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  • Awesome Music: The same song was featured in two episodes ("She's Koala That" and "Kerry to Dance") that had the lyrics:
    Thanks for everything
    All those special things
    The stolen moments shared
    When we were unprepared for anything...
    • Though they're both funny examples of Soundtrack Dissonance (the first one being a straighter example), the song is still quite beautiful.
    • Sound familiar? It originally came from one of Megas XLR's songs in their soundtrack. Listen to it here.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • It's hard what to think of Adam. Some people think that he is a mistreated woobie who deserves to go back to his normal school, while others think he is a whiny little brat who deserves the abuse he receives, due to his constant complaining about being the only human in the animal school.
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    • Jake; some have a problem with his jerkish behavior and awkward obsession with his butt, other fans think it's pure comedy.
  • Bizarro Episode: "Robo Frog 3000". The plot has the school board replacing Principal Pixie Frog and the rest of the teachers at Charles Darwin with robots (called robuts by everyone in the episode) and plan on replacing the students with robots, the teachers and Pixie Frog bringing out a wizard in their trunk to fight them, the school board bringing out a robot wizard that defeats the other wizard, and the robots eventually exploding due to running out of love. Adam and Jake lampshade this while the robots are exploding
    Jake: Adam?
    Adam: Yeah, Jake?
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Some viewers feel that the biggest problem with the show is that it's a little hard to watch Adam constantly lose in the most mean-spirited way possible (even when he wins, life goes back to being crap for him) and be maltreated by his "friends" (and everyone else) in nearly every episode.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song. Dear Sweet Jesus, the theme song.
    • A handful of songs from the "Animal School Musical" episode as well.
  • Genius Bonus: Usually delivered via Windsor, such as his discourse on the Socratic dialogue.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In "I Fear Pretties", it is mentioned that Vietnamese rhinos are the world's rarest rhinos. Four years later, the last rhino in Vietnam would end up being killed by poachers.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • This very surreal Cartoon Network show is about a chubby, rectangular boy serving as the Token Human of his friend circle and among the said-friend circle is an orange animal named Jake....HEY, WAIT JUST A MINUTE!
    • In the episode "Docu Trauma", Adam is chased around by a documentary filmmaker named Zira Cornelius, in what is a blatant shout out to Planet of the Apes. Adam is voiced by Nika Futterman, who would later go on to voice a very different Zira in The Lion Guard.
  • Idiot Plot: One episode had Mr. Hornbill trying to woo Mrs. Tusk, with Adam and Jake helping him. Who would have thought that Mrs. Tusk was married! Maybe he thought she was divorced?
    • That episode where Jake was transferred to a plant school after a clerical error and no-one questions it. That episode was dumb even by this show's standards.
    Adam: YES! That's what I've been trying to tell you!
    • The whole show runs on it, the premise being that Adam ended up in this school in the first place due to his first school misspelling his last name as "Lion", while completely ignoring the fact that he is in fact human and presumably had been attending his original school for quite some time.
  • Moe: Surprisingly, this show has tons of these.
    • Ingrid, the sweet and well-meaning giraffe who has a crush on Adam.
    • Adam himself is also a very huggable little guy in one way or another; helps that he's voiced by Nika Futterman, too.
    • The rather popular Rufus Hyena deserves a mention; he's a bubbly fellow who just can't stop laughing!
    • Little Lord Saucypants, anyone?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Nurse Gazelle crosses this in "The Hyena And The Mighty" when she chases Rufus Hyena trying to shave his fur off. Doesn't seem too evil? Well, Rufus was in a state of shock and depression and was busy crying his eyes out because Adam insulted him. The nurse doesn't care about Rufus' well being, she outright terrorizes him while he's in a sad mood by chasing him with clippers just so she can make herself laugh. Also, keep in mind that Rufus is only a kid and would most likely get emotional scars from the incident.
  • So Bad, It's Good: That’s pretty much how most people describe the show. General consensus of that it was a very mediocre show with some genuinely funny moments.
  • Squick: Several episodes has this. There's Ingrid's constant crushing on Adam. And in the special Glazed And Confused, there's a scene where Adam applies sunscreen on Jake's behind. Even Adam points out "it's just wrong."
    • In episode "Guano in Sixty Seconds", Jake was eating (what everyone and himself believed to be) a bag of popcorn, when asked by Adam where does he keep getting it, Jake reaches up to the ceiling and scraps off more popcorn, to which a horrified Adam tells him it is asbestos. Windsor calmly tells him that it isn't asbestos, but as it turns out it was bat guano.
    • Many Jake's butt jokes are this.
  • Tearjerker: The Hyena And The Mighty, particularly to people with mood disorders who were bullied as children. The scene where a tearful Rufus Hyena goes into a Troubled Fetal Position after Adam insults him behind his back is particularly sad.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Coach Gills. Despite being female and wearing a bow, her voice is insanely masculine, to the point where she could be mistaken for a man pretending to be a woman.
  • The Woobie:
    • Rufus Hyena from the episode "The Hyena And The Mighty" is easily the biggest woobie on the show. The only episode he was ever in, he suffered from severe Break the Cutie. Once Adam insulted him and his laughter, he stormed out of the bathroom in tears and actually went into a Troubled Fetal Position at one point. He was in a constant state of Ocular Gushers and Adam barely felt any remorse for having hurt his feelings. Not once did Adam feel the need to apologize to Rufus, even THREATENING him to stop crying at one point. Also, Nurse Gazelle terrorizes him for no reason by trying to shave off his fur while he's in his tearful state.. The only ammount of sympathy Rufus even got was Windsor cuddling him and Jake feeling concerned about him. Adam, Principal Pixiefrog and Nurse Gazelle treated him like garbage, not giving a damn about his hurt feelings.
    • Henry has his moments too.
    • Vice Coach Horace Ferret, who may be being used by Coach Gills only as a means of transportation and she may not care about his feelings.
    • Cyrus Hornbill also has shades of this.
    • Ingrid Giraffe, due to being the tall awkward girl of the class. The way she gets treated in Ingrid Through The Outdoors is pretty unnerving yet she is one of the sweetest characters on the show.
    • Don't forget Adam. Especially Adam, because of how much bad stuff that happens to him that isn't even his fault.


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