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Heartwarming / My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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  • YMMV applies but for a select few, Jake's love for his butt.
  • Ingrid's love for Adam, proves that not everybody in the school inconveniences him. In fact, the unwavering greatness of her love of him counteracts even the dumbest or meanest people at Charles Darwin Middle School.
  • Kerry and Adam's friendship, and of course, Adam's secret crush on her.
  • The brief windows of Lupe and Corey's relationship, when they're not arguing or trying to one-up each other.
  • Mr. Hornbill's crush on Mrs. Tusk, even if she is married it's still adorable.
  • Adam and Jake doing the monkey dance together at the beginning and end of "Lyon of Scrimmage". It was a nice way of emphasizing the importance of their friendship.
  • Adam trying to get his friends to stop fattening themselves up with junk food. Sure, some might say he should have minded his own business, but he only cared about their well-being.
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  • Adam being nice to Bull in "Shark Attack", despite how much of a dick he's been to him and everyone else.
  • Amazon Kevin visiting CDMS for Adam, which really lifted his spirits. Too bad it went to Hell as quickly as it started.
  • Kerry standing up for Adam in "Supplies Party", when Chad was bullying him. After all of Adam's other human friends mocked him and left the party because he wet his pants, Kerry was still there for him, didn't make any jokes, and stayed with him for the rest of the party. Not only this, but she was also perfectly okay with Adam having animal friends and joined them for a game of plunger darts.
  • Diedre's love for Adam was heartwarming for a short time at the beginning of "She's Koala That", but her clingy behavior and stalker like attitude, outweighed the cuteness of her crush quickly.
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  • Adam's romantic dream about himself and Kerry in the paintball field in "Up All Night".
  • The many attempts of Ingrid (and to a lesser degree, Jake), to get Adam to go to the prom with them in "Kerry to Dance?" Best of all though, would be Adam's attempts at getting Kerry to go to the prom with him. Every scene with the two of them together was very adorable.
  • Adam and Kerry went to each other's school for an exchange program in "The Times, They Are Exchangin'" and ended up spending the days without each other. Unfortunate, yes, but still very heartwarming that they both had the collective idea to go through this amount of effort to see each other.
  • When Jake was rejected by the cool kids in "Cool Kids", the pack let him know that he would always be a cool guy in their book.
  • Windsor and Ingrid, or the only couple that didn't constantly bicker and fight in "Ain't Too Proud to Egg", were a cute "egg project" couple, and Windsor proved to be very maternal, to boot.
  • The Animas feast at the end of "Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas" was a beautiful moment, where everyone gathered around the table and shared the holiday lessons they learned. Adam, especially was great, since he had just learned about getting back into the holiday spirit. Lupe and Windsor also had a funny little trade off, where they learned each other's lessons.
  • Adam's care about the princess ballerina snowglobe and the lengths he went through to get it in "Carny Crazy". Fruitless, yes, but let's not focus on that.
  • Adam and Jake reuniting after a hard and tearful day apart at the end of "Sick Day". How sad the two of them were, was especially heartwarming, giving how much the two of them cared about each other.
  • The Cuddlemuffins in hindsight, but they are evil deep down, and their cuteness must be ignored.
  • Adam and Jake being nice to Bull in "The Spiffanos".
  • Lupe meeting Kiki Von Beaky, her celebrity idol in "Diplomatic Insanity".
  • Windsor's crush on Deb in "Gorilla My Dreams". Especially since Windsor is usually so level-headed and rational, but yet here, he was acting unreasonably awkward and let his feelings run wild for this chick.
  • Adam and Jake freeing Little Lord Saucypants from his life of slavery in "The Prince and The Pooper".
  • For a moment, the pack realized that they should not discriminate other's based on their looks or personality traits, no matter how weird they may seem. Everyone is different in one way or another and we should all just accept our differences and learn to get along. This lasted for like five seconds, before they started fearing Rick Platypus, and assuming he was an alien again.
  • Adam getting a stupid job in a hot and sweaty gorilla uniform, to earn the money to buy tickets to the concert of a guy he didn't know anything about, just to go to a concert with Kerry. As seen in "Flesh Fur Fantasy".
  • Jake's love for Miss Slender Loris in "Substitute Sweetheart" as well as Horace's relationship with her.
  • Slips and Carl's friendship in "Mongoosed".
  • Slips helped lots of people come to terms with some heartwarming breakthroughs in "Mellow Fellows", such as getting Bull to realize how much he loves his mother, helping Ingrid overcome her shyness, so that she could get closer to Adam, and getting Principal Pixiefrog to learn the importance of his family.
  • The pack upping their respect for Ingrid at the end of "Save the Drama for Your Llama", even if it was at the expense of Adam's respect.
  • Coach Gills' love for Mr. Cheetah in "Lie, Cheetah, Steal".
  • Principal Pixiefrog's date with the unnamed, short, greedy girl in "The Frog Principal"; also doubles as a funny moment.

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