And that's just the DVD box image.)
  • "Joseph and Pharaoh's Dream": When Pharaoh is telling his dreams to Joseph, during the dream about the seven healthy cows and the seven unfit cows, this is the view we get of the latter group. Especially those Black Eyes of Evil...creepy.
  • "John the Baptist": There's a rather nasty Jump Scare during Chris's search in Herod's dungeon to find the titular prophet, in which a rat appears out of nowhere with a loud screech, startling Chris. It's an especially bad moment for anyone with a fear of rats.
  • "Noah and the Ark": Chris, Joy and Gizmo find themselves in a town where they have to be running for their lives lest they run the risk of being killed by psychos chasing them on horseback or on foot (twice!), in addition to the robberies and other acts of violence all around them. Did we mention this is the opening scene?

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