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Tear Jerker / Superbook (2011)

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  • "Job": The episode's modern-day plot begins with the revelation that Chris's grandfather has died; as Gizmo outlines for Joy's benefit, it's the latest in a string of terrible and escalating incidents that have happened to Chris that week (preceded by, in order: the loss of the class's pet iguana when he was tasked to care for it, a tree crashing through his bedroom roof and breaking his arm during a storm, and him being robbed of money he saved from his paper route). The loss of his grandfather is the one that hits Chris the hardest, though, and right from the beginning up to the time Joy finds him in his tree-house, the somber atmosphere can be both seen and felt right throughout as we realize that Chris—usually quite stubborn and determined—is giving up.
    Joy: Sorry about your grandpa.
    Chris: Why are all these bad things happening to me when I try so hard to be good!?
    Joy: Chris, sometimes—
    Chris: I'm just gonna stop trying! (in a softer, broken voice) grandpa died.
  • "Peter's Denial": When Chris denies even knowing who Joy is in order to save face with a bunch of cool kids that he wants to hang out with, Joy's response is...heart-wrenching, to say the least. Her subsequent What the Hell, Hero? speech to him a moment later really brings it home, and you can see the pain on her face (pictured at right) and hear her voice break as she expresses just how badly she's been affected by Chris's betrayal.
    Chris: Joy, those guys don't think the chess club is very cool, and you know how much I wanna—
    Joy: And that makes it okay to pretend you don't (voice cracks) ...know me?
  • "Naaman and the Servant Girl": In one scene shortly after the kids arrive via Superbook's time travel, Naaman is seen with his wife, who's carefully bandaging his leprous sores, and what follows is a bit that demonstrates how badly they're both affected at the way the disease is affecting not just Naaman himself, but their marriage. It doesn't help that Naaman, described by his servant moments earlier as a mighty man of valor, sounds so deep in despair at how he's been robbed of the simple pleasure of just being able to touch his wife.
    Naaman: My time is short.
    His wife: Do not speak of such things.
    Naaman: I've led tens of thousands of men to victory in countless battles for Syria. Yet with all my wealth and power, I can do nothing against an unseen enemy that does...this...
    (he reaches for his wife's face, but keeps his hands just inches away from her skin)
    Naaman: that I cannot even touch the ones that I love.
    (his wife turns away with a sob, while he himself looks despondent)
  • "Peter's Escape": Throughout the episode, Joy has been struggling with the reality of suffering and injustice in the world, which she'd earlier seen through a virtual-reality helmet while using it as part of a school assignment. At the end, having learned about the power of prayer from seeing how the Christian believers' prayers delivered Peter from prison, Joy decides to engage in a prayer of her own...
    Joy: Dear Lord, today I was doing homework, and I saw how hard life is for lots of people. There's the poor, and there's cruelty and makes me upset, and I don't know what I can do to help change it. (starts tearing up) So I'm asking...I'm praying...that Your will be done.
    • Fortunately, this then leads into a Heartwarming Moment as Chris and Gizmo join Joy in praying the Lord's Prayer, with the Spirit of God shining over the house...and then we see that their household isn't the only one in Valleyview praying that same prayer, as similar lights shine all around.

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