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Take our word for it, this is not the most bizarre or anachronistic thing Gizmo has ever done.

  • "The First Christmas": After meeting Mary and Joseph, who are on their way to Bethlehem right at the time Mary's to give birth, Chris worries that the census King Herod has ordered will lead to the couple and their unborn child being more easily targeted for elimination. Then the kids spot newcomers approaching, Gizmo's sensors indicate that there are hundreds more behind them, and Chris immediately panics, thinking it's Herod's men...until Gizmo irritably clarifies that the hundreds his scanners have picked up are sheep—the newcomers are shepherds. Joy, the resident Deadpan Snarker, just can't resist mocking Chris:
    Joy: Shepherds—the most dangerous men alive.note 
  • "Miracles of Jesus": As the group is preparing to sail across the Sea of Galilee, Gizmo gives the passengers on his boat some safety instructions, culminating in...
    Gizmo: (creates a pirate captain's hat on his head) This is your cap speaking! Remember, stay seated at all times, keep your hands inside the vessel, and in the event of an emergency, please use... (creates a RUBBER-DUCKY INFLATABLE RAFT around his torso) ...your flotation devices.
    Joy: (hissing) No duckies!
    Gizmo: (sighs) Fine. (the rubber ducky deflates)
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  • "Rahab and the Walls of Jericho": While attempting to follow Joshua's spies into Jericho, Chris and Gizmo start considering how to get past the guards at the front gate. Gizmo suggests a rocket-pad to get over the wall (which Chris dismisses as too obvious), then using fireworks as a diversion (which Chris dismisses as too dangerous). Joy then says they could do this...and just calmly walks right through the gates.
    Chris and Gizmo: ...too easy.
  • "The Birth of John the Baptist": When the kids meet John the Baptist's mother Anna and get to discussing marriage customs, Anna informs Joy that, despite being 12 years old, according to Jewish law her father would be making arrangements for her to be betrothed for marriage in at least a few years.note  Cue Chris's rather snarky comment:
    Chris: Sorry, you're my best friend, Joy, but I promised my mom I'd finish middle school before I tie the knot.
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  • "Isaac and Rebekah": The kids and Gizmo join Abraham's servant Eliezer to find a wife for Isaac. While Joy is content to observe Eliezer put his faith in God to provide the right woman like in the source material, Chris makes every effort on his own part to pick out a potential bride. Every attempt he makes fails miserably, culminating in a group of very angry women dousing him with their water jars when it's made clear that Rebekah is the chosen bride.
    Joy: Well, doing it your way certainly made a splash.
  • "Noah and the Ark:" During the herding of animals into the ark, poor Gizmo gets pelted from above with bird droppings. He wipes that away with his face-shield's built-in wiper, declares, "It's a good thing cows don't fly"...and then he promptly steps in a rather large elephant-patty.
  • "The Prodigal Son": While Jesus is telling the titular parable to His listeners, the kids go to help a shepherd boy retrieve his runaway lamb, Rebel (the scenario for which Jesus has just used moments earlier to provide a structure for the parable of the lost sheep). Gizmo eventually uses one of his built-in devices to lock onto Rebel so that it'll fire a net to catch the lamb...only to go "oh, no" when Rebel starts running his way just as the device is about to fire the net. And then? Well...
    Gizmo: Get back! Doggie Bot-Wing, do not drop the net until I am at least ten feet in front of Rebel! Confirm you understand! Get back, Rebel, get back! Back, back, back, back, back, BACK! (the device fires the net, causing robot and lamb to get entangled together)
    • Then, to add insult to injury, when Rebel walks back to the kids with Gizmo on his back, Joy and Chris heap praises on the sheep. Gizmo isn't amused.
  • "King Solomon": Moments after Superbook deposits the kids in a spot where they'll meet the titular king, they hide so as not to be seen by his armed soldiers. Unfortunately, Gizmo getting scared by a scorpion gives away their position, and the soldiers haul them out—but Solomon orders the men to let them go, with this reasoning:
    Solomon: They hardly look dangerous.
    Soldier: But, King Solomon, they were—
  • "The Good Samaritan": You really don't want to cast any snark about Joy when she's hungry.
    Gizmo: When Joy is hungry, she gets very cranky.
    Joy: (having already walked off) I heard that!
    Chris: (whispering) And her hearing gets better.
    Joy: That, too!
    (Chris and Gizmo share uneasy looks and follow after her)
  • "Jesus Feeds the Hungry": When one of the disciples approaches the boy with the five loaves and two fishes to bring them to Jesus, Gizmo assumes he's trying to shake the boy down for his lunch...only for Joy to remind him that this is one of Jesus's disciples. Cue this exchange...
    Gizmo: Fine! Last time I stand up and be your robo-protector!
    Joy: Robo-protector? Giz, you couldn't be a pocket-protector.

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